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October 01 18:42 2020 offers an up-to-the-minute patchwork of news, sports, politics, and religious discussions in a wide-ranging online news format. The name is translated as ‘Knitted.’

Srugim is pleased to announce that the online news site presents a wide range of news, editorial and arts stories. The name is the same as that applied to an Israeli television drama, which originally aired on Yes TV between 2008 and 2012. There are links to the term, which means ‘knitted’ or ‘crocheted.’ Some of the stories require a deep dive into psychology services to appreciate all the ramifications presented in brief news stories and reviews. 

Although there are many different topics presented in the easy-to-use website, the stories are written at a level that doesn’t require a psychologist’s education to comprehend the point of view or the important facts which underlie the story. The website features drop-down menus within tabbed categories. The major categories include Excursions, Sport, Economics and Real Estate, Food, Viral, TV and Radio, Knitted, News, and The Sector. Many of these categories are further broken down into more detailed topics. 

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The News Category, for instance, includes articles on Political and Politics, Army and Security, Law and Crimes, News in Israel, and World News. Articles and news stories are typically brief, except a lengthy human-interest story found on the landing page. Equal emphasis is given to the various subjects and topics so that the website is likely to be of interest to those looking for a comprehensive culture and thinking among readers of all ages and religious and political viewpoints. The news nuggets relate to people and events which are current and timely.

ABOUT: is an online news site that presents a variety of current stories, news, political and religious affairs in a concise format. The site is published in Hebrew.

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