CNC Machining Company Naimor, Inc. Shortlisted As One Of The Top 10 CNC Machining Service Companies In 2020

October 01 20:09 2020
CNC Machining Company Naimor, Inc. Shortlisted As One Of The Top 10 CNC Machining Service Companies In 2020
Naimor, Inc. experts in metal fabrication, have been shortlisted by Manufacturing Technology Insights as one of the top 10 CNC machining service companies in 2020. It offers American-made quality to its customers through its services that include metal cutting, router cutting, laser cutting, and more.

According to announcements released by Naimor, Inc. and Shahrokh, this custom metal fabrication company has been selected by Manufacturing Technology Insights as one of the top 10 CNC machining service companies for the year 2020. This CNC machining company provides sheet metal fabrication services yielding a huge number of products. Naimor’s metal fabrication shop is spread over  35000 square feet and is equipped with the latest tools. 

Naimor saves its customers both time and money. It can execute every step of the fabrication job in-house – from design and engineering support to fabrication assembly and hardware insertion. Industries served include aerospace, architecture, computer equipment, home and garden, entertainment, and many others. Be it precision metal forming using the latest CNC press brakes for accurate and repeatable bends or accurate tube laser cutting using top-of-the-line machines for intricate designs, the company has the equipment and experienced engineers to take care of such requirements. 

Getting shortlisted by Manufacturing Technology Insights is the result of focused efforts by Naimor to consistently exceed client expectations in terms of quality and timely delivery. Manufacturing Technology Insights follows a stringent evaluation procedure to shortlist companies for its list. CNC machining companies were assessed on their ability to overcome engineering challenges and complexities that appear from time to time. With a substantial number of print and digital subscribers, Manufacturing Technology Insights also considered recommendations made by its readers, many of whom are decision-makers in their respective industries.  

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Shahrokh of Naimor said, “We produce components for an incredibly diverse range of manufactured products sold around the world. From tiny gears to massive ferry boats, we cut it or form it precisely to your specifications. We take great care to respond quickly with error-free production delivered on time. You are assured quality at a fair price, and we can meet your laser cutting piece part needs. Our mission is to exceed client expectations by implementing state-of-the-art technology operated by industry experts driven by high-quality processes. This enables us to deliver to the highest standards, on time, and at competitive rates.” 

Sharing further information about the company’s capabilities, Shahrokh said, “We provide top-quality prototype, short-run and long-run metal fabricating, producing fabricated components and assemblies for virtually every industry. Our cost-effective alternative to high tooling charges and steady communication with our clients makes us stand out in our industry.”

He continued to say, “Let our knowledge in the latest, most economical metal manufacturing solutions meet your needs. Naimor, Inc. is an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional metal fabricators vendors still using outdated technologies. We serve the I-5 corridor manufacturing community and focus on Pacific Northwest markets. At Naimor, Inc., we make your machine or system components without expensive tooling or significant set-up time and expense. State-of-the-art technology makes our lasers extremely versatile tools that afford flexibility and accommodate your just-in-time production needs.”

Contact and location information are available at Naimor, Inc. 

About the Company: 

Naimor, Inc. operates a state-of-the-art metal fabrication facility spread over more than half an acre. Its clients, large and small, cover the spectrum of industries where precision metal parts and components are used.  It can easily scale production to deliver quality parts on time and at affordable rates.

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