A High-Class Street Fashion Brand Owned By An Ex-Army Veteran Is Redefining The State And Taste Of Fashion In The United States.

August 17 15:51 2020
A High-Class Street Fashion Brand Owned By An Ex-Army Veteran Is Redefining The State And Taste Of Fashion In The United States.

August 17, 2020 – Top-tier UK based fashion brand is expanding their business scope in the United States. Good Side Bad Side (GSBS) is a brand whose establishment was inspired by the CEO’s “Tyson Green” personal experience. GSBS kicked off their operation in 2017 after Tyson’s years in the Army, a job he picked up after exploring different street related jobs as an undeterred high school dropout.

The fashion brand “Good Side Bad Side” was established to meet the world’s demand for high-class, well made, and cost-effective urban wear. The unique way in which GSBS blends both street wear and smart stylish wear that captures the attention of the fans top-rated Hollywood celebrities, giving it a unique trademark, which the CEO refers to as STREET-SMART.

“GSBS aims to be in the wardrobe of every fashion lover, and we are taking it one country at a time with brand ambassadors in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy and as far as Australia, and we have a wide range of Celebrity Ambassadors within the UK, but most notably we are making waves in Los Angeles having collaborations with several credible Hollywood celebs, and several LA-based magazines.

“Also, GSBS has recently worked with high profile LA celebrity stylists and celebrity style houses, leaving GSBS readily available for many A-list celebs.” – Tyson Green

Good Side Bad Side Clothing is a UK based independent brand that specialized in the production of STREET-SMART clothing. The brand has featured in cinemas worldwide in the UK movie ‘THE INTENT 2” and is also set for more movies which will soon hit the cinema worldwide. Aside from being a UK based brand, GSBS has also got many endorsements over in the USA and is rapidly building a high-profile reputation over in LA.

GSBS products are limited productions that are uniquely crafted with the focus of always bringing the latest styles to the fashion space. Therefore, the majority of GSBS’s products are often marketed as limited stock/size. The brand’s pride is in the delivery of the highest quality and long-lasting garment, which has been thoroughly checked via serially organized quality control strategies. GSBS products can be purchased using all major credit and debit cards and their delivery is worldwide. GSBS is certainly a brand that will be popping up in movies, music videos, and on some of your favorite celebrities. So keep an eye out for the eye-catching GSBS logo, and get with the movement. #GSBSFRESH

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