Amsco Fire Ltd Adopts Uses and Innovative Mist Systems Designed to Save Lives

July 01 23:06 2019
Amsco Fire Ltd Adopts Uses and Innovative Mist Systems Designed to Save Lives

East Sussex, UK – Amsco Fire Ltd is a UK-based company dedicated to bringing the best in fire suppression technology to commercial and residential properties. After serving the public in fire suppression for 17 years, Managing Director Kaj Haines decided to take fire suppression to the next level by creating his own business in 2010. Since 2010, Amsco Fire,, has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate and continues to grow as a company. Ongoing work has seen consistent development in innovative ideas and better products and solutions, and the company has innovated new fire-fighting systems to save more lives.     

Part of this growth has recently involved the creation of their state of the art mist system. This low flow mist system,, dubbed Mist Systems UK, has been designed with vulnerable residents of the UK in mind. This technology uses 70% less water compared to the typical sprinkler system. When the system detects a fire, it releases small water droplets at a high speed to extinguish flames. Amsco prides itself on the Mist Systems UK low water-damage rate and tamper-resistant mist heads. This product is now one of the leading fire-fighting devices for use among elderly residents and schools across the UK.

In addition to the success of Mist Systems UK, Amsco Fire Ltd has designed a commercial sprinkler system for larger properties, as seen at The company guarantees that flames will be put out quickly and with less damage than competitor sprinkler technologies. The commercial sprinkler system offered by Amsco is suggested for properties such as warehouses, shopping centres, factories, and hotels. These commercial sprinkler systems use the same technology as their mist systems, ensuring improved tamper resistance and fast action.

Business owners and residents across the UK have had great success since the installation of Amsco Fire’s residential and commercial misting systems. These technologies are specially designed by Amsco to implement four fire-fighting methods at once. Mist Systems UK has been revered as one of the most efficient fire-fighting sprinkler systems available in the country. Residents and business owners who are interested in installing Mist Systems UK or who are interested in learning more can view all technical information on Amsco Fire’s factsheets or get in touch with the company at any time. Amsco believes that Mist Systems UK is the best way to ensure that one’s property will remain safe from potential fires 24 hours a day.

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