Will Renewable Energy Power the Post-COVID Economic Recovery? Local Company Simply Solar Thinks So

October 01 02:54 2020
Here’s How Companies in the Renewable Energy Sector like Simply Solar are Creating Career Opportunities During COVID-19 and Beyond.

During the initial COVID-19 lockdown, SF Bay Area resident Samantha Jehnings considered herself lucky to still have her job as a retail associate at a fashion boutique.

But, when the chance to join a local solar company came along, Samantha pounced on the opportunity.

“Like most people, I didn’t want to go to work feeling like my life was on pause due to COVID”, says Jehnings. “The thought of going to work at a job that feels like part of the future beyond COVID was really exciting”.

Nurses, firefighters, and police may be among the professions that come to mind when we think of “essential workers” – and they have undoubtedly provided valuable service since the onset of the pandemic. However, many companies in the energy sector were appropriately designated as essential services when the lockdown started.

Even prior to COVID-19, investment in renewable energy like solar and wind was booming. While demands for energy have been impacted by the global pandemic, the movement towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices was already shaping career opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

According to a study done in 2018 by the Energy Defense Fund, the renewable energy sector already employs over 700,000 people. It seems increasingly clear that companies in this industry that navigate these challenging times are likely to power the post-COVID economy into the future.

“When we returned from our two-month furlough, we thought a lot more about what it means to be an “essential business”, says Jake Hassid, founder and owner of SF Bay Area solar provider Simply Solar.

Saving money and protecting the environment had always been obvious selling points for making the transition to solar energy. With the onset of COVID-19, companies providing renewable energy solutions like solar panel installation are playing an important role in sustaining the economy with new career opportunities.

“We immediately recognized that as an essential business we had to embrace a “people-first” environment even more than ever before”, says Hassid. “That meant not only providing quality service, but also embracing a more informative and educational approach with our customers trying to navigate uncertain times. Additionally, we also felt an added responsibility towards our employees and our community, seeing how we play an important part in supporting jobs within our local economy during the pandemic.”

Despite a few early setbacks due to COVID-19, the solar business is one industry that is seeing steady growth in the later part of 2020. As such, new job opportunities may be available for people looking to jumpstart their careers. It’s also clear that renewable companies who best take care of both their customers and employees will be the ones to succeed and help drive our economy into the future.

“I’m really happy to be part of work that is good for the environment, provides value to my community, and makes me feel like there’s opportunity for career growth… even during these crazy times”, says Samantha. “Right now, anything that makes us feel a little more normal is a good thing”.

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