National Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Opens Three New North Chicago Locations

September 30 23:15 2020
National Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Opens Three New North Chicago Locations
The national dryer vent cleaning firm has a significant presence in Illinois. The company has three new locations in North Chicago, specifically Highland Park, Northfield, Northbrook, and a new website.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster is pleased to announce the launch of a new website and three new North Chicago locations. The new sites are in Highland Park, Northfield, and Northbrook. These three new locations for the national company make it even more convenient for customers to take care of needed dryer vent cleaning by professionals with the right training, experience and licensing. The new locations join many others throughout all of Illinois. 

A dryer vent cleaner helps customers to avoid dryer fires, lint buildup, and higher utility bills. In addition, clean dryer vents can significantly reduce the drying time required for clothing to be ready to fold and put away. Fires that come from clogged dryer vents are a significant risk for households. Regular cleaning is an effective fire prevention procedure. The company also describes some of the other reasons why vent cleaning is a good idea.

Clothes which still feel soggy or damp after spending time in the dryer is another indication that the vents need cleaning. If the laundry area seems humid while the dryer is operating, or the utility bills keep climbing, it is probably due to a vent full of lint and the free flow of air is prevented. Generally, it is good to clean the ducts at least once yearly and more often if the dryer is in heavy use. 

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The technicians are trained to perform cleanings using methods that are thorough and standardized. They begin with a full inspection of the condition of the dryer and vents. The cleaning then continues with a deep cleaning of the dryer vents. All dirt, lint, and debris are removed using professional-grade tools. Once the cleaning is finished, the technicians use a hand-held meter to ensure that the airflow is no longer obstructed. These procedures prove that the dryer is running efficiently and safely. 

About the Company:

Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster is a national firm with a new presence in North Chicago. The company has expanded across the country and now operates in North Chicago as well. 

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