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The News Bee Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:48:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Star M Properties Publishes Open Letter About Limiting The Spread Of COVID Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:48:13 +0000 In the hope of limiting the explosion of COVID-19 cases, Stjepan Krco offers his company’s actions. He encourages other property owners, Local, State, and National governmental leaders to follow suit.

Star M Properties LLC and Mr. Stjepan (Stefan) Krco are pleased to announce the release of an open letter to other property owners and managers, as well as government leadership, about the fight against COVID-19. The letter includes a series of steps that the company has implemented in order to lessen the risk of contracting the Coronavirus. He believes that more comprehensive national level disinfection efforts should be implemented to help slow the spread of the virus.

In his letter, Mr. Krco states, “The situation with the virus continues to deteriorate and may last a long time. The current measures are not nearly sufficient to improve the situation, and additional measures should be considered when fighting the virus.” 

The virus is airborne and falls onto other surfaces where it can survive for as long as nine days. Measures to clean and disinfect include extensive and routine treatment of carpets, flooring, doorknobs, and handrails, especially in areas where large numbers of people congregate. It is suggested that equipment feeding into ventilation and HVAC systems be deactivated or lowered in volume since airflow carries the virus and can spread virus throughout the buildings. Disinfectant-drenched floor mats at building entrances would lessen the virus spread. 

In addition, it has been reported that animals can carry the virus with initial infections from a live butchered animal market in Wuhan, China. The SARS pandemic, another earlier strain of Coronavirus, originated from bats. A recent infection of a Bronx Zoo tiger is also mentioned. People should exercise care in contact with animals, which might be infected or become infected. See

The letter continues, “We hope you will consider these simple, yet effective measures as part of your response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Every newly infected person is a new carrier/ producer of the virus and is still transmitting the virus to new hosts. However, if we stop infections at the office and other public places, it will help limit the time that the pandemic affects our businesses and daily lives. If we are divided in our attempts to eradicate the virus, it will not be as effective if it is just the isolated efforts of other property owners/managers, who are joining in the effort to stop the infection.

We have to do this together at the same time to end this pandemic.

With millions of tons of disinfectants, millions of sprayers already available, ready to use, millions of recently unemployed, USA could be disinfected in short time. This way tens of thousands of lives would be saved and economy could be back on track!

Contact the company at for additional information.

Star M Properties is a family-owned and operated property management company located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, just a few minutes from downtown Minneapolis. The company offers office space available to suit clients’ needs, from individual suites to complete business spaces.

Media Contact
Company Name: Star M Properties LLC
Contact Person: Stjepan (Stefan) Krco
Address:1405 Lilac Dr. N
City: Golden Valley
State: MN 55422
Country: United States

Norwalk Landscaping Company, Mattera And Daughter, Rated As Connecticut’s Most Trusted Landscaping Team Since 1956 Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:42:23 +0000 Norwalk Landscaping Company, Mattera And Daughter, Rated As Connecticut’s Most Trusted Landscaping Team Since 1956
Since 1956, Mattera and Daughter has been providing landscaping services throughout the Norwalk area. The firm is prepared to offer free quotes designed to transform the client’s landscape.

Mattera and Daughter are pleased to announce that the Norwalk landscaping company has accrued over six decades of providing top tier landscaping services for customers throughout Norwalk and the surrounding area. According to the company motto ‘Change Your Landscape Change Your Life,’ an upgrade to the land surrounding a house affects the inhabitants of the house for generations to come. There are countless ways to change a landscape, but matching the changes with the preferences of the client is much more difficult.

The scope of the project can be broad or minor. Some clients simply want an update to their garden or a redesign of their property. Others are looking for a comprehensive outdoor living space comprising an outdoor kitchen, entertaining area, and even a patio or gazebo. Regardless of the type of project and its size, the landscaping architects will be pleased to provide a quote. Prospective customers are invited to browse the company’s portfolio of recent projects for some inspiration.

Further details are available at

For more homeowners, an aesthetically appealing landscape over the years is important. It is also true that most do not know how to arrive at a lawn and garden that looks great, year after year, and season after season. In many cases, getting to a great looking garden and maintaining it are two different parts of the job. The team at Mattera has the creativity and skills to ensure a beautiful and functional landscape.

The many services of the team cover a variety of components. Eliminating destructive flows of water or mud, which are creating gullies across the land, is just one of the issues which the company provides. Perhaps an authentic vegetable garden is a project to interest children and adults in the family. It teaches a sense of responsibility and a boost to the family’s financial and health benefits.

Mattera and Daughter has the team change the entire look of the land around a house or business. Whether the customer is focused on functionality, beauty, or both, the pros at the landscape firm deliver.

Contact and location information are available at Mattera and Daughter

Media Contact
Company Name: Mattera and Daughter
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: (203) 943-6256
Address:6 Devonshire Rd
City: Norwalk
State: CT 06850
Country: United States

Personal Injury Lawyer At Fielding Law Office Mesquite Provides Dependable Representation Based On Domain Expertise And Experience In Helping Victims Obtain Justice Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:39:18 +0000 Personal Injury Lawyer At Fielding Law Office Mesquite Provides Dependable Representation Based On Domain Expertise And Experience In Helping Victims Obtain Justice
Fielding Law specializes in an auto accident and personal injury cases. It has served the community of Mesquite, Texas, with distinction by ensuring justice and fair compensation for victims of vehicle crashes, animal bites, slip, and fall accidents, etc.

According to announcements released by Fielding Law, the law firm helps auto accident and personal injury victims with astute legal representation for early and hassle-free settlements. The personal injury lawyer at Fielding Law is well-versed in state and federal laws that govern vehicle accidents, dog bite injuries, product liability, spinal cord injuries, etc. 

Clients can rest assured that their cases are in able hands, and they can expect the most favorable outcome for their situation, concerning establishing accountability, ensuring justice, and the delivery of fair compensation. Personal injury victims have legal rights, and timely recourse to legal action can bring the at-fault party to justice. 

However, in the aftermath of an accident, victims have too much on their minds, and insurance companies representing the other party try to take advantage of the situation by proposing a less than fair settlement. To prevent complications arising from statutes of limitations, accident victims should contact a personal injury attorney as early as possible to give the law firm the best chance of gathering evidence and preparing a strong case.

Unless the compensation for monetary and non-monetary damages is sufficient and fair, the injured party may find it very difficult to keep up with the costs of surgery and long-term medical care. Wages lost, and property damage are other expenses to be factored. Emotional trauma, loss of quality of life, and loss of companionship are possible adverse outcomes of a personal injury that cannot be quantified in terms of money. Yet, a fair settlement will always include compensation for these, and Fielding Law knows how to build and present a case with logical arguments so that the victim is not deprived of crucial financial compensation. 

For more information, go to

Fielding Law is familiar with the claims process and pursues a hands-on approach concerning negotiating with the insurance companies. It obtains medical records and expert opinions on the extent of injuries to validate assertions and buttress the appeal for just compensation. Clients can focus on recuperating and regaining their physical and mental health without worrying about frequently appearing in court. Fielding Law does its best to arrive at a favorable outcome expeditiously through out-of-court negotiations with the insurance company. The firm is prepared to take the matter to court to safeguard the rights and privileges of its clients.  

This law firm has eschewed the prevalent cookie-cutter approach to personal injury cases. It approaches each case with diligence. By taking time to understand the particulars of a case, Fielding Law prevents delays and ensures that clients won’t be forced to settle for less. It respects the fact that human feelings and aspirations are involved, and that a law firm has an obligation to ensure that the rule of law prevails.

At Fielding Law, the focus is on clients. They have already been through the trouble and are stressed. They get to talk to lawyers face-to-face and are not restricted to routing information through the office staff. Fielding Law maintains prompt and effective communication with clients.

Contact and location information are available at Fielding Law

Media Contact
Company Name: Fielding Law
Contact Person: Michael Fielding
Email: Send Email
Phone: 12146611537
Address:18601 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #315
City: Mesquite
State: TX 75150
Country: United States

‘Book Title Generator’ Wins 2020 International Book Award in Business Public Relations Category Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:33:33 +0000 Plymouth, MI, USA – August 13, 2020 – With 30-Five Star Reviews, book marketing specialist Scott Lorenz’s book, Book Title Generator: A Proven System in Naming Your Book, has added another plaudit to the list by garnering a 2020 International Book Award in the Business Communications/Public Relations category. With more than 2,000 entries vying for the top prizes in the 11th Annual International. Book Awards, the competition was stiff for a judging panel which prides itself on a commitment to supporting all areas of the publishing industry.

Reactions to Book Title Generator, released about two-months ago, have been universally positive from authors, publishers and other industry professionals. This timely book is proving a major assist for authors in one of the most vital aspects in creating a bestseller; coming with the right title. Lorenz, President of Westwind Book Marketing, believes his experience in book marketing is a big gain for authors wanting their books to stand out from the pack and gain traction online.

“Book Publicist Scott Lorenz gives you the ABCs and XYZs of picking the perfect title for that book you have put your heart into. It’s required reading for aspiring or experienced writers.” – John Kelly, Detroit Free Press, 5 Stars

“I am an author, and I have been writing for over 10 years. This book is exactly what I have been looking for all this time. Scott Lorenz understands the creative side while delving into the marketing side of naming a book. It explains how to set yourself up for success.” – Iris, Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

Strategies put forth by Lorenz hold true for aspects of online marking beyond the book world, which could prove valuable for authors seeking to showcase their professional services. Many author’s employ a book as an entrée for seminars, speaking engagements, consulting or marketing a specific expertise.

Lorenz’s three-decades of book marketing show within the pages of Book Title Generator, where he lays out a multi-prong strategy urging the use of high-tech tools, researching bestsellers by genre and choosing “title keywords” which get a book ranked on search engines and Amazon. Having seen and experienced the pitfalls of book marketing, the book thoughtfully ushers you through the reality maze of numbers, alliterations, idioms, keywords and everything else which has to be considered in your quest for the perfect book title.

“Are you an ‘unpublished writer’? Dig in! Author and book publicist Scott Lorenz defines a sensible set of proven methods by which to tackle the naming of your book. Straight shooting and to the point, Lorenz provides expert advice on how to find the perfect title. Do you want your book title to be a success? Listen up!” – Northcoaster on Amazon 5 Stars

A number of famous books began with less than optimal titles and Lorenz explains how, with a new title, they rose to prominence. As a student and lover of book titles, Scott Lorenz brings three decades of book marketing experience to bear on a vital aspect in shepherding your book towards bestseller status. Book Title Generator is designed for authors and publishers as a surefire method to uncover that coveted, memorable and winning book title!

The book is available on Amazon in ebook for kindle, paperback and as an audiobook. Find out more at:

Watch the book trailer here:

Listen to a sample of the audiobook here:

“A thoughtful collection of techniques and tips for naming a book. I highly recommend it.” – Pamela Gossiaux, Bestselling Author, Russo Romantic Mysteries, 5 Stars

“Revealed! The secret behind choosing a great title for your book can be found in BookTitle Generator… it’s essential reading for authors… before they title their book!” – Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review, 5 Stars

“Authors Stop! Don’t Pass GO! You must read this book BEFORE you title your book. Don’t make that fateful mistake of mistitling your book!” – Jess Todtfeld, Author Media Secrets, Former TV Producer for NBC, ABC and FOX-News, 5 Stars

Book publicist Scott Lorenz, Pres. of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that has a special knack for working with authors to help them get all the publicity they deserve and more. Lorenz works with bestselling authors and self-published authors promoting all types of books, whether it’s their first book or their 15th book.

He’s handled publicity for books by CEOs, CIA Officers, Navy SEALS, Homemakers, Fitness Gurus, Doctors, Lawyers and Adventurers. His clients have been featured by Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, CNN, ABC News, New York Times, Nightline, TIME, PBS, LA Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Woman’s World, & Howard Stern to name a few.

Learn more about Westwind Communications’ book marketing approach at or contact Lorenz at or by phone at 734-667-2090.

Follow Lorenz on Twitter @aBookPublicist.

Media Contact
Company Name: Westwind Communications Book Marketing
Contact Person: Scott Lorenz
Email: Send Email
Phone: 734-667-2090
Country: United States

T.E.A.M. Breaks Ranks With Other Student Travel Companies Acting Ethically, Discouraging Travel & Giving 100% Credit for Future Events Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:30:22 +0000 Group travel company T.E.A.M. gets over 80% of its business from undergraduate Fraternity
and Sorority celebratory trips. Responding to the current crisis they have given all orders
placed future credit for when it is safe to travel.

Newport Beach – Aug 13, 2020 – The corona virus pandemic has shattered industries and businesses. The hospitality and travel industry is said to be hit the hardest with a loss in hotel revenue of $400 million per day and over $50 Billion in total current and future losses. T.E.A.M. is a business that for 13-years has focused all of its efforts on delivering high-quality, super-fun and safe Greek Formals and other group trips to college students. There was no way to brace for the current state our economy finds itself in. One thing was clear, each company with current deposits and reservations was challenged on how to handle this pandemic the best way possible.

Through communication and concern for the undergraduate community it serves, T.E.A.M. has given over 10,000 customers 100% credit for future safe events when the health situation allows, despite all having signed “no-refund or cancellation” agreements. This is a sharp contrast to most other companies in the group travel industry who have ranged from simply keeping students’ deposit money to actually sending out emails encouraging them to travel despite health warnings. Some of those companies making network televised news after dozens returned from travel testing positive for Covid-19. Giving credit is the best win-win that both allows the business to not have to close its doors after a loss they could not recover from and its customers losing out on an amazing experience they deserve to have, once they are able to travel.

T.E.A.M. understands that like any consumer right now, a refund is what is requested, they sympathize with those request and hope groups can understand that the company has gone above and beyond to not only get them out of future agreements and mitigate that risk for their clients with hotels and vendors but has also gone against its own “no-refund or cancellation” policy to offer 100% credit for their groups.

“During this crisis, our company had to make some big sacrifices, but we focused on a strategy to retain customer satisfaction vs profitability,” commented Mike Olivas, C.E.O. of T.E.A.M. “This was a perfect storm for our business, nearly 80% of the company’s yearly revenues depended on spring travel, with millions in singed hotel and venue contracts, giving 100% credit for all events had to come with internal company sacrifice.”

Olivas continued, “After going into strategy mode for 11 straight days I had to quickly pivot our business, and rethink what this could mean for the future of the company. I took the time to speak with my employees, I asked them what they truly need financially to get by, and I found a way to meet that amount vs. just telling them they are fired like other companies are doing. To no surprise employees who love the company and our brand see the sincerity in a decision like this, so ‘the human factor’ beats the bottom line.”

In fact, Olivas attributes a great deal of his contrarian approach to his experience as an entrepreneur and remembering his tagline for his seven-day per week podcast “Business and Life” where he quotes, “In the Journey of Business and Life, Life Always Wins”.

By making clear T.E.A.M. commitment to the continued health of its employees and its travelers alike, Olivas is setting an example that is almost-sure to be repaid in the end. By thinking of others before the bottom line, and about tomorrow over today, it is truly something to be inspired by.

T.E.A.M. is now focused on its automated Greek Formal Booking technology that will be in beta in early 2021.

For more information be sure to visit

About T.E.A.M.

Travel, Entertainment and Marketing (T.E.A.M.), a division of Formal Builder, is a high-energy group travel company that specializes in College and University student group trips.

Media Contact
Company Name: T.E.A.M
Contact Person: Mike Olivas
Email: Send Email
Phone: 949-873-TEAM (8326)
Country: United States

Children’s Author Helps Parents Teach Children Numbers Through New Book “Two Cousins at the Farm” Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:24:25 +0000

Gisela Foster, a children’s author has written a new book that helps children learn numbers 1 – 10 while having fun. The book Two Cousins at the Farm which is available on Amazon and all good book platforms has received rave reviews since being launched.

Two Cousins at the Farm is a colorful storytelling book that your child could read over and over again. The book which is currently number four in the top 100 Best Sellers in counting and numeration is aimed at children from 0-5. There are ten farm animals in the book and two cousins who play on the farm. The fantastic story will not only put a smile on the child’s face, it will also put a smile on moms and dads.

Gisela Foster has managed to write a magical story that will engage children and allow them to learn numbers in a fun manner without realising what they are doing is educational and help them develop more quickly.

Scientists and educational experts have said, children will learn quicker if they are having fun. That is what Gisela has done. She has developed a book that will provide children with fun, while developing their numeracy skills.

We wanted to learn more about Two Cousins at the Farm, and the author so we sat down with Gisela Foster to learn more:

You have written a new book called Two Cousins at the Farm, but before we talk about that, lets talk about you. Why did you decide to become a writer?

I decided to become writer because I enjoy writing short stories, developing imaginary places and creating new characters to complete the stories. In addition, I wanted to provide many children and families a space to have fun while learning academic content. I feel motivated to write words with joy where family ties, relationships and learning are closely connected.

Can you remember the first children’s book that you read?

Yes, Bambi was the first children book.

Gisela Foster, you have written Two Cousins at the Farm, can you tell me more about the book?

Two Cousins at the Farm is a fun story where two cousins tell you the 10 animals they love the most on their beautiful farm. The story connects two members of family. This story will teach a toddler to count from 1 to 10. Children will engage, have fun and learn at the same time.

Can you tell me about the main characters?

The main characters are Luis and Charlie, who are cousins and best friends. Together and individually, they tour the reader around places at the farm where they play and spend time with the animals. I decided to focus the story around cousins because I personally spent a lot of time during my childhood visiting my cousins in rural towns. I have fourteen cousins.

You say your book helps children learn more about numbers, how does it do that?

I believe in setting the path to a positive environment with a very natural learning and comprehensive style. The natural learning process is more realistic when children can see objects that they can relate to in daily life. My mother was a teacher and she bought me baby chicks as a present as a child. I remember counting the chicks as a child. The natural environment is perfect for children to learn fast.

There was a report some years ago that said children learn more while having fun, do you agree with that?

Yes, children in general learn more while having fun, when they find joy and a genuine smile from a teacher or a parent.

So, does that mean by reading your book children will learn more about numbers than through other methods?

Children will learn numbers by reading my book because they will find a connection with animals that are happy. They will enjoy the farm lifestyle and maybe they will ask to see the real animals after they read the book.

How important is it for children to learn about numbers from an early age?

It is very important if we as adults provide support and a learning environment where children naturally learn numbers and can develop cognitive and quantitative skills.

There have been a lot of newspaper reports that said millions of parents are turning to books to help their children with their educational needs as they feel school education is stuck in the old days, would you agree with that?

Parents want to support their children. We have many options and many great books to help children to succeed in schools. I think that schools are doing the most extensive and possible changes with a demanding new learning structure. I can tell you in the state of Oregon where I live, the schools districts are working hard to create community and to support children education. Teachers are creative, full of great and amazing ideas and eager to help children and families.

Two Cousins at the Farm continues to receive five-star reviews and has received positive reviews from book reviewers, how does that make you feel?

I am very happy with the positive reviews and I’m satisfied knowing that my book is being read by families from all over the world. The connection between family relationships and academic learning is my passion and I want to provide more books to many children. In addition, we have many wonderful children and families that speak Spanish and we have the Spanish version available called Dos Primos en la Granja.

You have said that children’s education can change the world, so why do many parents feel let down by the educational system and why is more not being done to enlighten children and give them the educational empowerment they need?

Sometimes families feel a disconnection from school. It is important for all families to get to know their children’s teacher and understand their children’s curriculum and lesson plan so families will have a better idea of the specific and general goals when children are in the house doing a project. Teachers are working hard to connect with families. Schools are more open to evaluate new books that will benefit children’s education. Our librarians are great resources between schools and families.

How hard is it to write an educational children’s book compared to writing a children’s story book?

When I write an educational children’s book I am considering the energy, curiosity of my reader and the age group and I need to consider a specific topic. As an educator, an educational book is very important because in the classroom books are the main source of academic activities. A children storybook opens the door to many wonderful topics and stories and require a lot of passion and work to develop the characters and dialogs. My book reflects a combination of the two styles and as a mother; I write a story with characters that reflect family relationships.

When you write a children’s book how do you come up with the storyline?

The storyline in the book is based in my own experiences; the beautiful rural towns in Oregon and the characters reflect the relationship that I have with my family.

You have taught children and worked in education, so as an educational expert what age do you think parents should start teaching their children about numbers and words?

The unique experience between teaching words and numbers generally is by the age of two years old. The ideal situation is providing the child with resources like books and toys so they can build a connection and they are familiar with words and numbers before that age.

Some writers have a technique to write their book, J K Rowling started her career writing in a café, and other authors dress up as their character, what technique do you use to write your books?

I like to have my personal space with no noise. I like to take time to go for a walk and see flowers so I can think about the characters for my next book and the historical relationship with my own childhood.

So, do you have plans to write another book?

Yes, I am writing a new book. A fun and hilarious story about sisters and the way that they learn something very special in their life.

To learn more about the new book and to make a purchase, please visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Two Cousins at the Farm
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Country: United States

New Locally Owned Business Oxford Gutter Cleaning Company Now Open With Exclusive Launch Promotions Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:15:31 +0000 Oxford, England The Oxford Gutter Cleaning Company, a locally owned and operated business located in Oxford England, is delighted to announce that they are now open for business. The company owners have over 30 years of combined experience within the industry and are committed to delivering a professional customer experience first time every time.  

Gutter Cleaning in Oxford, as with many areas in the United Kingdom, is often overlooked, which can lead to costly problems for the householder further down the line. A blocked gutter can cause damp issues, damage to the interior decor, and damage to the structure of the property in a worst-case scenario.  

The company owners have invested in the latest technology on the marketplace, including a 40ft Gutter-Vac, to enable them to clear the majority of gutters from the safety of the ground. This means that they can safely clear gutters up to 4 stories high, which accounts for over 90 percent of Oxford properties.  

Each gutter cleaning job is assessed based on risk for the most suitable cleaning method. This may mean the use of cherry pickers, mobile access towers, gutter vacs, and even ladders for short duration works. Whatever solution the Oxford Gutter Cleaning Company decides to implement, safety will always be the number one consideration.  

“Having worked within the industry for many years, and cleaned thousands of gutters in the process, my partner and I felt that it was now time to launch our own business,” said Peter Milsom, owner, and founder of The Oxford Gutter Cleaning Company. “We are motivated, ambitious, and hard-working, and we aim to become the number one provider of gutter cleaning in Oxford, within the next few years. We are running a few special offers to grow the brand, so if anyone is interested in taking advantage of these offers, visit the website for more information.  

Oxford Gutter Cleaning Company is a locally owned and operated business located in Oxford England. The company offers a gutter cleaning service in Oxford, Kidlington, Abingdon, Witney, Benson, Bicester, Watlington, Brize Norton, and Aylesbury. For more information about the company, and to take advantage of their launch promotions visit their website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Oxford Gutter Cleaning
Contact Person: Peter Milsom
Email: Send Email
Phone: 01865 704085
Address:21 Mill Street
City: Oxford
State: Oxfordshire
Country: United Kingdom

Utah Based Athena Beans Coffee House & Bistro Announces The Launch Of Their New Open Mic Night Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:12:26 +0000 Sandy, UT – Athena Beans Coffee House and Bistro, a locally owned and operated business, located in Salt Lake City, is pleased to announce the launch of their new open mic night. The Salt Lake City Coffee House Open Mic Night has been designed to cultivate community spirit and restore some normality for Salt Lake City residents following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. 

Open Mic Night at Athena Beans will take place every Monday evening from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM. The only limit to what guests can do with the microphone is their imagination. Music, poetry readings, comedy, all while enjoying a cup of gourmet coffee, glass of wine, or a cold beer. While you are there, make sure to check out their new South of the Border menu. In addition to their all-day breakfast you can enjoy authentic tacos, burritos, and nachos supreme! 

“For us as a company, although we’ve always focused on having a rich dark coffee, drinking coffee has always been a very social thing to do,” said Mark, a spokesperson for Athena Beans Coffee House and Bistro. “With the disruption that COVID-19 has caused to local communities, we wanted to find a way to bring those communities back together and to start making wonderful, positive memories again. That was one of the driving forces behind the new open mic night, and we cannot wait to get started and welcome friends old and new to our lovely venue.” 

Athena Beans was born to provide the local community with a cozy place to gather for engaging conversations, great coffee, fresh food, and a space to share passions and talents. In addition to the coffee shop, upstairs you will find a versatile event space that is perfect for business meetings, events and community gatherings.

For more information about Athena Beans or to check out the events calendar you can visit their website at: or email

Media Contact
Company Name: Athena Coffee House and Bistro
Contact Person: Mark
Email: Send Email
Phone: (801) 676-9082
Address:111 W. 9000 S.
City: Sandy
State: Utah
Country: United States

Shop at for Music, Books & Apps Marketing – Guaranteed Radio Airplay Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:06:22 +0000 iMastercopy ( do all things media and technology. iMastercopy has combined two major aspects of business media and technology to build a unique brand. The world has changed with search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media, and search engine algorithm updates. People want things fast, like a fast-food drive-through, we try to move at the pace of each client regardless of their need for marketing services, digital marketing, branding promotions, Music/Book/App Marketing, disc duplication or business strategy.

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    13. Get You on iTunes charts
  • Search Engine Optimization

    1. 5 Social Media Campaign/Maintenance
    2. 2000 Permanent Back Link
    3. 500 Press Release Locations
    4. 3 Mobile Marketing ad
    5. 5,000 Guarantee Face “Likes”
    6. Report/Tracking
    7. Shopping Sites
    8. Video Marketing
    9. SEO Optimization (submit 400 directories)
    10. Competitor Analysis, Heading tag changes, Alt tag changes, Interlinking wherever required, Keyword density in site content., HTML Site Map
    11. XML site map and Submission in webmaster

is an important factor for any product or service. Businesses or individuals that need to find the right niche market and logo/slogan that is professional, easy to remember, and not complicated, iMastercopy can do this!

Digital Marketing is important due to the current technology! Every business and individual use digital marketing to maintain communication with their clients and grow their product or services. Digital marketing includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Social Media Marketing (SMM), press coverage, understanding trends/client, reaching the right niche through the digital methodology. There are still some traditional methods that work well, but digital marketing is taking over!

iMastercopy still provides disc duplication services for order over 1000+ CDs or DVDs. As for USB duplication, we do as little as 100 units. Request a quote today!

Clients can test-drive our services at

About iMastercopy

To build a media & technology company that provides results. Even with a dollar, there are possibilities, Mastercopy only needs great resources & time to provide the services or product to its clients. Philanthropy is the ending of the results in all we do.

Mastercopy is one of the leading Media Company provides IT/Web Services, Web Development, Marketing/Promotions, Press Releases, Strategic Management, Business Strategy, Multimedia Services, Web & Graphics Services & Disc Duplication (CD Replication/CD manufacturing) in North America. We can produce over 500,000 discs daily with strict adherence at the companies ISO certified facilities. Our design & Multimedia services speak volumes due to the excellent creativity, we provide to our clients. We guarantee the quality of our product once it’s received by our clients. We serving worldwide with locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbeans.

Media Contact
Company Name: IMastercopy
Contact Person: Ms. Terrelonge
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1.646.504.5176?
Address:244 Madison Ave
City: New York
State: New York, 10016
Country: United States

The new era of sports management is here – Introducing Players Management Group Fri, 14 Aug 2020 03:00:19 +0000 The new era of sports management is here - Introducing Players Management Group
Players Management Group (PMG) is a full-service tax and business management firm based out of Beverly Hills, California. PMG’s foremost commitment is to the long-term success of their clients. PMG helps its clients to create sustainable wealth tailored to their needs while minimizing their largest expense – taxes.

August 13, 2020 – Beverly Hills, California – The new era of sports management is HERE!

Players Management Group (PMG) is a full-service tax and business management firm based out of Beverly Hills, California. PMG’s foremost commitment is to the long-term success of their clients. PMG helps its clients to create sustainable wealth tailored to their needs while minimizing their largest expense – taxes.

For some PMG clients, up to 50% of their earnings are spent on taxes. That’s where PMG comes in – with a Tax Engagement. PMG carefully curates its clients’ financial portfolios and helps them to overcome any financial obstacles, so they can remain focused on their careers and businesses.

Players Management Group’s core competencies include but are not limited to:

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Business Incubation

  • Concierge Services

  • Marketing & Endorsements

  • Charitable Endeavours

  • Estate Planning

Reggie Blackwell, CEO and managing partner of PMG, has great experience in the sports and marketing industry. He was a certified NFL and NBA agent has represented over 50 NFL players, 2 NBA players, and negotiated over $100 million in contract value to date.

“I am extremely excited to lead a very dynamic, passionate, and diverse team with over 50+ years of experience in working with professional athletes, entertainers, coaches, and high net worth individuals”, says Blackwell.

PMG knows that growth and dedication are important to athletes, and managing taxes can be tough. PMG will bring a fresh perspective to long-standing challenges and help clients realize and achieve a future with unlimited potential. PMG strives to maintain a reputation of excellence each and every day.

For more information, visit or contact Reggie Blackwell at 

Media Contact:

Reggie Blackwell

Media Contact
Company Name: Players Management Group
Contact Person: Reggie Blackwell
Email: Send Email
Phone: 314-497-1939
Address:9595 Willshire Blvd #502
City: Beverly Hills
State: CA 90212
Country: United States

Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney Law Firm John Bales Attorneys Announces Launch of New Website Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:54:34 +0000 Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney Law Firm John Bales Attorneys Announces Launch of New Website
As a client-centric and service-oriented law firm, John Bales Attorneys is constantly looking for ways to improve upon their already impressive services. The most recent innovation to come from the firm is the announcement of their new website.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, John Bales Attorneys have been providing expert legal advice, consultation and litigation for over 20 years. As a client-centric and service-oriented law firm, John Bales Attorneys is constantly looking for ways to improve upon their already impressive services. The most recent innovation to come from the firm is the announcement of their new website.

The New Website – a user-friendly resource

The firm has taken great efforts to leverage technology in a meaningful way to better support and serve current and prospective clients alike. As part of this effort, the firm has transformed it’s website ( into a major resource and portal for those needing legal support, advice or representation.

Services and Areas of Representation

A big part of the firm’s efforts is aimed at helping individuals and businesses throughout Florida get the legal information they need, quickly, reliably and efficiently. A large portion of the site is dedicated to providing accurate and easily understandable information about the types of cases, services, and issues they provide legal representation and services for.
The Website Covers:
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Employment Dispute
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Insurance Dispute
  • Disability
  • Class Actions
  • Nursing Home Abuse

Get to Know the Team, Values and Track Record
Choosing the right law firm for a case can be a daunting process for those facing legal challenges. John Bales wants to make this process personable and efficient for those needing assistance.
The new website features:
  • Biographies and professional profiles for each team member
  • Cultural values (Care, Quality and Respect)
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • TV commercials / media coverage
  • Community efforts to give back
  • Highlight of awards
  • Track record of successful outcomes for clients

Easily Accessible Locations and Service Areas
The new website provides visitors with a quick dropdown menu to access their location and to request a free initial consultation with a John Bales attorney nearest to them.
Although the firm provides representation to clients all throughout the state of Florida, their core areas of service include: St. Petersburg, Tampa, Bartow, Bradenton, Brandon, Brooksville, Lakeland, New Port Richey, Plant City, Sarasota, Spring Hill, Tarpon Springs, Winter Haven and Zephyrhills.
About John Bales Attorneys
Located in sunny Tampa, Florida, John Bales law firm is a leading personal injury law firm with a 20-year track record of providing exceptional client services, support and representation. Over its many years in business the firm has earned clients settlements totaling over $400 million.
Parties interested in learning more about the law firm or scheduling a free initial consultation are encouraged to reach out via their official website or by calling 800-225-5564.

Media Contact
Company Name: John Bales Attorneys
Contact Person: John Bales
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-225-5564
Address:625 E Twiggs St Suite 100
City: Tampa
State: Florida
Country: United States

Siddons Law Firm Media PA Launches Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Media PA Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:51:23 +0000 Siddons Law Firm Media PA Launches Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Media PA
If people want to file for bankruptcy, the law firm notes that they get frightened with the mere thought of it. However, the law firm states that people are also wrong about this thought as bankruptcy equals a business plan that allows people with massive debts to obtain a fresh financial start and not an economic sentence.

MEDIA, Pennsylvania – Siddons Law Firms Media PA has launched Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Media PA. As Siddons Law Firm states, people can be in a better financial situation than before if they file for bankruptcy. The law firm maintains that bankruptcy is often the start of a brighter, new financial future instead of being the capstone moment of business failure. 

Siddons Law Firm Media PA further notes that people can contact Siddons Law Firm Media PA to discuss all of their options for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if they think about filing bankruptcy. Hiring a Media bankruptcy lawyer to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best way to go about the process. That is why the law firm provides Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Media PA services to allow people to get ahead financially and eliminate any kinds of debts. Some categories of debt that bankruptcy can eliminate are past due rent, collection accounts, civil judgments, business debts, personal loans, utility bills, auto loans, credit card bills, medical expenses, etc.

About Us

Siddons Law Firm Media PA has skilled bankruptcy attorneys that have represented several clients like property management companies, financial institutions, real estate developers, Fortune 500 companies, banking institutions, and public government. The law firm has been helping those that don’t know where to start when they are looking to file bankruptcy.

Media Contact
Company Name: Siddons Law Firm
Contact Person: Michael Alan Siddons
Email: Send Email
Phone: (610) 255-7500
Address:230 N Monroe St Suite A
City: Media
State: PA
Country: United States

Who Are the Record Numbers of Americans Renouncing US Citizenship During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:48:23 +0000 It has been widely reported recently that a record number of Americans have renounced their US citizenship this year. The Federal Register shows 5,816 renunciations in the first six months of 2020, compared to 2,072 in the whole of 2019.

The US requires all US citizens to file US taxes, including expats, and historically the most common group renouncing US citizenship is Americans who have permanently settled abroad and wish to stop filing US taxes.

This wouldn’t explain the recent spike in numbers though, as there is no new tax law adversely affecting Americans abroad. In fact, US expats have benefited from US citizenship this year by being eligible for a Coronavirus stimulus check.

Many media outlets reporting on the spike, including CNN, Forbes, Fortune, and Newsweek, have attributed the high numbers to political discontent with the US government’s handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the US political situation in general.

The truth though is that a mystery lies at the heart of the figures.

Katelynn Minott, a partner at Bright!Tax, a leading US expatriate tax services provider, has pointed out that to renounce US citizenship you first have to be a resident and citizen of another country (so that you don’t become stateless), and you also have to have an interview with a member of the State Department in person, at a US consulate or embassy abroad.

With international travel severely limited since the pandemic started, and appointments for exit interviews at American consulates and embassies also having been suspended in most countries, even American dual citizens who already live abroad would have struggled to complete the renunciation process this year (let alone disgruntled Americans in the States).

So who are the record numbers renouncing, and how have they managed to do so?

The most probable answer is a time lag in reporting.

So rather than the record number of renouncers being folks who are unhappy about events in the US this year, as has been widely attributed, they are more likely to be folks who started the renunciation process previously.

Miss Minott said: “Renouncing US citizenship is a significant and irreversible decision, and it only benefits a tiny minority of high net worth expat Americans. While it may be too early to fully understand the recent spike, we can safely say that it wasn’t caused by discontent with American’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Bright!Tax US Expat Tax Services
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States

At Assistant Bots, a group of expert traders has published its secret trading tools for the public Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:42:55 +0000 At Assistant Bots, a group of expert traders has published its secret trading tools for the public
Assistant Bots enables the users to successfully trade a range of assets and build a profitable portfolio with the help of automated bots!

London, United Kingdom – is an online platform that contains educational material related to trading. The website is empowering the general public to learn to smoothly trade different assets such as stocks, forex, fintech, and commodities, etc. This platform is a hub of educational resources, premium indicators, and sophisticated bots to help its clients build strong portfolios that eventually turn into streams of income and help them achieve financial independence.

By leveraging technology and designing automatic trading bots, Assistant Bots is letting its clients enjoy relaxation and respite from performing arduous chore of keeping a constant eye on the market. The educational platform gives its clients exclusive access to indicators, educational resources, and the best tools for analysis so that they can make the maximum profits out of any asset they like. Trading assets is a highly stressful and sensitive job that requires excellent focus and keen judgement to achieve positive results. There is a high probability for the human mind to make errors in this work. However, thanks to Assistant Bots, every individual can enjoy the perks of error-free trading with the help of sophisticated trading bots designed by the company. The organization offers bots for making crucial trades based on the investment strategy the client would like to use. 

Although learning after making mistakes is a norm, in trading, making these mistakes can be very costly. Assistant Bots makes sure that the traders who subscribe to their state-of-the-art products should get access to educational material and vital insights into the market so that they are not susceptible to making common mistakes that masses make. Experts at Assistant Bots call themselves as the gatekeepers that can safeguard their clients from failures and offer tools that can help people trade faster and preserve more of their money. Whether a person is looking to become a full-time trader or is just testing the waters, Assistant Bots’ products are crafted to cater traders with every level of ability.

Assistant Bots is managed by a group of trading experts who after experimenting with various tools and tactics have come up with a thoroughly tested, tech-based strategy that helps them make profits by dealing with various trading instruments. In the words of one of the managers: “Assistant Bots Started as a group professional trader that was interested in giving the public access to some of the same tools that they were using in their own trading strategy. We found this website primarily as an educational platform to help beginner traders through the process of learning how to trade cryptocurrency, forex, commodities, stocks, and more. Whatever asset you would like to develop some experience with, we would like to give you the ideal place where you can learn how to sell, buy, and order various assets. Our indicators and bots monitor the market 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The big data systems we have access to work as an intelligence trading assistant that will notify you of the best purchasing opportunities based on the finest indicator data on the market. We gather trends on Forex, fintech, stock assets, and then offer real-time trading opportunities based on momentum shifting, divergences, oversold, overbought, and Fibonacci signals. We believe in going above and beyond when it comes to customer care and troubleshooting. We are going to continue building our learning resources on this platform and making sure that our subscribers have access to the very best information on market conditions. All of these levels of support will be available as a lifetime subscription to our users.”

Assistant Bots sells premium indicators that serve as a crucial factor in determining profits or losses for the traders. For a limited time, the company is offering its ‘Premium Package’ comprising 5 premium market indicators at a discounted price of only $299. Usually priced at $700, this package is now available to grab at a highly reduced price. By using big data analytics to determine changes in the market, the company is adamant to help its clients get out when it is best for securing their money. In the securities trading business, timing is everything. Since markets can go up or crash down in a matter of seconds, having access to a lightning-fast trading tool is uncompromisable. Assistant Bots is helping its clients earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by exploiting the advantage of executing swift trades.

It is one of the primary goals of the company to enable its customers to build their portfolio without all of the arduous tasks involved. The trading bots created by the company make sure that the traders do not have to spend the entire day checking in on the markets. They can walk away from their computer and get alerts as needed. The trading bots are designed to handle all the hard work and market watching.

In the long run, the management at Assistant Bots aims to evolve this platform so that it can offer support for more assets, offer more in-depth analysis and deliver the fastest trading tools to help its customers preserve their portfolio and grow their wealth. Whether it is building educational resources or having access to fast information on market changes, Assistant Bots aims to equip its traders with the tools that will help them become one of the most successful traders in the market.

About the Company: is an online educational platform that is designed by a group of trading experts who wish to share their secret trading techniques with general masses. This platform is a hub of educational resources, premium indicators, and sophisticated bots to help the general public to smoothly trade different assets such as stocks, forex, fintech, and commodities.

Media Contact
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City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Sewer Experts Continues to Provide Hassle Free services during coronavirus pandemic Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:42:16 +0000

Commerce City, CO – The COVID 19 has drastically changed what was thought to be normal since the pandemic was declared. Sewer Experts, a professional service provider for water and sewer line repairs, replacement, and installation in Denver and nearby places continued its utmost professional services in these challenging times. 

When the world is facing the danger of a novel virus itself, there are other challenges people are facing like difficulty in finding everyday services. The non-essential services have been asked to put on hold to flatten the curve of coronavirus spread has left people double up searching for Denver drain cleaning services or sewer camera inspection services near me or other services when they face certain problems at their home or commercial spaces. Sewer Experts continued their services in this difficult time with two crews managing sewer lines work for commercial and residential properties throughout Denver and suburbs.

As the plumbing issues do not wait for the pandemic to get over or regardless of what else is happening in and around the world, Sewer Experts is going above and beyond in providing its services. It has been there through its professional squads maintaining all the precautionary measures for the safety of clients it’s a big sigh of relief for those looking for sewer line replacement in Denver or water line replacement Denver or other related services. It has been committed first to the safety and well-being of its clients and workers alike.

Sewer Experts is offering its services in these trying times and is open for the new requests for sewer line repairs, replacements and installations, grease traps and septic tanks install, sewer scope inspection, water lines, and drain cleaning. 

To get more details, please visit or call (720) 663-7473.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sewer Experts
Contact Person: Marisa Beaver
Email: Send Email
Phone: (720) 663-7473
Address:6510 E. 49th Ave. Ste A
City: Commerce City
State: CO
Country: United States

MobiusTrend: Microsoft, Google, Apple, and WIMI Are Competing in 5G+ Holographic AR Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:32:13 +0000 Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Microsoft, Google, Apple, and WIMI Are Competing in 5G+ Holographic AR‘. In 2020, 5G commercial construction has been started. With the large-scale expansion of 5G commercial construction, 5G performance advantages of high bandwidth, low latency, and large connection will further boost the upgrading and development of various industries.

For a long time, AR technology has the “special function” of superimposing virtual AR content into real scenes, making it eliminate the limitation of using the environment. Therefore, AR technology is considered to have a broader application prospect than VR technology. In the 5G+AR field, the combination of these two technologies could generate a more substantial reaction and affection.

With the gradual rise of the AR market, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have competed in the AR market. Facebook pioneered by Spaces, Apple’s Animoji brought new VR features, and its Paint 3D and Remix 3D supported Microsoft. Moreover, Google has been keen on virtual reality for a long time. As early as in 2012, Google developed a smart glass, namely the famous Google Glass. The launch of Google Glass, which is considered the device of “connect the future,” has made countless fans of science and technology excited, and even led to a global boom of wearable devices.

Microsoft has positioned Paint 3D and Remix 3D site as a community for people to share their works. Remix 3D enables everyone to share a 3D character or download a character that someone else has made and adapted. Paint 3D fully supports 3D models, and you can even move your creations to Windows hybrid reality to truly experience 3D with a VR headset.

WIMI, as China’s first holographic AR enterprise listed on NASDAQ, is expected to become a leader in the field of holographic AR vision. WIMI has established a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library, among all domestic holographic AR solution providers. Regarding the aspects of revenue, the number of customers, holographic AR content, the number of holographic AR patents, and the number of software copyrights, WIMI Holographic Cloud ranks first in the Holographic AR industry in China.

In recent years, WIMI has been working on developing and commercializing 3D/AR/VR technology. At present, in the field of VRAR hardware, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and other giants are gathered. And WIMI focuses more on the technology and system of VR/AR content terminal strategically.

WIMI is the leading holographic AR application platform in China, in terms of total revenue in 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan. By using its strong technical capabilities and infrastructures, WIMI can provide superior products and services, and efficiently conduct its business. The WIMI holographic cloud’s core business is holographic AR technology for software engineering, media manufacturing services, cloud, and big data.

WIMI plans to continually improve and strengthen existing technologies, maintain its industry leadership, and create ecological business models. Currently, WIMI’s holographic face recognition technology and holographic face change technology are being applied to existing holographic advertising and entertainment businesses. Meanwhile, technology is also being upgraded to make breakthroughs in more industry fields. WIMI aims to build a commercial ecosystem based on holographic applications.

WIMI intends to continually invest vast resources to enhance its ability to develop holographic AR content. WIMI is committed to enriching the holographic content portfolio and providing its customers and end-users with a high-quality holographic experience. Moreover, WIMI plans to expand the holographic content library in various ways constantly.

With the further maturity of network infrastructure construction brought by 5G communication, enterprises, such as WIMI integrating hardware, software, and services, will drive the further rapid development of the AR industry in China.

About MobiusTrend

MobiusTrend Group is a leading market research organization in Hong Kong. They have built one of the premier proprietary research platforms on the financial market, emphasizing on emerging growth companies and paradigm-shifting businesses. MobiusTrend team is professional in market research reports, industry insights, and financing trends analysis.

For more information, please visit


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Country: HongKong

Innovative Game Developer Gelander Zeck and his Team launches new role-playing game “ZLM Crafter” Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:30:18 +0000 Gelander Zeck announces the launch of another amazing product which is named ”ZLM Crafter” to help engage the intellect of players

Gelander Zeck and his team has again reiterated their goal of creating the best possible experience for game enthusiasts in different parts of the world with the launch of their new roleplaying game ZLM Crafter. The game development team  has become increasingly popular in recent times for providing innovative gaming solutions that engage players and challenge their intellect in a fun way.

The gaming industry has evolved the years, with different stakeholders, from gamers to developers and even retailers coming up with innovative products to ensure that everyone is satisfied. One brand that has suddenly disrupted the market in a relatively short while is ZLM Crafter(Yes! Their company name is identical to their new creation). The company is a team of tech enthusiasts and solutions providers that is determined to change the way people interact with their electronic devices.

Led by the experienced is Gelander Zeck, a digital media expert and gaming enthusiast, ZLM Crafter’s team has evolved from being a team of gamers to a game development group. ZLM Crafter game is a reiteration of the creativity and ingenuity of the team.

ZLM Crafter is a role-playing game that takes players through different timelines from the perspective of the camera. Developed by Gelander Zeck, the innovative game helps users of mobile devices to get more from their camera and explore what happened in the “Blink Project.”

For more information about ZLM Crafter game and other projects from the ZLM Crafter team, please visit – and YouTube.

About ZLM Crafter

ZLM Crafter was created in August 2012 as a gaming team. Over the years, the company has evolved, venturing into game development to meet the diverse needs of gaming enthusiasts. The company also has a music team named “Blink Cam Music,” with a verified page on YouTube.

Media Contact
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Country: HongKong

MobiusTrend: Innovative Hologram AR Companies Attract More and More Attention of the Capital Fri, 14 Aug 2020 02:21:22 +0000 Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Innovative Hologram AR Companies Attract More and More Attention of the Capital‘. With the evolution of technologies such as 3D sensing, chips and algorithms, display technology, and means of communication, the AR investment track, which used to be hot in previous years, will regain its heat in 2020. For example, Microsoft has released the second-generation Hololens. Magic Leap and Apple also plan to launch a new generation of AR consumer terminal in 2020-2021. It is predicted that there will be bestsellers products in the market. Meanwhile, more new forms and new opportunities will emerge. Apple (ARKit), Google (ARCore), Facebook (Camera Effects), as well as computer vision/machine learning (CV/ML), are attracting attention and investment from Silicon Valley, China, and around the world.

WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading hologram AR company, announced the closing of WIMI’s public offering. Participants in the offering are a selected group of institutional investors, including WB Online Investment Limited, an affiliate of Weibo Corporation.

A few days earlier, the artificial intelligence conference was held, holographic display technology aroused heated discussion. Moreover, holographic technology attracted the favor of the technology and capital field. The core of WIMI’s business is holographic AR technology, which is used in software engineering, content production, cloud, and big data. And it provides customers holographic services and products, which are based on AR.

WIMI submitted its 20-F annual report to the SEC on April 29 for the year ending December 31, 2019. According to its annual report, WIMI’s revenue in 2019 was 319 million yuan (CNY, same below), up 41.7% from 225 million yuan in 2018. Gross profit was 173 million yuan, up from 140 million yuan in 2018. Operating profit was 113 million yuan and 100 million yuan in 2018. Net profit was 102 million yuan, up 14.6% from 89 million yuan in 2018, and diluted earnings per share 0.94 yuan, up from 0.88 yuan in 2018.

For the year ending December 31, 2019, Holographic AR ads produced by using the company’s advertising solutions, generated about 9.7 billion browses, up 47.0% from about 6.6 billion browses in 2018.

From the above data of WIMI, it is not hard to see that the business growth of WIMI is in a benign development trend. From 2017 to 2019, the financial revenue of the three years has been increasing continuously. The amount of revenue generated from this market is rising, and the market development is robust.

WIMI’s business application scenes are mainly gathered in five professional fields: home entertainment, light-field cinema, performing system, commercial release system, and advertising display system. WIMI has integrated the identities of holographic AI cloud mobile software developers, service providers, and operators into one, and has become one of the leading holographic AI integration platforms in China.

Big tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the positive forces for commercialize AR. It is estimated that the user base of AR support products, such as mobile devices and smart glasses, will exceed 2.5 billion by 2023. The industry’s revenue will reach $75 billion.

According to Gartner, at least 100 million users are expected to use the shopping technology supported by AR in 2019. And it is one of the hottest retail trends this year. The boom in mobile devices using augmented reality means that, currently, the field is dominated by mature technologies. Developers, retailers, and customers can now easily treat this as part of their daily experience.

According to research reports, 48 percent of consumers said they would prefer to buy from a retailer who offers an augmented reality experience. Unfortunately, only 15% of retailers currently offer the AR experience opportunities. Only 32% of retailers said they planned to deploy virtual or augmented reality applications within the next three years.

What is more, the development of AR technology has reached a fantastic level over the years. For example, the use of holographic AR technology to resurrect Michael Jackson’s concert. These applications can show the powerful effects of holographic AR technology. Maybe soon, AR technology can also be used in education and military, which can directly simulate the scenes that people want. Through AR technology, we can communicate with people all over the world in the most direct way. Moreover, with AR technology, doctors can more intuitively diagnose the disease and find more information about the disease.

AR will really change the way we see the world. Imagine yourself walking or driving down the road. With an augmented reality display (which eventually looks like a pair of ordinary glasses), a digitized image appears in your field of vision, and the sound is played in sync with what you see. The information will update at any time to reflect brain activities. In this article, we can find out the future of this technology, what it consists of, and how it can be used.

Eventually, AR technology will integrate into our world, which will be a great achievement of human, creating new levels of wealth, new social issues, and immeasurable opportunities for billions of people.

About MobiusTrend

MobiusTrend Group is a leading market research organization in Hong Kong. They have built one of the premier proprietary research platforms on the financial market, emphasizing on emerging growth companies and paradigm-shifting businesses. MobiusTrend team is professional in market research reports, industry insights, and financing trends analysis.

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The TG interview: Dany Bahar, Co-Founder of Ares Design Modena Fri, 14 Aug 2020 01:51:10 +0000 The TG interview: Dany Bahar, Co-Founder of Ares Design Modena

You reach the cigar room of the May Fair Hotel via two polished corridors and a discreet staircase. It’s quiet this afternoon, but it’s a place that’s surely seen its fair share of dealmaking, dollar signs getting airborne on a haze of pungent smoke. 

TG has agreed to meet and photograph Dany Bahar here. You remember Bahar, of course. A born salesman with charisma to burn, he helped fashion Red Bull into the behemoth it is today, before being personally selected by Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo to help propel the Prancing Horse forward on a wave of lucrative new brand initiatives. Then, in 2009, he surprised everyone, not least his boss, by upping sticks and moving to Norfolk to become CEO of dear old Lotus.

Dany Bahar brought with him a remarkable roster of talent, including AMG’s mercurial engineering genius Wolf Zimmermann, Donato Coco (the man who esigned the Ferrari 458 Italia), ex-Porsche man Dr Frank Tuch and many other Ferrari and Bentley people in senior roles. An advisory board of equally heavy hitters – Bob Lutz, Burkhard Goeschel, the late Karl-Heinz Kalbfell and Gordon Murray among them – supplied the brains trust.

Dany Bahar vision for Lotus was predictably ambitious. Top of the list was a new Esprit, backed by a raft of gorgeous supporting models, and a rather random cast of showbiz acolytes. Bahar smelt money; others, a rat. The Lotus faithful were appalled, but the thrust upmarket was surely the only way the company could survive. Then, in 2012, Lotus’s owner Proton was taken over by Malaysian conglomerate DRB-Hicom, and all hell broke loose. There were allegations of misappropriated company funds and gross misconduct. Darkness enveloped Hethel. Inevitably, there were lawyers. 

Bahar hasn’t spoken about what happened, until now; indeed, there are still some things that can’t be said. He’s an engaging character, with immaculate hair and a big smile. Time to find out what he’s up to. 

TG: Your new project, Ares, sounds cool. Tell us about it. 

Dany Bahar: Ares is a new kind of automotive atelier created specifically to cater for people who need a car that’s unique, hand-crafted and extraordinary. Maybe you remember Ferrari’s Atelier and Special Projects division? That started during my time in Maranello. Now imagine an independent atelier, where you have access to all the brands and can respond to client requests for sports cars, SUVs, shooting brakes… It opens up a whole world of possibilities. We’re only changing the parts that are visible to the client, like a total makeover inside and out, and we leave the hard points, the mechanical structure, the electronics infrastructure and the suspension untouched. 

TG: What talent have you recruited?

Dany Bahar: Mihai Panaitescu [ex-Pininfarina] is the designer. Wolf Zimmermann [ex-Lotus and AMG] runs the technical aspect. We charge €700k plus, which is expensive, but not out of this world for a design exercise. Apart from one company in Turin, all the top suppliers are in the Modena area, which is why we’ve set up there. We spent eight months analyzing the market and realised that nobody is doing it in a truly structured way. We will work on different models in time. I live in Dubai now, and there’s lots of interest there, as you can imagine. 

TG: Are you a true car guy or someone with an eye for a good business opportunity?

Dany Bahar: I care a lot about cars. But I’m an entrepreneur, not an engineer. I’ve always had other side projects, along with the managerial roles I’ve fulfilled. Whether I have a good eye for an investment, we’ll see. In this specific project, I believe there is a real market there, a real opportunity for a business with good margins. I think it’s worth exploring, because the OEMs won’t be able to follow it at the speed we can. 

TG: After the Lotus debacle, weren’t you tempted to walk away from the car industry?

Dany Bahar: I wanted a bit of time for myself, firstly. We’ve chosen somewhere we really love to live with the family, and I’ll oversee my projects from there. This one just happened to be a car business, but it could have been anything. I also have business interests in yachts and watches. I like to go from here to there, to create new stuff. Success, failure, success, failure – that’s how you learn.
I like my freedom. I’m not corporate.

TG: Property?

Dany Bahar: No. It’s too boring for me, although you can probably make a lot more money there! I need to see dynamics, to see things working, and most of all growing. I love to see product. Since 2004, we’ve owned an Italian shipyard. It’s a difficult business at the moment, but I love it. Clearly, my interests lie in the lifestyle area. I always try to spot the synergies. The watch company is a start-up with a couple of friends. It’s fresh and new and, if all goes well, we should see something before Christmas. But I’ll never go back to being a manager at a big company. [pause] Well, one should never say never, but let’s just say I’m much happier now. 

TG: In light of what happened subsequently, do you regret leaving Ferrari? We heard that Luca di Montezemolo took your decision very personally…

Dany Bahar: It would be very interesting to hear what you think happened. Only two people knew to begin with, and then only four… Any boss who structures a company, who hires and fires and builds a team, is bound to be disappointed when one of his people says, “I’ve found something else; I want to move on.” Some people react very emotionally, some aggressively. [pause] Sometimes I have regrets, sure. That’s normal. In my eyes, Ferrari is the best company in the world, and I have the highest respect for Mr Montezemolo.

He’s a remarkable man; I learnt a great deal from him. But you are right: people don’t normally leave Ferrari. You either have big balls or you are stupid. I leave it up to you to decide which category I belong in! But [Montezemolo] agreed it was a big opportunity. By the way, it wasn’t about being the CEO [of Lotus] – my job at Ferrari was probably bigger at that time. It was about the opportunity.

I love the Lotus brand. It’s a fantastic company. It deserves much more.

TG: What exactly did you see in Lotus? You saw something there deeper even than some of its most partisan fans. 

Dany Bahar: I learned a lot from Ferrari, especially with regards to history. It’s taken 67 years to build what it has. Perhaps I was naïve, but I saw similarities.

Being pragmatic, you start with the foundations. Maybe the Lotus heritage is not currently present in people’s minds, but at least you don’t have to create everything from scratch – the history is already there! The 007 Esprit. The Ayrton Senna connection. The JPS cars. Seven F1 world championships… All there. Obviously it was more difficult than I thought, but there was so much wonderful heritage… I thought with the right investment and the right people, we should be able to unlock that potential. Look, I’m ambitious. If we wanted to achieve 100 per cent, I would go for 110. 

TG: Famously, you revealed five new models at the Paris motor show in 2010. Some observers thought you were mad. 

Dany Bahar: It was a hugely ambitious plan. But would it really have impacted on the media and clients if we’d turned up with one car? “Lotus announces a new Esprit.” It’s not earth-shattering, is it? It’s also not me. Now imagine going there with a real intent, with the ambition to be a great carmaker again, with four, five cars… some people were positive, some negative. That’s normal. I like polarising opinion. When a product polarises, it develops a character. I learned that at Red Bull – it’s not always a bad thing to polarise. You need a strong character to build a brand. Building all five cars was our best-case-scenario business plan. We could have turned the company around with one car, and the second would have been a bonus. Everyone involved in the business was aware of that, all the investors and shareholders. But we needed to make a lot of noise and demonstrate real intent, because nobody would have cared otherwise. Before Paris, many of the big-name automotive suppliers weren’t interested in working with us; this all changed when they saw the plan. 

TG: Let’s clear up some of the information around your arrival at Lotus, the plan you were forging and what subsequently unfolded. 

Dany Bahar: The plan was clear, long before I joined. Proton wanted Lotus to move upmarket, with new models. My dialogue with Proton began during a meeting at a motor show – I can’t remember which one. They were looking for fresh blood, and I wasn’t the only person they spoke to. I guess they liked my approach – it was new and fresh. My logic and arguments made sense. They still make sense today. I recall that during a motor show, a Ferrari colleague said, “Dany, watch this car [the Evora] – it’s interesting…”

TG: Didn’t the brand side and the business side get confused, though? Do you regret Sharon Stone and Brian May and all the show-business distractions?

Dany Bahar: [laughs] Who could regret Sharon Stone? Those five minutes in Los Angeles… nobody will ever take them away from me! Seriously, Aston, Ferrari, Bentley, they all have amazing showrooms and celebrity relationships. They’re doing exactly what we were doing. The guy who’s paying £100k-plus for a car expects to buy more than just a product – he’s buying into a lifestyle. The brand element follows the strategic decision about where to position the product. You have to understand that of our total investment, 90 per cent went into the product. The celebrity aspect didn’t cost us anything at all. And I still believe Sharon Stone helped promote the brand far more effectively than traditional advertising or marketing would have. I also agree that it led to a disconnect with the traditional Lotus client. But you won’t change anything without trying.

TG: Our understanding is that the total investment pot was around £770m. How much had you invested by then? £250m?

Dany Bahar: [pause] No, not that much. £180m, I think. [pause] I have difficulties when I can’t understand why someone is behaving a certain way, or has made a certain decision. I knew they didn’t like my face, but at least take the car and make it a success. I don’t even care if someone else takes the credit! The engine is fantastic, there’s some amazing technology there, but they didn’t even look at it. They simply cancelled everything. [pause] I’m a realistic guy – it’s not exactly unprecedented for a company to get sold, and for a new owner or shareholder to arrive and change the CEO…

TG: How do you feel, now that the dust has settled?

Dany Bahar: I don’t regret a single moment of my time at Lotus. A good friend of mine, a journalist, passed on his favourite saying to me, and I really believe it: “There are three kinds of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch what happens and those who say, ‘What happened?’” It was a great experience. We were trying to do in a year what other companies would take five years to do. It was like boot camp. We had a phenomenal team, committed to the end, and the support we had from Proton before the sale was second to none. There was a great atmosphere.

If you can attract the right people to help you, that’s the biggest sign that you inspire trust. Lotus was the biggest learning curve in my career, and it’s a very special brand. I wish it all the success in the world.

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Phone: +39 059 312765, 605-649 41122
Address:Str. Sant’Anna
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Country: Italy

ESports Nutritional (ESN) Introduces a New Range of Nutritional Energy Drinks and Protein Bars for Casual and Professional Gamers and ESport Athletes Fri, 14 Aug 2020 01:45:21 +0000 The ESports Nutritional (ESN) Energy Product Range is Created Specifically to Provide Professional and Casual Gamers with Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Sodas and Unhealthy Junk food Diets

Professional gamers and ESport athletes are notorious for spending 12 or more hours in one spot, playing various games. Even tournaments are known to go on for hours. Often, gamers will turn towards fatty junk foods because they are high in sugar and give an energy burst that helps them fuel.

Another reason gamers turn eating junk food is that theyre looking for something quick and filling to eat before they go on their next adventure in the gaming world. In such instances, junk food options are usually the only alternative that they turn to. 

However, ESN introduces a range of nutritional products that can do all that but in a healthier manner. Their patented HAX formula is developed to help improve cognitive function, supercharge the senses, reduce stress, and improve focus. The aim is to offer gamers a comfortable gaming experience while negating the effects that traditional sugary drinks and unhealthy foods have to offer. 

The ESN range contains energy drinks called the Over Powered (OP) drink and the Rekt Energy bars, which provide essential macro and micronutrients that play a crucial role in helping the body function. The ingredients in the drinks and the bars are specifically chosen because of their beneficial qualities. 

The Rekt bars are available in two different flavors, namely dulce de leche and chocolate praline. They contain Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, which is known to enhance focus, memory, learning, and mental endurance. All these ingredients are packed in with a healthy dose of fiber, which helps keep one satiated for longer, and you’re less likely to get food cravings to snack on unhealthy items. 

The OP energy drink comes in a delicious gummy bear flavor. Despite the sweet taste, it has none of the sugar that other such sweet beverages have. It contains L-Theanine, L-tyrosine, and Ginseng – all ingredients that are known to enhance brain function, improve the immune system, and even help to fight fatigue in the system. 

The best part is that you can get the ESN range of nutritional energy drinks and protein bars by backing them up on Indiegogo. Pledge packages start from £5 and go up £60. Each package also offers various benefits, including limited edition items that are only available for backers. 

Once the project has been fully backed, shipping will begin following the schedule shared by ESN on their Indiegogo page. 

About ESports Nutritional – ESN

ESN’s team consist of medical specialist and fitness experts. They are also gaming enthusiasts and understand how unhealthy gamers can get, especially if they spend hours on end behind the screen. In a bid to offer healthy alternatives to the fatty snacks and junk food options that gamers rely on, ESN introduced a range of nutritional energy drinks and protein bars. 



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Country: South Africa

Gabe Petersen to Launch New Wisdom & Success Podcast Called Pursuing Greatness – Master Your Health, Business, Love & Spirit Fri, 14 Aug 2020 01:42:13 +0000

National real estate entrepreneur and real estate marketing consultant Gabe Petersen will be launching a new podcast on the topic of mastering living called Pursuing Greatness – Master Your Health, Business, Love & Spirit (

Mr. Petersen enjoyed launching his first podcast, The Real Estate Investing Club, so much that he decided to launch a second podcast focused on helping people live well by mastering their health, their business, their relationships and their spirituality.

Mr. Petersen launched his first podcast after recognizing that there was a need in the marketplace for new and veteran investors alike to have a place they could go to and learn from experts from every niche and asset class in real estate investing.

The Pursuing Greatness podcast will be an interview based podcast. Mr. Petersen will interview expert guests who have mastery in one of four areas of life – health, fitness and nutrition; business, work and wealth; relationships, family life and love; and spirituality, emotions and mindset.

The podcast will be available on all podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, and Listen Notes.

In addition to the audio version of the podcast, Mr. Petersen will also be adding the video of the interviews to his YouTube channel at the Gabriel Petersen YouTube Channel.

The podcast will be available starting August, 2020 and will go live with 5 episodes available for download. After that initial launch, the Pursuing Greatness podcast will release 3 episodes every week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

When asked about the plans for the future of the podcast, Mr. Petersen noted that there is substantial work still needed to be done on the podcast infrastructure, such as the website and blog. He plans on making those improvements over the course of the following six months.

Along with the podcast, Mr. Petersen and his team will also be launching a 1-on-1 real estate investing coaching program and group real estate investing coaching program for those who want to get started in real estate investing, and for those who are looking to take their investing to the next level.

When asked why he decided to launch the podcast and coaching programs, Mr. Petersen commented that he wanted to help people with their own investing after realizing how impactful his own mentors had been in his real estate investing career.

Outside of their podcast and coaching, Mr. Petersen provides digital marketing services to real estate professionals, both investors and agents. To view the real estate digital marketing services, you can visit their marketing website at

Gabe Petersen, Pursuing Greatness and The Real Estate Investing Club hope that by launching their podcast and coaching programs, others will be inspired to improve their lives and potential real estate entrepreneurs out there will gain the knowledge they need to get their first deal done.

To find out more about the Pursuing Greatness podcast, visit For all general media inquiries about The Real Estate Investing Club, reach out through their website at

About Pursuing Greatness

Pursuing Greatness – Master Your Health, Business, Love & Spirit ( is a podcast and educational organization dedicated to helping people across the globe lead better lives by mastering their health, their business, their relationships and their spirituality.

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Mou5ZyZZ Has Released His Anticipated Debut Album And Started To Attract The Attention Of EDM Audiences Fri, 14 Aug 2020 01:36:14 +0000 Mou5ZyZZ Aka: Andrew Niman has released his first album “Bring It Back”. The new album consists of 7 tracks and is available on major music streaming platforms.

Mou5ZyZZ Pronounced “Mouse Zzz” is a promising and uprising music artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mou5ZyZZ Aka: Andrew Niman is currently known professionally as an American DJ, songwriter, and record producer. Mou5ZyZZ has just released his debut album “Bring It Back” in August 2020. The album consists of 7 tracks in which he personally composed and produced. In addition to the album release, Mou5ZyZZ is very excited because he is gaining more and more audiences who support his musical career online and offline.

Mou5ZyZZ’s debut album “Bring It Back” consists of seven tracks that consist “Once Again”, “Here We Go Mou5EmO”,” Mou5ZyZZ”, “Bring It Back”, “Russia”, “Three World’s”, and “Psy Trance Ghost Master”. Prior to his debut album “Bring It Back”, Mou5ZyZZ has release many singles and EPs, which include Summer Paradise, Exhale, Flexing While Driving, Ddo-Do Ddo-Do Chasing U, Take It Over, Muve My Body, R U Readddy, 100 Reason’s, In the Dust, Deeper Love, That’s What They All Say, and many more.

Andrew Niman, also known as Mou5ZyZZ as his stage name, found his passion in music from an early age. He started learning various musical instruments as a young boy and began honing his skill for sound engineering. These processes had shaped his personality and musical skill. Later he became a DJ with the nickname Andyrew.

He started his professional music production career in 2012, and Mou5Emo was born. Mou5Emo was producing trance music primarily. He began broadening his scope to include other music sub-genres like drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat, and trap to produce a new sound. Mou5ZyZZ’s one of the biggest accomplishments was performing live in front of a crowd of over 95,000 people at the 2011 Ice Festival.

“LIVE YOUR LIFE, BE FREE, BE HAPPY” – Mou5ZyZZ, aka Andrew Niman.

About Mou5ZyZZ

Mou5ZyZZ is an American DJ, record producer, and songwriter. Mou5ZyZZ Aka: Andrew Niman was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 8th, 1984. His EDM music genre has led him to collaborate with other DJs such as DJ Waffles, which became his success in his music career. Mou5ZyZZ was found in 2014. Mou5ZyZZ is currently producing tracks, under his own label, Mou5 Chee5e Records, while continuing to ghost produce for many huge artists worldwide. Mou5ZyZZ tracks are available through major music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Itunes, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, and many more.

Find out more about Mou5ZyZZ at his official social media page:





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]]> to Launch Real Estate Investing Club Podcast Called The Real Estate Investing Club Fri, 14 Aug 2020 01:33:26 +0000

National real estate investor and real estate marketing consultant Gabe Petersen will be launching a new podcast on the topic of investing in real estate called The Real Estate Investing Club (

Mr. Petersen recognized that there was a need in the marketplace for new and veteran investors alike to have a place they could go to and learn from experts from every niche and asset class in real estate investing.

Along with the podcast, Mr. Petersen and his team will also be launching a 1-on-1 real estate investing coaching program and group real estate investing coaching program for those who want to get started in real estate investing, and for those who are looking to take their investing to the next level.

When asked why he decided to launch the podcast and coaching programs, Mr. Petersen commented that he wanted to help people with their own investing after realizing how impactful his own mentors had been in his real estate investing career.

In addition to the coaching programs, Mr. Petersen launched a book for beginning real estate investors called Get Your First Deal Done, which will be available for sale on The Real Estate Investing Club website.

In the future, Mr. Petersen and The Real Estate Investing Club team plans to launch an online course dedicated to helping new and beginning investors learn about the ins and outs of investing via online learning.

Outside of their podcast and coaching, Mr. Petersen provides digital marketing services to real estate professionals, both investors and agents. To view the real estate digital marketing services, you can visit their marketing website at

Gabe Petersen and The Real Estate Investing Club hope that by launching their podcast and coaching programs, other potential real estate entrepreneurs out there will gain the knowledge they need to get their first deal done.

To find out more about The Real Estate Investing Club and The Real Estate Investing Club Coaching Program, visit

For all general media inquiries about The Real Estate Investing Club, reach out through their website at

About The Real Estate Investing Club

The Real Estate Investing Club ( is a podcast and real estate educational organization dedicated to helping new and beginning real estate investors and entrepreneurs grow their real estate businesses. They also offer done-for-you marketing and lead generation services for anyone in the real estate industry.

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Loss of Productivity Due to Burnout – Glad.ED Solutions Fri, 14 Aug 2020 01:28:14 +0000 Harvard Business Review provided a simple definition of productivity:

So when burnout is thrown into the equation, it looks like employees’ work being produced at a lower level and/or it taking longer to produce their work.

But, it’s not just that one employee who suffers. It’s everyone around the burnt-out employee and even the new people, once they leave. It’s a ripple effect.

Let’s start off with the middle of the ripple.

Current (Burnt-Out) Employee

This is usually the main focus of burnout topics, the individual experiencing the issue. Burnout has three components: exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy. A burnt-out employee is tired and takes longer to complete their work. They have negative feelings towards their work and that negativity shows up in their final product. They think they can’t do the work and they’re right because their mindset has set them up for failure.

  • Before they leave. They are exhibiting the symptoms of burnout. They begin to show a decrease in productivity. Poor Service. Diminished work quality. Longer timelines.
  • Once they leave. Since burnout increases employee turnover, burnt-out employees are more likely to leave. This is the most noticeable loss in productivity because it goes to zero when no one is in the position to do the work.

This is at least 4-6 months of diminished productivity and position vacancy directly related to employee burnout. Depending on the organization and the individual, getting to burnout can take months to a few years meaning a slowly decreasing level of productivity.

Co-workers of the Burnt-out Employee

When a team member begins to display these traits it impacts the workplace because of how well produce and long they take to do their work. So, co-workers who depend on that employee are now impacted too.

  • Before they leave. While the burnt-out employee is still there, their co-workers have to deal with the diminished productivity. Either they have to (1) fill in the gap for the burnt-out employee’s slow and/or diminished work OR (2) they just let the quality of the entire team/organization suffer. Depending on how interconnected the work is, a burnt-out employee’s lack of productivity could have compound effects.
  • Once they leave. Co-workers clearly have to pick up the slack of the vacant position. In many organizations, co-workers are expected to pick up the slack for the sake of the team/organization until the position is filled. This increased workload is a driver of burnout resulting in more burnt-out employees.
  • New Employee. The team must again work with someone not performing at their peak as they wait for the new employee to learn their new role, team and/or organization. It takes at least one year for a new employee to complete this on-boarding process and reach peak performance.

Co-workers bear the burden of filling in the gap for others’ lack of productivity causing them to have an increase in workload resulting in them being burnt out themselves. Now they become the burnt-out employee impacting others resulting in a constant revolving door of employees, an inability to maintain any organizational knowledge, and employees who are unable to master their role and make a significant impact.

New Employee (Replacement of the Burnt-out Employee)

  • This new person’s productivity can vary based on their qualifications, experience, knowledge of the organization, skills being a team player, and critical nature of the position to the team’s and organization’s success. Since it takes at least one year for on-boarding, we are going to assume that year will not reach maximum productivity.

Side Note:

Burnout is a symptom of cultural problems within an organization. There are individuals who are more prone to or more resilient from experiencing burnout than others. But if burnout and high turnover rates are a recurring theme in an organization, then it’s time to be honest and look at the organizational culture in the mirror. 

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Tutor City Shortens Turnaround Time for Matching Students to Home Tutors Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:54:58 +0000 August 14, 2020 – Tutor City, a business that matches students to home tutors in Singapore, is offering quick turnaround times in finding the best home tutors for students. Through its tutor-matching programme, the firm is easing parents’ task of finding qualified and certified home tutors for their wards in Singapore.

After its launch in Singapore in 2010, Tutor City has so far matched more than 40,000 students with eminent tutors. The service starts with an initial registration that takes about three minutes. After collecting details from the customer, Tutor City sends tutor suggestions to students in less than 24 hours. Out of the many matches that are sent, students or parents can select the best tutor they think would fit their needs.

The firm matches the best available private tutor to students using a background matching process that involves its 20,000+ strong tutor database. The selection process for tutors is rigorous and involves many stages. The firm adds qualified teachers to its database only after screening and interviewing them. Tutor City’s selection processes ensure that only certified teachers make it to the tutor database. 

Tutors are available for various grades such as primary, secondary, junior college and so on. The abilities of the listed freelance tutors are guaranteed because the tutors are mostly former school teachers or those who are currently serving in schools of repute. The firm also has part-time tutors and full-time tutors on its database whose credentials and abilities have been properly vetted. Customers also have the option of having a telephonic discussion with proposed tutors to ascertain whether their selection is apt.

The firm does not charge agency fees for the service from customers. In case students or parents are not happy with the services of the tutor, they can opt to discontinue the service and pay only for the lessons taught. 

For more information, please visit:

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The Tidal Wave of New Artists for the African Diaspora: AliYAH King Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:44:22 +0000 American singer-songwriter based in France with a mission to represent her culture through music

France: American singer/songwriter and producer AliYah King lives in France but works on her music internationally. She is also a part of the artist delegation with the 6th Region program where she represents the Anglophone African diaspora. With her first single “Let’s Go Home” released August 1, we got her to talk a little bit about herself, her music, and her destiny.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

AliYah: I am an independent singer-songwriter and music producer currently based in France. I am also a part of the artist delegation representing the African diaspora from The States, Europe, and Canada with the 6th Region program. It is an honor to be a part of such historic events and I look forward to working more and more in Africa over time.  I have been singing, writing, and performing internationally for years under another name, Paula Ajala King. My new name, AliYah, is the Yah-given name that I received in dreams over the past few months. Because of this, I have changed and simplified my artist’s name to AliYAH King.

How do you feel right now, starting your music career and releasing a single?

AliYah: It feels like the beginning of a brand new book! New music, new life, new day…and I’m feeling goooooood!

How would you categorize your music?

AliYah: In the past, I did a lot of featurings for different producers of many different styles like deep house, electro, RnB-pop, dance. Now under my new name, where I am only singing my own compositions, it spans from acoustic, pop, pop-reggae to chillax-life music.

How has your career in music been recently?

AliYah: I’ve worked with Wagram, Warner Music, Saft Records (Spain), Gum Records, and Universal Music Publishing. My songs have played on FG Radio, Hot Mix Radio, Vibration Radio, and many others throughout Europe. I’ve performed in Italy, France, Monaco, Canada, Germany, The UK, and The US. I am now writing my first EP as AliYah King and our music video for “Let’s Go Home” will be out very soon!  I’m very excited about that!

Your single “Let’s Go Home” is a very emotional song that looks like it comes from a place of pain and heartbreak. Is that how you feel about your music?

AliYah: I am very spiritual and I only write about love, light, peace, and all things that are good. In this case, I wrote this song (Let’s Go Home) because of the violence and police brutality in The US. This song was downloaded into my spirit one morning. The song didn’t exist. I went to sleep, woke up, went to my window with my tea, and boom! I was singing the song like It was already on the radio. I picked up my guitar and the rest is history. It was very cathartic to get that off my chest.

Truth, light, and love are things that inspire me the most.  I only sing to give voice to them.  This is why I make music.

You can listen to AliYah King’s new single “Let’s Go Home” on Spotify.  She also has a YouTube channel, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Media Contact
Company Name: EbbanFlow Productions
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John Fazio Jr is Here With His Realistic Debut Album: Release Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:40:25 +0000 John Fazio Jr has traveled a long way in revolutionizing our lives and the way we express our emotions. With his stunning renditions, he has contributed to the growth of music. So it’s probably not wrong to say that John Fazio Jr is one such artist who is taking the music industry by a storm with his stunning music releases in recent times.

Who knew that John Fazio Jr, a local vocal & band artist for 20 years would emerge out successfully composing his first hit music album? Working on his debut project “release” for 5 consecutive years, John Fazio Jr has explored his solo career to the utmost. “Release” is a widely accepted album that talks about his life from the past and present. John’s emotions, experiences, and honesty have inspired him to compose this outstanding album comprising of songs of various moods. As John said in a recent interview, “it took some time for me to achieve what I really wanted to portray through music. The release is a self-reflection and a lifelong goal of mine”. 

The album is powerful, beautiful, intense, and intimate. With music becoming more diverse, people are wanting something more creative and original, something they can relate with themselves. The release is just what the Audience can easily connect to with its powerful, impactful Lyrics.

What’s magnificent about this album’s composition is how it has blurred the lines between a variety’ of concepts and ideas, bringing all into a coherence, which is soothing to our ears. The album as a whole is an extremely refreshing one as it gives a one of a kind vibe to listeners. John Fazio Jr has drawn in ideas and inspiration from a lot of influences and sources and has come out with remarkably distinct elements and composition. To be precise, the album is filled with deeply personal touches and facades. The release comprises of 11 songs, each having a different setting and delivering a different vibe. The recent release of this album has set the bar of audience higher in terms of personality and vision. John Fazio Jr has successfully kept his acoustic style alive in his music, at the same time rendering this album warm and bright sounds. The Vocals of this album also has a rhythmic and melodic backbone. Listening to the songs, one would find them to be simple and direct, filled with the artist’s efforts to express his experiences and feelings. The lyrics are sure to leave your heart with a sense of calm and tranquillity. 

The Release has definitely been outstanding in terms of John Fazio Jr’s performance. It enables people to get relief from stress, calms their minds and makes them feel light from within. One can find soothing folk ballads like “hope, strength, and love”. There are tones filled with high intensity like “flight”. No matter what, the music has completely retained John’s signature acoustic style. 

About the singer 

John Fazio Jr believes in composing music which will provide people with relief. He aims to create music to which listeners can relate to. The brilliant musician hopes to enrich his compositions and take it to the next level. As he proudly says “I have no clue what the future holds in store for me but I want to sing for people and create music as long as I can”.

Important links

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New Artist Alert: MBK Dinero aka Pharoah Scott is on his Way to Release His New Album Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:38:18 +0000 He is intimidating. He is rebellious. He is MBK Dinero.

At 19 years of age, after having already released his first single, MBK Dinero aka Pharoah Scott is working on his debut album. He has been writing and making music since he was 14 years old. The Pennsylvania native talks about his music with us here.

Tell us something about yourself?

MBK Dinero: I am a rapper. I am 19 years old. I grew up in Pennsylvania. I have been working on music for the last five years. It started as a coping mechanism to deal with my struggles with my mental health. I find that I can release my anger and my stress, and unwind myself through my music. Over time it became more of an obsession and an ambition than just my escape.

What inspires you?

MBK: I really found that a lot of my inspiration comes from other artists. I hear someone’s music and decipher the meaning behind the track and I think to myself, “Damn. I can totally feel that way.” And I take how that song reminded me of my own feelings or how that song made me feel, and I write it down.

I have really found inspiration to create music from artists like Lucky, THOUXANBANFAUNI, Lil Tracy, and City Morgue to name a few. These are just some of the artists that had the most influence on me.

What motivates you as a person and as a musician?

MBK: Right at the top of the list is my family. Most of my motivation stems from them. We grind hard. We work hard. That is the only real way out on the streets. My main motivation has always been to be better than where I am today, to make it out of here. To be able to do that in 19 would be a blessing.

How would you describe your music?

MBK: About my music. Well, I think fans of XXXTENTACION and Juice Wrld may like my music. I have one single out already called “Crossroads” and I am working on my debut album next, but I have a lot of music written and ready. I can’t wait to get into the studio. 

A lot of my music is inspired by my life and my own struggles. It reflects on how my lifestyle on the streets affected me. All I want is for people to listen to my music and understand, if not relate to, and get a glance of my reality.

Currently, MBK Dinero is an artist under Cloudscape Records and Keontay Blueford Music. You can stream his music on Spotify, where he already has over 200,000 listeners. His single “Crossroads” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Store.

He can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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The Christ For The “Second Coming” Has Come With The Natural Remedies On Conoravirus & The Key To Decoding The Mystery Of Revelation Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:36:07 +0000

This year of 2020 is truly a year of turmoil in the world. It first started with the outbreak of the Conoravirus in China and then infected almost all the countries in the world. There were also many natural disasters around the world like big floods, extreme weather, earthquake, volcano eruption and locust outbreak, etc. Now, the violent riots also erupted across the United States after the death of George Floyd. All these turmoil, plague, disasters and conflicts were prophesied in the Bible as the signs before the Great Event of the “Second Coming”.

The Good news is, after all these turmoil in the world, the long-awaited “Second Coming” has finally arrived. It is the coming of the “Second Child” prophesied in the Bible, the “Man Child” born under the reign of the “Red Dragon” prophesied in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, who later grew up as the “Rider on the White Horse” for the “Second Coming” in Revelation 19:11-16.

Now, the Son of Man for the “Second Coming” has arrived with the New Revelation of God on the natural remedies on Conoravirus and the key to decoding the 2,000-year mystery of the Book of Revelation. Here are some of the New Revelations of God posted in the website,

  1. The Prophecies & Signs of the Son of Man for the “Second Coming“. The prophecies & signs of the “Second Coming” happened right now.
  2. The Mystery & Fulfillment of the Prophecies in the Book of Revelation. The visions in the Book of Revelation are not about the disasters at the “End Time” as most people believe, but about the major historical events in the Christian history of the last two thousand years.
  3. The Five Stages of the “Second Coming” Prophesied in the Book of Revelation. There are Five Stages, not just one stage, of the “Second Coming” prophesied in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.
  4. How to Tell the Differences between the Real Christ and False Christ for the “Second Coming” There have been many false Christ and false prophets before the Real “Second Coming”. Here are some criteria to differentiate the real Chrsit for the “Second Coming” from all those false claimers.
  5. The Natural Remedies and Simple Preventive Method on the Conoravirus. Before the vaccines are available, there are several natural remedies and simple preventive method to fight against Covid-19 Conoravirus.
  6. Open Call for the 144,000 Saints for the “Second Coming”. Just as the Son of Man for the “Second Coming” already come, those 144,000 who have been redeemed and would follow Christ have also been incarnated in this world. It’s time for them to come join this Great Mission of the “Second Coming”.
  7. The Solution to the Social Unrest for the United States. There is also the Message of God for Americans to stop the social unrest and work together to make this country great again.

On August 16, 2020, the Son of Man for the “Second Coming” will host a Live Conference on at 1:00 PM Mountain Time (3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT) to answer people’s questions.

For more information, please visit

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Award-Winning Author Joanne Parsons Releases New Suspense Novel to Rave Reviews Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:30:16 +0000 Award-Winning Author Joanne Parsons Releases New Suspense Novel to Rave Reviews

Bestselling Author, Dr. Melissa Caudle, sums up Predator in the House. “…dynamic and compelling. It grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let you go until the very end. Bravo for Parsons for writing this book.”
“Predator in the House” is not a grim story, but it is suspenseful. It’s a fast-moving cat and mouse game between a dysfunctional couple.

HARWICH, MA, USA – AUGUST 14, 2020 – Joanne Parsons is fulfilling a commitment she made to herself during her career in healthcare to donate proceeds to a charity of her choice. “I wrote Predator in the House as an entertaining and intriguing crime novel with authentic characters.” She is standing behind her commitment, donating the first one-thousand dollars in pre-order sales proceeds to an organization that specifically helps children. Parsons began writing after being widowed and retiring. She is author of two historical fiction novels, award-winning, Kitchen Canary, and its sequel Through the Open Door.

Predator in the House is not a grim story. It’s a crime suspense novel that deals with an issue facing many families today – their children are missing. Missing and runaway children have become a mainstream issue in America, and as parents, teachers, and healthcare workers, we need to be aware of the methods used to lure them away. My goal is to educate and inform and encourage people to intervene when they suspect a child is not safe.”

“It’s a fast-moving cat and mouse game between a dysfunctional married couple who share a common bond. Karl Shea is a law officer searching for a missing child; his wife, Shirley, has her own complex agenda and faces dilemmas. Their shared secrets tie them together until the very end,” Parson says.

Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review, recently previewed the novel. “Readers who like a good investigative piece accompanied by broader social and ethical issues will find Predator in the House a perfect choice. It is a crime novel like no other.”

Bestselling Author, Dr. Melissa Caudle, sums up Predator in the House. “…dynamic and compelling. It grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let you go until the very end. Bravo for Parsons for writing this book.”

The eBook edition of Predator in the House is available on Amazon at the pre-order price of $.99 until September 7, 2020.


617 943 7387

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Rapper & Social Activist Thuggizzle Reads To Kids On YouTube Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:28:34 +0000 Thuggizzle is on a mission to help kids understand how important it is to read. Every weekend in the summer he is reading a kid’s book on YouTube to help encourage literacy in a fun way.

Being a gifted rapper, Phillip Hodge, aka Thuggizzle, has had a natural affection for the power of poetry and the written word.

He’s also seen how important it is for kids in the community to be comfortable and enjoy reading to set the stage for future success. In exciting news for families, Thuggizzle has announced he is stepping up to help encourage reading this summer on his YouTube channel “Thuggizzle Reads To Kids”. Every weekend he’ll be posting a new video of him reading a fun kids book on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, setting a good example for the children to follow.

“I still remember struggling to read as a kid,” commented Thuggizzle. “Thankfully, I was able to develop some great reading skills and the ability to read with expression. It’s great to get to share this with the children and their parents who watch my videos.”

Thuggizzle has built a reputation as a rap freestyle master who has a rare control of the English language. In the last few years he has been putting these skills to a creative use helping others, educating and using “Rap as Therapy”. This has made him an acclaimed part of the positive community.

Video Link:


Contact Info:

Thuggizzle Cares
11765 West Ave #301
San Antonio, TX 78216


For more information visit Thuggizzle on Instagram and check out his YouTube channel here


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Exquisite Air Charter Launches Its Latest Innovative Online Pricing Tool Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:18:31 +0000 Leading providers of charter flights, Exquisite Air Charter, announces the launch of an instant online pricing tool to allow users to create an empty leg monitor for their preferred one-way private jet flight routes

Exquisite Air Charter has again reiterated their goal of providing discerning business and leisure travelers the best possible experience by offering them innovative solutions, with the launch of their online pricing tool. The tool is designed to provide users with instant private jet charter pricing as well as a robust list of empty legs, that is, discounted one-way flight opportunities.

The aviation industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years due to increasing demand from customers. A report published by E. Mazareanu on Statista revealed that commercial airlines generated combined revenue of around 838 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 globally. The report also stated that the commercial aviation industry entered a golden age, growing at a compound annual growth rate of around 5.3 percent between 2009 and 2019, with airplane chartering contributing immensely to the figures. The unfortunate emergence of the coronavirus crisis has attracted more travelers to chartered flights as they look to stay safe, and Exquisite Air Charter is looking to make every second of the journey pleasurable.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a heightened interest in chartering a private plane so we launched this pricing tool so that our website visitors can conveniently explore pricing and then decide if they would like to contact us for additional information or to confirm their charter flight booking,” Rena Davenport, CEO of Exquisite Air Charter.

The recently launched tool substantiates the company’s claim of looking out for the best interest of their customers with regard to safety and pricing. The user-friendly online charter flight pricing tool features different classifications of aircraft charter as well as different sizes and types of private jets to meet the diverse needs of users. It will also go a long way in helping travelers save money while reducing the stress associated with looking for one-way flights.

For more information about the newly launched tool and other fantastic solutions from Exquisite Air Charter, please visit – Exquisite Air Charter is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Exquisite Air Charter

Exquisite Air Charter was founded in October 2004 by Rena Davenport as a aircraft charter broker to provide the highest level of safe, convenient, luxurious, and efficient private aviation services to exceed the expectations of business and leisure travelers. Rena Davenport has a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Aviation – both from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with more than 2 decades of private jet charter experience.

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Toronto Philanthropist Pasqualino Mazza raises $100,000 for Lebanon Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:14:33 +0000 Life coach and philanthropist, Pasqualino Mazza, raises more than $100,000 to help the victims of the Beruit explosion in Lebanon

Pasqualino Mazza has again demonstrated his commitment to helping as many people as possible to live happily as the Toronto-based philanthropist recently headed a campaign that was able to raise $100,000 to help the tens of thousands of people that were affected by the recent explosions in the capital of Lebanon, Beruit. It is not the first time that Pasqualino Mazza has championed a laudable cause as he has made a name for himself for contributing to help the needy in different parts of the globe.

It has not been the best of times in 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging different parts of the globe. Things got a lot worse for the people of Beruit and other parts of Lebanon, with two massive explosions rocking the port of the city of Beirut on the afternoon of 4 August 2020. This unfortunate occurrence led to the death of more than 200 people, with over 6,000 injured and more than $10 billion worth of property damaged. The explosions have also left more than 300,000 people homeless. Governments, multinational corporations, and well-meaning individuals have continued to contribute to help victims of the blasts. In a similar vein, Pasqualino Mazza has rallied support from people from different quarters to raise $100,000 for Lebanon.

Pasqualino Mazza is a philanthropist and life coach that has distinguished himself with a vision for inspiring as many people as possible to achieve their goal. As a life coach, Pasqualino Mazza shares his passion for success, personal growth, finance, and abundance in all areas of life with thousands of people in different parts of the world.

The philanthropic work from Pasqualino Mazza cuts across different subjects and regions. Over the years, he has lent his voice to different causes. His latest project of raising money for the affected persons in Lebanon involved the collaboration with other well-meaning individuals and companies. The project has already started to yield results, helping to relieve the pains of thousands of families across Lebanon.

Pasqualino Mazza has expressed his dedication to continue contributing to the betterment of humanity through every platform possible.

For more information about Pasqualino Mazza and his works as he strives to help people live the life of their dreams, please visit – and Facebook.

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Primitive Survivors – How Does One Survive Any Injury or Accident Outdoors? Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:12:15 +0000

Accidents and mishaps can take place almost anywhere and everywhere. Accidents can happen for several reasons which might include biking, hiking, trekking or any other adventures. However, there is no harm in being prepared for a particular situation and giving the right treatment to it. If you are out for hiking, trekking or an adventure of wildlife survival, here are some of the top possibilities of injuries. Primitive Survivors provides you with some of the edgy and practical tips to get rid of these injuries.


When one suffers from hypothermia, the temperature of the individual’s body drops low. It can even lead to death if it is not treated appropriately. This needs to control a scenario faster.

The first step to take is to put the individual in front of a heated up place taking them out of the cold temperature. It is also important to cover them with a warm clothing or blanket by removing any cold touch that is attached to them. Also any other material that supports insulation can be used.

Twisted ankles

According to Primitive Survivors, twisted ankles are probably one of the most common accidents that can occur outdoors. This might be for turning the ankle over on any loose gravel or any steep rail. For treating this, it is important to remember four exact steps which include ice, compression, elevation and rest.

It is important that you rest the part that is injured by getting off immediately. Then ice can be applied for swelling. You can apply direct ice or even soak clothes. It I important that you do not compress very tightly as it might as well cut out the circulation.

Video Link:

Last, of all, elevate your ankle above your heart level. You will need to continue the entire procedure for at least twenty minutes and keep it to rest for the next fifteen minutes and continue with the hike. The patient needs to rest for every two hour through the dy. For preventing this during the backpacking, make sure that you are wearing proper shoes, avoid straining your legs, lose enough weight and warm the muscles with stretches. It is also important that you avoid walking on uneven platforms.

Wound or animal attacks

On wildlife adventures, animal encounters are quite common. Some might be harmless while some will act dangerous. These are actually the ones that are in packs. Some examples would include mountain lions, grizzly bears or wolves. The grizzly bears love wandering near the edges of the meadow or streams.

To keep attacks from such animals at bay, it is important that you store your food away from you are staying. Also make sure you do not carry any food that is open as that might attract such animals. Keep plenty of pepper spray with you or any protective gears to distract them tactfully before they attack. You can find plenty of wildlife survival gears at the official website of Primitive Survivors.

So explore the site loaded with practical information today to add an edge to your upcoming trip. 

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Digital Twin of London for City Planning and Architecture Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:10:24 +0000 AccuCities urban planning app combines a large and detailed 3D city model, publicly available open datasets and the power of a game engine to display and manipulate city data. Plan.City already assists architects and planners in London with other UK cities already in the pipeline.

Modern Game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine are no longer only used for making video games. They are routinely employed by top automotive, TV & Movie studios but also in architecture & property marketing; to design products and create content. AccuCities, a London-based 3D mapping agency, is leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) to assist its architecture and planning clients who design developments in a complex urban environment.

Plan.City, AccuCities urban planning app combines a large & detailed 3D city model, and publicly available open datasets, with the power of UE4 to display and manipulate city data. Using a game engine as a physics engine and a large geo-referenced 3D model of London as a game environment allows its customers to use the app intuitively; either using a mouse and keyboard or an Xbox controller. They can use a set of site evaluation & presentation tools built into the app and even design their own tools, editing their own version of the business end of the app.

Tools and Data for better City planning

From simple time and date settings to using a quick and precise viewshed tool, Plan.City users can rapidly evaluate a site and its development potential. Users can build a maximum building envelope using a 3D Builder Tool or import variations of their ready-made designs. They can accurately identify areas in the city which will be affected by the new development and check proposals against local regulations and planning restrictions. Thanks to the Future Skyline layer they can simulate views from the proposed property once completed or even 10 years after its completion.

“Our customers are all leading innovators in their fields and use sophisticated, industry-specific tools to deliver value to their clients.” says Michal Konicek, AccuCities Creative Director. “Plan.City is a very welcome addition to this toolset. From Beta tests and feedback from our subscribers it seems that the app is mainly used in shaping initial design ideas – to see whether the proposal has a realistic chance of getting planning permission. Some of our customers go all the way to designing their own custom tools; but for the majority they export the 3D model and use it in their specialist software to run their analysis. This can be anything from assessing a proposal against Rights of Light regulations, Daylight & Sunlight analysis or even use cloud computers to assess pedestrian wind comfort changes. They then import the results back into the app to present their findings in the context of neighbouring properties and our large 3D model of London.”

AccuCities offers the fully customisable Plan.City app and CAD models of UK cities as a subscription service. Subscribers can import their own databases, create renders, animations & presentations with ease. They can create 3D apps for their clients & even design their own custom tools to further maximise development potential for their clients. Although initially only available for the super-prime areas of Central London; Dublin and Birmingham versions will be released by the middle of September 2020.

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Dentulu, GGHTx Telehealth Initiative by Avi Kerendian Formed to revolutionize Global Healthcare Access Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:04:13 +0000
“Instead of providing global health support dependent on traditional modes of humanitarian support mission trips, GGHTx and Dentulu will leverage sustainable global health support by enabling telehealth to bring medical and dental expertise to the underserved regions it assists.”
– Avi Kerendian
Co-Founder and Program Director, GGHTx
Telehealth: how does technology revolutionize the ailing healthcare industry? The Dentulu Smiles Foundation, in collaboration with GGHTx, has launched a unique nonprofit initiative to help support humanitarian efforts throughout underserved communities by bringing telehealth technology to regions that need it most.

The Dentulu Smiles Foundation, in collaboration with GGHTx, has launched a nonprofit initiative to help support humanitarian efforts throughout underserved communities by bringing telehealth technology to regions that need it most. 

GGHTx, Dentulu, Telehealth, telemedicine, Avi-Kerendian, Avi_Kerendian, AviKerendian, Global Health, Nonprofit, NGO, Uganda, Latin America, Avi Kerendian Avi_Kerendian Avi-Kerendian Avi.Kerendian AviKerendian Kerendian-Avi Kerendian_Avi KerendianAvi

GGHTx Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico. (

Countless countries’ current global health affairs are looking dire, with COVID-19 having undoubtedly taken a turn for the worse. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least over a billion people are lacking access to basic healthcare services due to the lack of quality, high cost, and absent availability. In addition, underserved regions are facing shortages of healthcare workers like never before due to an increased spike in population growth. When considering the difficulty involved in manually mobilizing a team of medical professionals, healthcare supplies, and in setting up a basic medical treatment site it is clear as to why rural communities are often the communities hurting most.

As a result, the Dentulu Smile Foundation and GGHTx nonprofit organization have teamed up to work on a telehealth collaboration that connect medical professionals with a proven telehealth platform, which provides remote and immediate accessible care to underserved populations in serious medical and dental need.

“Instead of providing global health support dependent on traditional modes of humanitarian support mission trips, GGHTx and Dentulu will leverage sustainable global health support by enabling telehealth to bring medical and dental expertise to the underserved regions it assists,” Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder, and Program Director of GGHTx, said in the nonprofit’s release statement last month.

The program is set up to connect clinician volunteers at care centers throughout Latin America and Uganda with clinicians at healthcare facilities in the United States to remotely collaborate on examination, diagnoses, and procedural care plans that are in the best interest of the patients involved. Included in the program is a revolutionary, supplementary intra-oral camera produced by Dentulu that acts as an educational tool for patients to be able to provide a “dentist’s view” of their mouth. These FDA-approved oral cameras provide a quick and informative way for clinicians to look at patients’ teeth, gums, and other oral structures that can help improve oral health. At the same time, the global health telehealth Initiative is also launching programs to bring medical supplies, medicines, and health-related educational resources to communities of need in Uganda and Mexico.

“By leveraging the innovative technology we’ve created at Dentulu, we plan to focus on changing and improving as many patient lives as possible through the Dentulu Smile Foundation’s work and those organizations and volunteers we partner with,” said Dr. Arash Hakhamian, CEO, and Executive Director of Dentulu. “We are privileged and honored to combine forces that will bring appropriate medical supplies, while at the same time connecting highly-trained U.S. clinical specialists to support those who lack a basic human right: access to safe and reliable healthcare. We are thrilled to fight for a brighter global health landscape that is equitable and accessible to all.”

About Dr. Arash Hakhamian

Dr. Arash Hakhamian DDS, Co-founder and CEO of Dentulu, comes from a long line of dental and medical professionals. He graduated with College Honors, Departmental Honors, and Latin honors from UCLA and was accepted and went onto graduating from the prestigious USC School of Dentistry with honors with an emphasis on providing care to medically compromised patients. Dr. Hakhamian is a co-founder and board member of the Global Dental Implant Academy, Global Implantology Summit, International Extraction Academy and lectures both Nationally and Internationally on dental surgery, office/business management and marketing. He was recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 dentists in the USA in 2018 by Incisal Edge Magazine and as one of the Top General Dentists in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine in 2018.

Dr. Hakhamian has a passion for international Volunteer work and has traveled to Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Belize, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Vietnam, Jordon, Colombia and many other impoverished nations providing 100% free dental surgeries/services using mobile dental equipment designed to service underserved populations in remote locations. Dr. Hakhamian is also the founder and organizer for Global Health Summit which takes pre-medical students to 3rd world countries to assist in medical missions. Dr. Hakhamian has been interviewed by Howard Farren from Dental Town for his accomplishments in dentistry and has been invited as a guest lecturer in schools and Universities such as UCLA for the student population. Dr. Hakhamian is an official dentist for the Special Olympics as well as the NFL Alumni Association and also provides mobile dental services to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills including the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and numerous A-list celebrities. In addition to his passion in lecturing to other dentists, Dr. Hakhamian’s dream and passion is to provide increased access to preventative and emergency dental work to millions around the world who cannot travel to dental offices due to old age, handicaps, or limited time. Dr. Hakhamian’s hobbies include learning new languages and salsa dancing and his bucket list is to visit all the modern wonders around the world.

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The podcast “Old Timey Crimey” is about some of the most infamous crimes in history Thu, 13 Aug 2020 23:56:09 +0000

In times like this, we want to keep our minds off of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is all we hear and see on news channels, radio, social media, and newspapers all day. To give yourself a break from this hideous news and monotonous life, you can tune in to the “Old Timey Crimey” podcast. This podcast is a treat to all crime genre lovers, whose thirst for crime stories in not quenched by the news channels anymore, and are looking for an upgrade. This podcast will get you acquainted with some of the biggest crimes in history in an interesting way that will keep you hooked till the very end.

As the name suggests, “Old Timey Crimey” will take you on a journey of crimes that have taken place on the face of the earth during the 1950s or before. Hosted by the three best friends, Kristy, Amber, and Scott, this podcast will make you realize that ‘the good old days weren’t always so good.’

As compelling as the concept of this podcast is, the episodes too, are made fun and interesting by the hosts, who bring new crime stories every week, that are well researched and energetic. As of now, there are a total of 90 episodes to this podcast, with the first episode being released on April 5, 2019. In the first episode, the hosts make the listeners familiar with America’s first serial killer, Herman Webster Mudgett AKA H. H. Holmes. Right with this episode, this podcast attracted a wide audience, who to date listen to each episode of it.

In the episode aired on April 19, 2019, the mysterious disappearance case of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen and his wife Cora from England is discussed, followed by another England based crime story about a steamy affair between Edith Thompson and her young lover, Freddy Bywaters that resulted in a tragedy, on May 17, 2019.

Each episode of this podcast is presented in a captivating way by the hosts, Kristy, Amber, and Scott. Each Friday is a revelation of another long-forgotten crime that will beguile you and hold your interest till the very end.

The latest episode of “Old Timey Crimey” was aired on August 7, 2020. In the latest episode, the Lawson family murders that took place in 1929 are discussed by the hosts. 

The podcast is available on leading platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Patreon. Also, if you are a Patreon member, you get a bonus episode every week. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about your plans for Friday night, as this trio has got it all sorted for you. All you have to do is tune into “Old Timey Crimey” and you are good to go.

Listen to “Old Timey Crimey” now on leading platforms through this link.

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It’s Time to Yell, “That’s My Sundae!” Thu, 13 Aug 2020 23:48:17 +0000 Chicago – August 13, 2020 – That’s My Sundae!, a new card game, is being launched by a company with the same name. Conceived and created by Stephen Brieloff, ‘That’s My Sundae!” is an easy, fun-filled game for families and friends. The game is a result of a deep felt need for old style family interactions, and a more recent impetus created by the Chicago quarantine.

In That’s My Sundae! players compete to build ice-cream sundaes. Each card carries some components of the sundae and as the game proceeds, players overcome obstacles and win reward points, making this an engrossing game. The player who gets the most points at the end of three rounds wins the game. 

Since opponents need to be keen enough to sabotage others who are building sundaes quickly, the game requires a lot of strategizing and planning. The deck of cards, for example, contains a brain freeze card that forces a lost turn. There is a “That’s My Sundae!” card that provides protection against attempted sabotages. The player who gets the “That’s My Sundae!” card is supposed to shout, “That’s My Sundae!” 

In today’s digital world with everyone glued to their screens, humans need an escape and crave human interaction. Games provide this interaction and build stronger relationships. If I can contribute to that mission even for one person, this game will be well worth it,” says Brieloff.

Brieloff was prompted to launch the card game because of his concerns for people who spend a lot of their time on electronic devices, sacrificing precious family time and jeopardizing relationships.  Brieloff’s childhood memories, which involved hours of playtime with family and friends, also played a significant role in encouraging him to launch the game that is being positioned as a light entertainer for families and friends to regain the bonding that is mostly missing in the digital age.

New to the gaming business, Brieloff developed the game driven by passion and is looking to market the same with experiences and resourcefulness that he has accumulated all through his life. He was supported in his endeavor by his friends and family, and is in turn offering a part of the earnings from the game to charity. Each sale of a copy of “That’s My Sundae!” would see a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Explorer’s Program of charity organization, ‘My Block, My Hood, My City’.

Buy ‘That’s My Sundae!’ from Amazon.

For more information, please visit:

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StarInputs officially launches in Asia, a platform which pays Everyone for Their feedback Thu, 13 Aug 2020 23:46:21 +0000

StarInputs, a German media platform founded in 2017 by a group of ex-FANG employees is officially coming to Asia. “Get paid to give quality feedback after watching video ads, this is an extremely worthy cause given the sheer number of jobless individuals right now due to the pandemic”, says Arjun Sarwal, co-founder of StarInputs. The company had plans to officially commence its Asia launch back in March 2020, but the Covid crisis came and we had no choice but to postpone the launch.

Many industries are wrecked right now, companies simply do not have plenty of marketing budget to trial and error for marketing campaigns. A more cost-effective way is to first gather quality customer feedback, then to tweak and improve the products or marketing campaigns before an official launch to achieve the highest return on advertising budget. “There has always been a lack of quality feedback collection platform out there and that is the reason why we launched StarInputs back in 2017”, said Mike Ferrier an ex-Facebook employee, now the head of technology at StarInputs. The team believes that their passion to help the less privileged, to help maximize the ROI on marketing campaigns for companies will help ensure the success of the company. 

This Asia launch will simultaneously happen across China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. With more than 50 thousand individuals already expressed interest in joining, the team believes that this official launch will definitely be a success and will provide a quality side income for many during this tough period. To make money from the platform, users only need to register an account, watch videos and give quality feedback to collect profits daily. The company’s advertising partners include many multinational MNCs like PopCap games, Grab and Huawei. 

For more information, you can contact Anna at

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Country: Germany

Alibaba’s Zhang Yong tops Forbes China Best CEOs list Thu, 13 Aug 2020 23:40:19 +0000 Zhang Yong, chairman and chief executive officer of China’s internet heavyweight Alibaba Group, has taken the first spot of the top 50 CEOs published by Forbes China on Tuesday. Tencent’s Ma Huateng and Ping An’s Ma Mingzhe rounded out the top three.

According to Forbes China, the list is based on a company’s stock price performance, market value, revenue, net profit, profit growth, return on assets and return on equity for domestically listed, as well as Hong Kong and US-traded shares from 2017 to 2020. CEOs that made the cut also are required to hold the position for three consecutive years after stepping in.

The average age of 50 CEOs is 54 years old, and the market value of companies they manage hits 365.4 billion yuan ($52.54 billion) on average. Four female leaders were nominated, including Chen Lin from Wuliangye at sixth, Dong Mingzhu from Gree Electric at 11th place, Wang Laichun of Luxshare Precision at 17th and Fan Hongwei of Hengli Group at 35th.

It is worth noting that 10 companies that top 50 CEOs manage are in Shenzhen, surpassing those in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Tech and internet giant Tencent and insurance leader Ping An, plus Mindray, the biggest breathing machine manufacturer and Luxshare Precision, smartphone producer Apple’s supplier, have experienced great performance since 2017.

Here is a brief introduction of Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group operates in multiple Internet-based businesses that cover business-to-business online marketplaces, retail and payment platforms, shopping search engines and data-centric cloud computing services. In July 2012, Alibaba Group divided its core businesses into seven divisions: Alibaba International,, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing and Taobao Juhuasuan (Deal-of-the-Day).

Alibaba Group was founded in 1999 China Hangzhou by Chinese Internet pioneer Jack Ma. Ma believed that the internet could become a popular and stable tool to serve the public. The privately-held company now serves over 240 countries and areas. It has more than 24,000 staff members in over 70 cities in Greater China, India, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US.

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Fatty Acid Ester Market Investment Opportunities And Demand Analysis By 2027 | Grand View Research, Inc. Thu, 13 Aug 2020 22:08:08 +0000 Fatty Acid Ester Market Investment Opportunities And Demand Analysis By 2027 | Grand View Research, Inc.

Grand View Research, Inc. – Market Research And Consulting.
Fatty Acid Ester Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product (Glyceryl Monostearate, MCTs), By Application (Personal Care & Cosmetics, Food Processing), And Segment Forecasts, 2020 – 2027

The global fatty acid ester market size is anticipated to reach USD 3.2 million by 2027 registering a CAGR of 4.5%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Fatty acid ester is basically oleochemical, processed from organic plant and animal sources. Increasing consumer preference for natural ingredients and process sustainability in personal care, food, and other sectors is anticipated to boost product demand.

The market dynamics are heavily dependent on global oil and fat consumption and regulations formulated on their manufacturing technologies and raw materials used. Fatty acids contain chemicals that could cause detrimental health effects in case of high intake. Hence, to a certain extent, regulatory policies preventing hazardous chemicals being used in the food and direct contact applications are expected to challenge the industry growth.

On the contrary, with a shifting trend towards developing bio-based materials, the product also expected to witness high growth, in terms of development. Fatty acid ester and other oleochemicals have gained significance in the global market owing to their functional efficiency, performance, biodegradability & sustainability. Emerging economies of Asia and South America are registering a significant industrial output owing to augmented economic activities, thus resulting in the growth of the manufacturing sector.

Major corporations that are dominant in North America and Europe are gradually shifting their production capabilities to cater to high potential markets in Asia Pacific and South America. In addition, favorable government regulations and support, such as tax incentives, encouraging the usage of renewable resources & biofuels are also predicted to be a key driver for the market growth over the forecast period.

Access More Info @

U.S. fatty acid ester market size, by product, 2016 - 2027 (USD Thousand)

Fatty Acid Ester Market Report Highlights

  • In 2019, personal care & cosmetics emerged as the largest application segment, as the product is widely used in various skin creams and lotions
  • In 2019, North America was the largest regional market owing to increased cases of obesity in U.S. and consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of the product, especially in weight loss programs
  • Changing lifestyles and perceptions regarding beauty & appearance owing to influence of social media and promotional campaigns by major market participants are also expected to boost product demand

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Global fatty acid ester market share, by application, 2019 (%)

Key Topic Covered

Chapter 1 Methodology and Scope
                 1.1 Market Segmentation & Scope
                 1.2 Market Definition
                 1.3 Information Procurement
                     1.3.1 Purchased Database
                     1.3.2 Gvr’s Internal Database
                     1.3.3 Secondary Sources
                     1.3.4 Third Party Perspective
                     1.3.5 Primary Research
                     1.3.6 Primary Sources
                 1.4 Information Analysis
                     1.4.1 Data Analysis Models
                 1.5 Research Scope And Assumptions
Chapter 2 Executive Summary
                 2.2 Market Snapshot
                 2.3 Segmental Outlook
                 2.4 Competitive Insights
Chapter 3 Fatty Acid Ester Market: Market Variables, Trends & Scope
                 3.1 Market Lineage Outlook
                 3.2 Penetration & Growth Prospect Mapping
                 3.3 Industry Value Chain Analysis
                     3.3.1 Raw Material Trends
                     3.3.2 Manufacturing Trends
                 3.4 Price Trend Analysis
                 3.5 Key Opportunities Prioritized
                 3.6 List Of Key End-Users
                 3.7 Regulatory Framework
                 3.8 Market Dynamics
                     3.8.1 Market Driver Analysis
                Increasing Vegetable Fats And Oils Consumption
                Changing Consumer Behavior Regarding Health & Lifestyle
                     3.8.2 Market Restraint Analysis
                Growing Demand For Synthetic Lubricants
                     3.8.3 Industry Challenges
                 3.9 Business Environment Analysis
                     3.9.1 Industry Analysis – Porter’s
                Threat Of New Entrants
                Bargaining Power Of Buyers
                Competitive Rivalry
                Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
                Threat Of Substitutes
                     3.9.2 Pestel Analysis


About Grand View Research

Grand View Research provides syndicated as well as customized research reports and consulting services on 46 industries across 25 major countries worldwide. This U.S.-based market research and consulting company is registered in California and headquartered in San Francisco. Comprising over 425 analysts and consultants, the company adds 1200+ market research reports to its extensive database each year. Supported by an interactive market intelligence platform, the team at Grand View Research guides Fortune 500 companies and prominent academic institutes in comprehending the global and regional business environment and carefully identifying future opportunities.

Media Contact
Company Name: Grand View Research, Inc.
Contact Person: Sherry James, Corporate Sales Specialist – U.S.A.
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Phone: 1-415-349-0058, Toll Free: 1-888-202-9519
Address:201, Spear Street, 1100
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States

Retirement In Singapore Leveraging On Real Estate: Ki Residences Thu, 13 Aug 2020 21:14:04 +0000 Singapore is one of the smallest and wealthiest countries in the world, coming from a humble background of a former British colony who gained independence in 1965. The country had gone thru a lot in the early years of building up the country, with no natural resources, facing a bleak future with constant racial tension in a multi-racial society, and also constant threat from significantly bigger neighbour countries. But with strong, dedicated and an almost corruption free government, Singapore made rapid economic progress, propelling its name to the world stage in a very short span of time. Now, Singapore is one of the most prosperous countries in the world that many countries are trying to emulate.

In this prosperous city state, retirement can be a tricky issue, with a high cost of living. The problem is especially pronounced to the elderly whom help built the country to where it is now. These elderly are mostly uneducated and earn low wages, and at the same time, have a big family to support. In the past, most of the woman would be home maker, leaving the husband to be the sole breadwinner, shouldering the burden of supporting the whole family, thus leaving them with very little savings. Coupled with low savings, they are also not savvy in investing their money to make it grow in line with inflation, and hence, whatever was saved in the bank usually eroded in value with time. The younger generation tend to have it better due to better education, leading to better jobs and higher salary, but at the same time, they have to battle with higher inflation and higher property prices.

Singaporeans tend to have the notion that owning a HDB flat is a good way for them to retire when they are old thinking that the HDB flat is an asset in which they can cash out when they reach retirement age. What many of them do not realise is that ever since 2013, the price of HDB had been declining, and in 2017, when the price of private property rebounded, HDB resale price continue to decline. The price of HDB flat will decrease as the lease of the property gets shorter, and will eventually becomes zero when the lease expires. This declining price trend of HDB happened when the government clarified that only 4% of HDB flat had been enbloc ever since 1995, and that for most HDB, the lease will expires and government will take back the land. Therefore, the best investment will be that of Ki Residences Singapore, a new private condominium project with a lease of 999 years lease. Ki Residences is situated in Brookvale Drive, which the developer bought enbloc in 2018. Ki Residences condo has a huge land size of 373,000 sqft which is quite rare, and comes with 660 condo unit ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. Ki Residences Sunset Way will be a very much sought after new condo launch due to the rarity of 999 year lease.

For more information on Ki Residences floor plan, please visit

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Phone: +65 6100 0056
Country: Singapore

The ART of SMP Offers the Best Alternative to Hair Restoration. Thu, 13 Aug 2020 21:04:24 +0000 The ART of SMP Offers the Best Alternative to Hair Restoration.
The Art of SMP, led by Chris Herrera, is offering scalp micropigmentation to resolve bald and thinning hair, receding hairlines and more.

Kensington, MD – 13 August, 2020 – The Art of SMP, a micropigmentation specialist in Maryland, offers high-quality scalp micropigmentation services. This artist provides a safe and professional solution to the restoration of hair, as well as practical applications as Alopecia areata treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the new hair restoration method that resolves balding and thinning hair problems. It also helps control disappearing hairlines, Alopecia, and can even cover scars. The scalp micropigmentation treatment process is not a surgical procedure. In fact, it only utilizes ink that has been formulated for the scalp. Individuals who are looking for superior scalp micropigmentation services, The Art of SMP has them covered.

Chris Herrera, the founder of The Art of SMP, has been in the haircare sector for more than fifteen years now. He performs scalp micropigmentation together with Master Artist Don Whyte. Chris has a Master Barber background, which facilitated him become one of the few internationally known and highly sought after scalp practitioners in the region. Don has a background in business and learned SMP from the very best. Under Chris’ supervision, Don has demonstrated the tools to present excellent results to clients with a wide array of hair loss conditions.

SMP can offer a modern, youthful look that will attract the right amount of attraction irrespective of the pattern or the cause of a person’s hair loss. Fashionable, crisp, and spotless describe the SMP look.

“Our customers always enjoy a young natural hairline, the appearance of a full head of hair, camouflage for scars, birthmarks, and burns and a total and lasting concealment of the symptoms of alopecia after a course of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments,” said Chris.

SMP works for all skin tones and hair. Regardless of a person’s individual situation, Chris and Don from The Art of SMP are dedicated to helping their customers to accomplish their individual cosmetic goals with attention to detail and empathy. The goal the team had from the start was helping those with hair loss regain their confidence. The Art of SMP has cultured a compassion to its clients’ needs, which is unmatched in the industry.

About The Art of SMP

The Art of SMP is founded by Chris Herrera, who holds advanced master certifications. Chris Herrera knows that every client is different and offers a free consultation to enlighten, get ready, and determine if scalp pigmentation is best for them to treat general hair loss, scalp scars, Alopecia, or density treatment for longer hair.

To learn more about The Art of SMP, call Chris Herrera at (301) 503-0762 or send him an email at Visit their official website today at to get a free quotation. 

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Foodgroup Technologies, Inc. – A Company Connecting Restaurants And Diners Before The Meal Is Served Thu, 13 Aug 2020 21:00:18 +0000 Foodgroup Technologies, Inc. - A Company Connecting Restaurants And Diners Before The Meal Is Served

Foodgroup Technologies, Inc

Foodgroup Technologies, Inc, a company connecting restaurants and diners before the meal is served, announced it’s taking restaurant cash infusion further with gift cards and contactless transactions. When diners are presented with the check, they open the digital gift card, enter the amount to redeem and swipe to confirm. Diners show the restaurant that credits are being redeemed on Foodgroup.

• The first gift card purchase that diners make will receive a $20 bonus
• The restaurant will receive $120 if the diner makes a $100 purchase on Foodgroup
• Diners gift to friends for special occasions and earn 5x points for every $1

“The restaurant industry has been one of the most hit by the pandemic. There have been many solutions to help restaurants stay afloat. Many people have rushed to buy gift cards giving the industry a cash infusion. Foodgroup is taking it further,” said Serge Amouzou, Foodgroup’s CEO and founder. “We’ve created a way to purchase gift cards and digital redemptions, enabling contactless transactions”

Foodgroup is taking it even further. The first gift card purchase that diners make will receive a $20 bonus. The restaurant will receive $120 if the diner makes a $100 purchase on Foodgroup.

In addition, diners are able to gift to friends for special occasions, enabling more revenue sources for restaurants.

For every gift card purchased and redeemed at a restaurant, diners will earn 5x points for every $1. Foodgroup is working on some exceptional concepts for diners to turn points (called Foodgroup Coins on their profile) into currencies to redeem with our partners nationwide.

“Earning Foodgroup Coins now is the start to the journey for diners,” said Amouzou.

Purchasing gift cards, gifting to friends, digital redemptions, and contactless transactions are all available on the Foodgroup app now.

About Foodgroup Technologies, Inc

Foodgroup Technologies, Inc (Foodgroup) is connecting restaurants and diners before the meal is served. Foodgroup is the first interactive space for restaurants and diners – helping restaurants connect to diners in a fun, trendy experience, helping diners discover their next favorite restaurant. Foodgroup is helping the restaurant industry bounce back.

For more information, visit us at

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Meet BanyHero; Sensational Rapper Taking the World by Storm Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:56:13 +0000 From hit tracks such as ‘Vices’ to mixtapes such as ‘Stories from the other side’, BanyHero has been making his mark on the music industry in a different way

Flint, Ohio – Aug 13, 2020 – For those of us that have heard about, or are fans of ‘BanyHero’, the stories of his name, upbringing, journey, and lifestyle have been elusive. More so for those that haven’t even heard of him at all.BanyHero transcends rap. You might not know his name right off the bat but the ‘Vices’-crooner has always been about the bigger picture. 

BanyHero was born in Germany, came to the states and spent most summers in Michigan and Ohio (Ypsilanti and Annarbor especially). As an army kid growing up, BanyHero had lunch rap table battles in middle school. Although he tried not to sell drugs, BanyHero lost a lot of friends, and faced numerous challenges like everyone else. To distract from happenings around him, BanyHero embraced music as a hobby, and has not looked back since. 

Having honed his rap skills over the years, singing as part of a group, BanyHero officially entered the music industry with singles ‘Vices’ and ‘Kratos Walk’. He also recently dropped a mixtape titled ‘Stories from the other side’ with hit tracks such as ‘What to think’, ‘Nutty Professor’, ‘Laugh and let it go’, ‘Snares’, and ‘Black n Beautiful’. 

In a recent interview, asked about his ambitions, BanyHero said, “I just want the world to hear my music. I feel like they’ll love it and hate it. But I make it for the ones who love it, I love it. I’m unique like a fingerprint but there’s more than a few millions of me in the world that relate to what I say and feel. I made someone cry with my music before, so I know what I create evokes emotion, so I try to make people feel good with what I’m given. I want to say something like. I want to do something positive with the time I have here, hopefully change some lives as I change mine” (sic).

All of BanyHero’s hit tracks are available on every digital platform. Use the links below:

Contact Information


Instagram: @RealHerosNeverDie

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Company Name: Bany Hero
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Country: United States

​City Brain system makes Xiacheng district smarter Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:52:10 +0000 Security guards working at the Wulin Square in Xiacheng district, Hangzhou, will no longer be bothered by people coming to them asking for directions. From June, the square has begun to adopt the Hangzhou City Brain system to guide visitors to quickly find the nearest toilets or parking lots.

The Xiacheng government has said that the City Brain hub at county (district) level was established in Xiacheng at a weekly meeting on promoting the development of the City Brain system, meaning data between city-level and county (district)-level City Brain systems can be shared.

With the establishment of the City Brain hub in Xiacheng, residents will face fewer difficulties in finding parking lots and other places.

On the ring road encircling Wulin Square, 17 electronic screens have been installed telling drivers the number of real-time available spaces in nearby parking lots.

“There are many parking lots near the Wulin Square, but visitors and residents may not know exactly where they are or how many available spaces they have,” said Du Lei, an official at the Tianshui Street in Xiacheng, where the Wulin Square is located.

He said that the City Brain system can monitor changes in the number of available spaces at nearby parking lots and show the data – as well as the locations of the parking lots – on the screens.

Based on City Brain analysis, the number of cars in the parking lots in the Wulin commercial area at night accounts for just one third of that during the daytime, while residents in nearby communities face difficulties in parking.

To sort out the problem, the China Hangzhou Tianshui Street management committee is allowing residents from nearby communities to park their cars in the Wuling Square commercial area, in cooperation with relevant shopping malls and companies.

The street management committee decided to share the parking data with more communities and shopping complexes via the City Brain system, enabling more people to save the time they would have spent finding a parking lot.

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Company Name: The Information Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government
Contact Person: Cai Jingwen
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Country: China

Renowned CodeCoda Won The 2020 Technology Innovator Awards Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:48:22 +0000

The renowned CodeCoda Ltd., the advanced software development service providers are excited to announce that they have won the 2020 Technology Innovator Award for providing the top class, best, quality-oriented, customized web and mobile app development services.

The award was presented to CodeCoda Ltd by Natalie Farrell (Award Coordinator) to acknowledge their efforts that they are contributing to bringing innovations, expertise, and creativity in the IT industry.

The results were announced on August 7, 2020, on their website cv. At that moment the awards coordinator Natalie Farrell expressed the success of awards in these words: “the Technology Innovator Awards have only grown to encompass a plethora of businesses to showcase their individual achievements and successes in the technology sphere.”

Corporate Vision company focuses on highlighting advancement in various fields, starting from marketing, HR to technology for bringing business progress together both on a smaller and larger level. It’s their sixth year that they organized these awards.

CodeCoda Ltd is proud to share its privilege with the world that they are one of them who have won this Technology Innovator Awards for creating excellence in web and mobile app building.

CodeCoda Ltd has continually demarked itself by the quality of its amazing software solutions. It’s been over 4 years that they are in this industry and has 1500 plus years of IT experience with more than 150 team members.

They have significantly contributed their part to improving the working structure of many online and offline businesses by providing the best, innovative applications, IT solutions, e-commerce, and BPO services.

“We are extremely excited and pleased that we have been recognized with this 2020 Technology Innovator Awards. We are so proud to add this award to the many we receive each year from various honorable award companies. This award powers our team and we will continue building more IT innovations for making global progress in every field,” said Dr. Andreas Maier, CEO of CodeCoda Ltd.

They provide excellent customer services and their utmost priority is client satisfaction. Dr. Andreas himself looks after everything and assures the 101% guaranteed work.

CodeCoda has a team of professionals who are well-educated, well-trained software engineers, technicians, designers, business developers, and many others who own the experience of many years in their respective fields. The core personals are Dr. Andreas Maier (CEO), Georgi Georgiev (COO), Nedyalko Tanev (CCO), Nashat Wanli (CTO) and Zornitsa Razpopova (Head of Designs).

What differentiates them from other software, IT solutions providers is their level of expertise and creativity. They do not only design the customized outcomes but also guide the customers along the whole process to well-maintained their whole IT structure for progressive business.

Their customers are in thousands and they are all fully satisfied with the working structure, customer dealing process, and communication level of CodeCoda’s personals.

“CodeCoda guided me through the software development process in a very professional and competent manner. They know their work very well and within a few seconds, you get the best solutions,” said Daniel Avshalom, a customer.

Currently, they have their offices in Dublin, Ireland, Plovdiv, Sofia, and Bulgaria but they have plans to expand their structure on a larger scale, to facilitate the businesses on a global level. 

Their mission is to deliver first-class software services to their clients on a global level with the vision of serving one customer satisfactory, to build a long term collaboration.

For more information or buying their services, visit the website


CodeCoda was established by IT Veterans. Its CEO is Dr. Andreas Maier who is an enthusiastic, professional, and phenomenal person. Its headquarter is in Dublin. This company provides a global innovative IT, BPO service, e-commerce solutions, and advanced software development. They work with each size of businesses for enhancing their growth by providing the best customer services. They have achieved dozens of awards so far from the many renowned national and international brands, this award strengthens their structure more and encourages them to bring lots of new innovations in their industry.

Award Link:

Media Assets:




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Sensational Mexican DJ and Producer Armi Diamonds Announces Release of Latest Song ‘Pre-Recorded Set’ Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:46:31 +0000 The XDM Records artiste combines teen angst, punk rock, emo music and the 2010 hot topic into electronic music.

Aug 13, 2020 – Mexican DJ and Producer Armi Diamonds has announced the release of his latest song titled ‘Pre-recorded set’.

Having played in festivals like EDC MEXICO two times, Pal’ Norte, Beyond wonderland (as a guest), Corona Capital Guadalajara (as a guest) and festival Coordenada (as a guest), Armi Diamonds showcases his undoubted talents with this new release.

Armi Diamonds is an artiste that has always combined teen angst, punk rock, emo music and 2010 hot topic made into electronic music. His project started around the year 2011 simply as escape form just mixing music for fun but it has now evolvazed in to a full time party, job, and mass control sort of thing. He may not be the biggest name in the industry, but Armi Diamonds prefers to make his mark in a different way!

Other of his recent releases include tracks like ‘Que Es House?’, ‘Culero’, and ‘Malah’.

To listen to Armi Diamonds’ releases, use the link below:

About XDM Records

XDM Records is founded by Broz Rodriguez along the support of the voice of experience, Toy Selectah. A 100% Latin record label with a clear vision of delivering entertainment and sharing quality music with very unique sounds to be spread around the world.

The record label focuses solely on dance music. The creative and wise use of folkloric Latin American elements is a good idea to make them happy and feel even more satisfied.

Contact Information

Record Label: XDM Records

Contact Person: Armando Sandoval Montoya


Media Contact
Company Name: XDM Records
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Country: United States

Hangzhou launches online mediation platform for IPR, commercial disputes Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:44:46 +0000 Hangzhou officially launches the China (Hangzhou) Intellectual Property and International Commercial Mediation Cloud Platform on June 30, 2020.

An online mediation platform was officially launched on June 30 for cases concerning intellectual property rights and international commercial disputes within the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou after two months of trial operation.

The China Hangzhou Intellectual Property and International Commercial Mediation Cloud Platform is jointly developed by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hangzhou Committee (CCPIT Hangzhou) and Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court.

It opens for online applications from the parties or agents and also accepts cases from the courts, if the parties agree to accept mediation.

“The platform provides Internet mediation, electronic signatures, automated documentation, online judicial confirmation applications and other services for the convenience of the litigants or agents,” said Zheng Rongxin, president of the CCPIT Hangzhou.

So far, the platform has nine mediation institutions with a total of 1,600 mediators. As of June 16, it had received 1,588 cases, with the shortest case taking only two days to mediate.

The “Two Mountains” Scenic Area in southern Anji county, Huzhou in East China’s Zhejiang province.

The Zhejiang provincial department of natural resources announced a total of 16 exemplary cases for the province’s implementation of the “Two Mountains” theory –  that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets – on Aug 5.

Cities and counties across Zhejiang province have been searching for new ways to achieve sustainable and high-quality development while keeping the environment healthy. Many successful examples of this have emerged over the past few years.

The provincial department began searching for these successful examples across the province as early as April, finding a total of 260. The examples were then narrowed to 16 through one round of online voting by hundreds of thousands of netizens and another round of evaluation by environmental experts, who ranked the examples according to their popularity, creativity, and socioeconomic effects.

Hangzhou was home to two examples and here are the two:

1. Ecological preservation and restoration of the source of the Qiantang River (Chun’an county, Hangzhou)

2. Optimal utilization of farmland and ecological restoration in Shuangpu town (Xihu district, Hangzhou)

Media Contact
Company Name: The Information Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government
Contact Person: Cai Jingwen
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Phone: 0510-68559077
Country: China

Xihu launches Venus program to attract talents Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:32:30 +0000 Government officials launch the Xihu Venus Talent Program to attract top digital technology projects and skilled workers at a conference held in Yunqi town, Xihu district, on Aug 10.

Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province, held the 2020 Digital Economy Global Sharing Conference to boost the digital economy and attract skilled workers, in Yunqi town, Xihu district, on Aug 10.

At the conference, the local government launched the Xihu Venus Talent Program to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among young skilled workers.

The program will hold 80 training sessions and establish a 3-million-yuan ($432,000) fund to support innovation and entrepreneurship among young people in Xihu, China Hangzhou.

This year, the district plans to provide even stronger support for young skilled workers looking to start businesses and carry out innovative technological research.

The local government set aside 1 billion yuan in direct investment funds to support scientific projects, and will offer up to 10 million yuan as startup capital for young people.

Founders of successful enterprises receive awards at a conference held in Yunqi town, Xihu district, Hangzhou, on Aug 10.

At the conference, a number of researchers, including Deng Zixin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhou Nanjia, a specialist at Westlake University, received 96 million yuan in cash to continue R&D projects.

Xihu district is searching for over 100 top projects from around the world involving big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent medicine.

The district has already attracted many projects involving the digital economy and agreements for 22 of them were signed online.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Information Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government
Contact Person: Cai Jingwen
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Phone: 0510-68559077
Country: China

Local Plumbing Company Helps Residential Clients Settle into New Homes Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:27:05 +0000 Local Plumbing Company Helps Residential Clients Settle into New Homes

Azle, Texas – Double L Plumbing, a local plumbing company serving Azle and the surrounding areas, is helping residential clients settle into their new homes. The company offers plumbing services for remodels, custom homes, and clients’ other residential construction needs. 

In the last few years, the company has taken a particular interest in performing its services on new homes, remodels, custom homes, and other residential construction projects. The expansion of its services is timely, as Azle’s population has grown substantially in the past decade. The town’s growth has created an abundance of new home builds, and with it, increased demand for quality residential plumbing.

Mark Patterson and his plumbers can take on various issues and job sizes. They will complete jobs as small as clearing drains and inspecting sewer pipes using a video camera. The staff at Double L will also perform large-scale projects like leak repairs and new gas line installations. 

Mark’s technicians have training for a variety of plumbing repairs and leak detection services. They can also perform installations for appliances, such as water heaters, water lines, and home filtration systems. 

The team at Double L is fully-licensed and trained to get residential plumbing systems in working order. The company offers transparent solutions and never solicits unneeded services. Upon arriving at a residential property, a Double L plumbing contractor will evaluate the home’s water system and develop an effective solution. The contractor will thoroughly assess the condition of a residential system to determine underlying problems. The company’s goal is to make a new or remodel home’s plumbing system last the owner for the long term. 

The company has been serving residential and commercial clients in Azle, Texas, and the surrounding areas for almost 15 years. It’s a family-owned operation that has earned a solid reputation since its inception. 

Residential clients in Parker County, Tarrant County, and Wise County have come to rely on Mark and his team to get their homes’ plumbing systems in working condition. Interested parties can visit the company’s website to learn more about its work on custom homes and home remodels.

Media Contact
Company Name: Double L Plumbing
Contact Person: Mark Patterson
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Phone: (817) 444-3100
Address:708 NW Pkwy St
City: Azle
State: Texas 76020
Country: United States

Titus Swears By Viking Lair RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets In This Day And Age. Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:26:20 +0000 Titus Swears By Viking Lair RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets In This Day And Age.
Viking Lair offers a seamless bridge between now and then by bringing relevant parts of the Viking/Norse culture using their products into today’s world.

AUGUST 13, 2020 – Titus is the CEO of Viking Lair, one of the best companies where the ancient Vikings’ culture and styles are treasured. Aside from selling a wide array of popular Viking and Norse merchandise, they are also selling RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Carbon Fiber Wallets to further incorporate that “modern meets vintage” approach of their brand.

Did you know that your credit card number and other private information can be stolen without it physically leaving your wallet? Data theft is rampant nowadays and something that can happen even if fraudsters are right next to you. To ensure that nothing ends up in the wrong hands, you need more than just a simple wallet to shield you from these type of attacks.

As technology continues to evolve, the need to protect our stuff, especially cards, becomes increasingly important. As one of the top brands in their industry, Viking Lair is committed to meet that modern-day need for compartmentalizing with the old age fashion of carrying bills.

Most people love to stay in their comfort zones.They are resistant to change and like things to stay as it is. However, for some of us with a nostalgic bent, it’s pretty easy to romanticize the past. Unfortunately, old is not always gold. While traditional bifold and trifold wallets might be enough in the past to keep things secure, we could be in big trouble in this present day and age if we’re not ready to let go of our old ways and embrace the new.

This is the reason why it’s important now more than ever to keep important valuables safe using the latest ultra compact private information holder. The beauty of Viking Lair’s innovative and minimalist product lies in the fact that it helps secure sensitive information without being breached even when out in public. Amid the sea of the typical wallet flooding the market, Viking Lair’s RFID Slim Wallet is an elegant solution for those looking for a sensational product to keep cards safe from RFID scanning. 

Times are changing and embracing innovation is the way to go. New problems require new solutions. Being stuck in our old ways is completely dysfunctional and counterproductive. We need to keep up with security measures and adapt, especially now that our world is changing at a fast pace.

Technology is definitely a key driver of change and Titus knows that simple products with utilitarian design are all the rage now. This is why they had come up with products with that vintage flair meets modern mix aesthetics at their company. They diligently renovated and expertly blended modern sensibilities with the beauty of time-worn classics from bygone eras. They are game changers and know how to meticulously provide flexibility without compromising functionality, while meeting the dynamic needs of today’s ever changing world.

More information can be found at

About Viking Lair

Viking Lair is an Alaskan-based company that sells premium Viking/Norse merchandise worldwide.



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Azeem Mohammed Glasgow Offers Mobile Apps, Enterprise Software, and Artistic VR and Animation Services Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:18:20 +0000 Azeem Mohammed Glasgow Offers Mobile Apps, Enterprise Software, and Artistic VR and Animation Services

August 13, 2020 – From mobile gaming and apps to enterprise software, Azeem Mohammad Glasgow Corporation is a much sought after destination for making awesome software. The software development firm is also an experienced consultant for lead generation, growing revenue streams and website marketing. 

Azeem Mohammed Glasgow has emerged as a top ranking software and app firm with mastery over arrange of platforms, web and mobile technologies. The software and app services offered by the firm are highly prized for their design, flawless execution and appeal. 

In Mobile App Development, Azeem Mohammed Glasgow can create apps on all popular platforms. Also offered is software for Apple Watch and Android Wear gadgets. Mobile gaming is a hot space, and the firm offers some of the best gaming experiences in the market.

For enterprise software, Azeem Mohammed Glasgow has a team proficient with Node.js, .NET, MongoDB, and other backend languages. The team handles projects on Amazon Web Services with management of data hosting. Also offered are services for big data and IoT.

Animation is a strong point of Azeem Mohammed Glasgow. The graphics team has mastered both 2D and 3D animation skills to offer clients artistically rendered animations. The services include titling of animations, rendering and movie editing. Animations are available for sectors such as healthcare, education and engineering, including promotional materials.

Another popular service is making Interactive VR games. The studio of Azeem Mohammed Glasgow makes elements such as first-person shooters, third-person platformers, and strategy titles. The team is well experienced in creating exciting visuals for virtual reality games and making them appear real life. Clients can also contact the team for Digital Media Marketing.


Award winning mobile & web app development, design, and strategy company in Glasgow. Expert Designers and Developers to take your product above and beyond.

For more information, please visit: 

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Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: +44 7909 039289 / +44 987-654-3210
Address:Flat 1, 4 82 Barrland St
City: Glasgow G41 1AJ
Country: United Kingdom

Celebrity Matchmaker George Cervantes Is a Hit with Elite Singles in LA Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:18:13 +0000 Celebrity matchmaker, George Cervantes, has become the go-to matchmaker for elite singles in Los Angeles.

Everyone knows that you can’t hurry love. But let’s get real, those who have been waiting for fate to do the job for many years should definitely try something new. This is exactly what many singles in Los Angeles are doing right now as they are outsourcing their love lives to George Cervantes and his upscale matchmaking service in LA. Luxury Introductions is a world-class matchmaking firm that caters to successful professionals of all ages, religious backgrounds, and nationalities.

George Cervantes has quickly become the go-to matchmaker in Los Angeles, and singles are experiencing results in love with his help. His exclusive company attracts CEOs, millionaires, billionaires, models, celebrities, hedge funds, realtors, real estate developers, movie producers, politicians, and beautiful people in general. Many matchmakers in Los Angeles claim to be the best but none of them have a 98 percent success rate like George Cervantes and his exclusive matchmaking firm. George’s company also boasts a very enviable database of the most brilliant singles in Los Angeles and all around the world.

Matchmaking works when fate takes too long. Like Cupid with his bow and arrow, George helps his VIP clients get into happy relationships in just a few introductions.

Upscale singles who are ready to experience the most extraordinary way of dating in the Los Angeles are encouraged to book a consultation today by visiting:

For singles in NYC:

For Singles in LA:

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Inside the Story of George Cervantes – The Best Celebrity Matchmaker Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:06:18 +0000 Los Angeles matchmaker George Cervantes has become the go-to matchmaker elite singles in LA.

In this fast-paced, high tech modern world, more and more singles in Los Angeles are finding it extremely difficult to seek out love and the perfect match for them. Searching for love in a big city like Los Angeles can be exhausting and time-consuming – and, at times, can seem hopeless. Luckily for us, mobile dating apps and online dating sites aren’t the only place to turn on the search for love in Los Angeles. Many busy professionals & celebrities are turning to George Cervantes and his exclusive LA matchmaking service for fast results in love.

Celebrity Matchmakers is a high-end matchmaking firm for upscale professionals who are too busy to find love on their own. The company caters to CEOs, millionaires, billionaires, super models, hedge funds, entrepreneurs, realtors, real estate developers, politicians, executives and many more.

George Cervantes has become the go-to matchmaker in Los Angeles. His passion is to help singles in LA meet quality individuals around their busy and demanding schedules. George’s approach to matchmaking solves many of the problems wealthy singles face in the local dating scene. George streamlines the search for love and introduces brilliant singles in Los Angeles to like-minded individuals in a private and sophisticated way.

George Cervantes is frequently featured in the media as a relationship and matchmaking expert. His matchmaking firm has been featured in many local and national publications. George’s company boasts an impressive 98 percent success rate and also has an enviable database of the most attractive and successful singles in LA – and around the world.

George Cervantes has been helping singles find love for many years now and wants to continue spreading love for many more to come.

Upscale singles who are ready to experience the most extraordinary way of dating in Los Angeles are encouraged to book a consultation today by visiting:

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IPEVO has Launched Mirror Cam that Allows Users to Transform Laptop Webcams to Create Visualiser Effect Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:00:24 +0000 Free the Visualiser In Your Laptop With IPEVO’s Mirror-Cam

SUNNYVALE, California – August 13, 2020 – IPEVO, the key leader in visual communication technology has just announced the release of its newest product, Mirror-Cam.

Due to the rapid increase in remote learning, pupils and teachers alike are constantly searching for a solution to replicate their original learning environment. One of the biggest hurdles they faced was real-time interaction and feedback. Mirror-Cam exists to eliminate that inconvenience, all in an adjustable and compact design that you can take wherever you go.

Simple but intuitive, the mirror inside Mirror-Cam allows users to transform their laptop webcams to create a “visualiser effect.” By redirecting the laptop webcam’s field of view to the keyboard area, anything that happens over the keyboard also happens on the laptop screen.

Pupils are then able to utilize the overhead showcase space to take notes, create sketches, solve problems, do read alouds, and many other things, all whilst receiving live feedback. This lets pupils take the lead of their own learning while giving teachers and parents the flexibility and convenience to make the most out of the learning process.

Users may also take advantage of IPEVO’s Visualizer software to capture the optimal image. Functions ranging from simple controls such as rotating and enlarging images to taking photos, recording videos, and keystone image correction are just some of what Visualizer can offer.

The Mirror-Cam is now available in packs of 6 for £33.32 (ex VAT) and can be purchased through either IPEVO or Amazon.

For more information about the Mirror-Cam, visit:

Based in Sunnyvale, California, IPEVO is an EdTech company that makes and sells versatile visual communication tools. Designed with users in mind, IPEVO offers simple, affordable software, visualisers, and communication tools to help people create, teach, learn, inspire, and collaborate effortlessly and efficiently in an interconnected world.

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MobiusTrend: Hologram AR, a New Battlefield for IT Giants Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:56:27 +0000 Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Hologram AR, a New Battlefield for IT Giants‘. People have known about the holographic projection technology in sci-fi movies like Iron Man and Blade Runner. In the movie, the virtual image changes as the characters’ fingers wave and move at will. Holographic projection technology, which is available now, enables humans to operate a computer without contact, much like motion-sensing in the movie. People can browse the web, read articles, play music, even cut fruit with the wave of a finger. Holographic image allows naked eyes to view and interact. This technology will revolutionize many fields in the coming years, including medical imaging, social contacts, 3D design, advertising, memory storage, entertainment, drug design, education, and so on.

WIMI is committed to holographic cloud content development, software development, and platform construction. As the only integrated enterprise specialized in large-scale development of the holographic cloud technology platform in China, WIMI is expected to become a unicorn in the holographic cloud software field in China.

The holographic cloud market is worth 120 billion US dollars, including commerce, data, voice, film and television, advertising, and games, etc. Hardware accounted for a relatively small share of the overall market (less than 34%), while software development and content development accounted for the major market revenue. With the evolution of technologies, such as 3D sensing, chips and algorithms, display technology, and communication approaches, the AR investment track, which used to be hot in previous years, will regain its heat in 2020.

For example, Microsoft has released the second-generation Hololens. Magic Leap and Apple also plan to launch a new generation of AR consumer terminal in 2020-2021. It is predicted that there will be bestsellers in the market. Meanwhile, more new forms and new opportunities will emerge. Weibo’s investment in the holographic AR field clearly aims at embedding new AR technology into its streaming media platform in the future. At the same time, holographic display technology will have the same importance as VR and AR. Moreover, this technology can be considered the third pillar, combining 3D digital space with real space.

WIMI’s business covers multiple links of holographic AR technology, including the holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK pay, 5G holographic communication software development, the development of holographic face recognition, the development of holographic AI face exchanging and so on. WIMI is a holographic cloud integrated technology solution provider. Its business application scenes are gathered in five professional fields: home entertainment, light-field cinema, performing system, commercial release system, and advertising display system. WIMI has integrated the identities of holographic AI cloud mobile software developers, service providers, and operators into one. Also, it has become one of the leading holographic AI integration platforms in China.

According to Frost & Sullivan data, WIMI has built a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library, among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In 2018, considering the aspects of revenue, the number of customers, holographic AR content, holographic AR patents, and software copyrights, WIMI is the leader in the holographic AR industry in China. Throughout 2018, WIMI owns approximately 4,654 AR holographic content, 106 software copyrights, and 219 technology patents. WIMI is committed to using holographic technology to meet the entertainment and business needs of customers and end-users.

According to the prediction of Goldman Sachs, the AR/VR industry will maintain rapid growth, reaching 47% annual growth rate of market size. In the next 3-5 years, it will quickly approach the $100 billion market. Among them, AR has a larger market scale and imaginary space due to its interaction with the real world and more application scenarios.

About MobiusTrend

MobiusTrend Group is a leading market research organization in Hong Kong. They have built one of the premier proprietary research platforms on the financial market, emphasizing on emerging growth companies and paradigm-shifting businesses. MobiusTrend team is professional in market research reports, industry insights, and financing trends analysis. For more information, please visit


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Privee Makes it Possible to Enjoy a New Degree of Cybersecurity Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:54:31 +0000 Focusing on Cybersecurity, Privee Offers a Private, Secure and Decentralized Platform that is Mobile and 100% Secure

With the growth of practical applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the introduction of various services that increase the reliance on the internet, users today have to be more cautious against cybersecurity attacks. Despite the promises of safety and security, information shared on the online stratosphere can be vulnerable for manipulation. 

That’s why decentralized, private security platforms are a necessity. Instead of paying third-party apps for this service, Privee is a tool that allows you to take your cybersecurity into your own hands. You can ensure that your data is safe and is not being exploited. 

The team behind Privee stated, “With a lot of third-party apps that we use, there is a huge risk that our data will be sold to the highest bidder. Moreover, there is also the threat of cybersecurity hacks. Skilled hackers can easily exploit the smallest loopholes. Privee effectively protects against this aspect.”

Over the past few years, hacking attacks have struck not only small but big businesses as well with some notable names being HBO, Uber, MyFitnessPal by UnderArmor, and more. The risk that these cybersecurity attacks place on individuals is immense. In fact, many businesses have suffered innumerable losses because of cybersecurity risks that exploit small issues and errors. 

These cybersecurity attacks place vulnerable data including payment details, personal identification, phone numbers, and house addresses at risk. To safeguard yourself from this aspect, it is a good idea to make use of personal decentralized platforms like Privee. 

Privee stands apart as a cybersecurity measure because it is not only secure but it also allows one to take control of how they preserve their data. As a server device, it is designed to be discreet and creates a storage option that is 100% private. You no longer have to rely upon cloud servers from corporations to store your data. 

Moreover, Privee offers you a safe and secure platform where all your data is secure. You are the one who gets to control this aspect completely. Privee supports safety and security for calls, messages, photo sharing and storage, and other functions. Given this aspect, it is easy to see that you are the one who controls how your data is shared and stored. 

Privee also protects a user’s data from being shared with big corporations for marketing purposes. In the case of other messaging or social media platforms, user data are kept at private servers. Often, this information is used by private companies for digital marketing or to push information to influence your thoughts by studying your behavior. With Privee, this scenario can be avoided.

Currently, anyone who is interested can pre-order Privee by backing it through Kickstarter. There are early-bird discounts available and you can also sign up for their newsletter to stay updated regarding changes. Shipping begins immediately after the funding goal has been achieved. 

To support this campaign, visit the Kickstarter page

About Privee

Privee is a decentralized messenger that is designed for complete privacy and to provide a secure platform to users. It gives one control over their data, how it is shared, stored and the cybersecurity options it has. With Privee, users can navigate the online stratosphere with more confidence regarding their personal information. 


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Drone X Pro Reviewing Features, Specs and Benefits Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:50:34 +0000 Drone X Pro Reviewing Features, Specs and Benefits

The Drone X Pro is fitted with a quality 12 MP
This foldable lightweight drone is precision engineered to provide simple flying and high-quality action shots

The Drone X Pro is a well-built three-speed quad-copter drone that offers a superb variety of features. The drone is fitted with a full HD 720p camera for high-quality images and comes in a superb sleek design. 

It is also android compatible, meaning that you can easily connect it into your devices for easy operation. In this review, we will be looking at the Drone X Pro in more detail.

We begin by highlighting some of its key features and then move on to its benefits and wrap up with a recap.

Easy To Play

Features of the Drone X Pro

As noted above, the Drone X Pro is loaded with several state-of-the-art features.

Here are some of its highlights:

  • The Drone X Pro is fitted with a quality 12 MP camera for those HD images. The camera supports a resolution of up to 720p and is able to capture wide-angle images too. It also comes fitted with a panoramic mode feature that allows you to capture 360 Degrees images.
  • The Drone X Pro also features a unique foldable design that can literally fit into your pocket. It is also super compact and light, making it easier for you to carry it around especially during those long filming or photographing trips.
  • The Drone X Pro also features advanced stability algorithms that are designed to maintain drone stability even in harsh conditions. This allows for easy drone handling, which is safer and fun for most users.
  • The drone is also compatible with android. This ensures that you can hook it up top your phone for easy operation.
  • You also get a very user-friendly design. All the controls are easy to access and easy to navigate. It should take just a few minutes to master the drone and how it works.

Video Link:

Features of the Drone X Pro

The Benefits of the Drone X Pro

There are several things that truly set the Drone X Pro apart from other products in this category. To start with, the drone is a less stressful option even for the non-techy guys out there.

It’s easy to handle and so easy to set up. And at just 85 grams in weight, it is by far one of the lightest drones in the market right now.

The ease of use is also matched with superior technology thanks to the sleek modern design and the impeccable camera options.

If you are looking for a drone that gives you true value for money, then the Drone X Pro is highly recommended. Besides, the device is built by a major Estonian brand with a long history of producing high-quality drones.

Final Thoughts

Getting a drone that works for you and meets your budget is often easier said than done. But the Drone X Pro seems to tick all these boxes with ease.

From its practical design to its sophisticated tech attributes, the drone is designed for people who want nothing but the best. Be sure to check out the product online and also several user reviews.

For more information, visit

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MobiusTrend: Digital Hologram AR Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising in 5G Era Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:45:22 +0000 How WIMI’s Hologram AR advertising technology is changing the industry

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Digital Hologram AR Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising in 5G Era‘. Digital advertising is challenging the traditional advertising industry. During the outbreak of COVID-19, many people saw the public-welfare function and commercial value of the media, and many advertisers would adjust their advertising strategies as soon as possible. Digital advertising will highlight its competitive advantages, such as no contact advertising or online remote updates, so that the delivery of information is timelier than before. In the future, more digital media will emerge to help the industry develop in a healthy way.

The demand for TV, online games, e-commerce, social networks, health TV, and online education increased significantly during the quarantine. Only in the first quarter, Netflix increased 16m new users in the US — about double the number in the previous quarter. Italians also increased their time spent on Facebook apps by 70 percent. After 2020, there will be significant growth in the upstream video data stream from the Internet of Things. AR holographic services are expected to generate massive demand between 2020 and 2025.

WIMI’s holographic advertising platform will overturn traditional advertising. Customers will directly watch the holographic stereoscopic advertisements and have an immersive feeling. Besides, the holographic cloud AI-MBT technology can track and analyze various data of customers to provide effective data support for advertisers. The current application fields: holographic indoor advertising, holographic outdoor advertising, high-altitude holographic advertising, holographic airport/subway advertising, holographic in-store (outside) display of well-known brands, and holographic event advertising display, etc.

The core of WIMI’s business is holographic AR technology, which is used in software engineering, content production, cloud, and big data to provide customers with AR-based holographic services and products. Products mainly include holographic AR advertising services and holographic AR entertainment products.

WIMI Hologram Cloud’s advertising business is divided into online and offline AR holographic advertising. And the online business is mainly mobile AR holographic advertising display and light entertainment advertising application. The entertainment business is divided into online and offline AR holographic interactive entertainment.

The development momentum of Holographic AR advertising business is relatively fast. In the past two years, both the number of customers and the unit price of customers have obviously increased. WIMI’s holographic AR adware enables users to insert real or animated 3D objects into video clips, seamlessly integrating the objects with scenes in the video. Moreover, WIMI’s online Holographic AR advertising solution incorporates holographic AR ads into films and programs hosted by China’s leading online video media platforms.

In terms of subdivision, the AR industry chain mainly includes four parts: hardware, software, application and content, and services. Hardware includes parts and equipment. Software is divided into information processing and operating platforms. Application and content are developed and produced for different industries. And services are about channel distribution of application content through the distribution platform. From the perspective of the business model, WIMI is a solution provider, which integrates application and content, and services, according to the real needs of downstream customers, and then outputs complete solutions. Thus, the liquidity of WIMI is mainly relying on the holographic AR advertising services and holographic AR entertainment products.

About MobiusTrend

MobiusTrend Group is a leading market research organization in Hong Kong. They have built one of the premier proprietary research platforms on the financial market, emphasizing on emerging growth companies and paradigm-shifting businesses. MobiusTrend team is professional in market research reports, industry insights, and financing trends analysis.

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Digital Pathology Market Expected To Have An estimated Worth Of $1.86 Billion By 2027 | Grand View Research, Inc Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:44:28 +0000 Digital Pathology Market Expected To Have An estimated Worth Of $1.86 Billion By 2027 | Grand View Research, Inc

Grand View Research, Inc. – Market Research And Consulting.
According to report published by Grand View Research, the global digital pathology market size was valued at USD 767.6 million in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% from 2020 to 2027.

According to the new report, published by Grand View Research Inc., the global Digital Pathology Market is expected to reach USD 1.86 billion and estimated to develop at 11.8% CAGR, from 2020 to 2027.

Better concentration on improving the effectiveness of the workflow and the need of quick tools of diagnosis for the persistent diseases such as cancer are the most important factors, powering the development of the market for digital pathology. Increasing occurrence of persistent circumstances is expected to trigger the medical importance and take on the digital pathology to enhance existing inferior procedures of patient diagnostic imaging; and also, to decrease excessive overheads, linked with traditional procedures of diagnostics.

Growing geriatric population means they are highly prone to the unhygiene conditions. It is thereby estimated to increase the demand for technically sophisticated methods of diagnostics. Accoridng to the data from Meds cape, the increased rate of mortality is due to the prevailing chronic diseases. It becomes very much necessary to choose for the superior options of imaging and diagnostics.

Speedy technical progressions in the structure of digital pathology are estimated to add to the development of the market. The progressions for example, robotic light microscopy, digital imaging, multiple fiber optic communications and computerization are furthermore encouraging the development. The technique of whole slide imaging has the range of advantages above usual light microscopes. This is estimated to offer well paid openings to the market for digital pathology, in the near future.

Browse Details of Report, Please Visit @

U.S. digital pathology market size, by product, 2016 - 2027 (USD Million)

Effect of Covid-19:

The National Institute of Health (NIH), U.S.A., has presented the online Covid Digital Pathology Repository, an essential assortment of high-pitched resolution infinitesimal images of Covid associated tissues of a human being.

As the figure of Covid-19 linked fatality goes on increasing globally, merely a small number of institutes are prepared with the viral repression amenities, to carry out autopsies plus gather tissues from the patients that surrender to the illness.

These tissues are important for the researchers those are examining the disease pathology and examining the treatment measures of Covid-19 disease. Covid-DPR was shaped to facilitate intercontinental team work, by way of giving a central cloud centered storage area for the distribution and interpreting digital whole slide images of heart, lung, kidney and liver tissues from Covid-19 contaminated patients , in addition to the intimately connected corona viruses linked with MERs and SARs.

Key Takeaways from the report:

  • In 2019, the nano devices dominated the market for digital pathology, in terms of revenue. The devices comprise slide management systems and scanners. Better resolution and growth in educational research actions are the important drivers of the development of the market for digital pathology
  • Based on applications, the market for digital pathology can be segmented into academic research & diagnosis and the discovery & the development of the drug. Due to the extensive applications of the systems, in a variety of research events, for example study of tumor morphology and biomarker profiling, the division of academic research headed the market in 2019
  • With reference to the end use, the market for digital pathology is divided in to Academic & Research Institutes, Diagnostic Labs, Pharma & Biotech Companies and Hospitals. Due to the growing acceptance of these procedures, in 2019, hospitals detained the most important share of the market. The hospitals are implementing the techniques of digital scanning for speedy diagnosis and enhanced observance of the patients
  • In terms of revenue, the North America detained the biggest share of the market, in 2019. Constant supply of funds for R&D, encouraging plans by the government regarding the improvement of technically sophisticated structure and the existence of important companies Are some of the growth factors. These are the most important factors, contributing for this dominance.  Augmented practice of digital pathology for the diagnosis of the disease, along with positive policies of compensation in the U.S.A., are improving the class of cancer diagnosis. These factors are estimated to additionally power the development of the market for digital pathology, with in the region.
  • Owing to the increasing infiltration of digital imaging in developing nations, funds in the medicinal sector, and the existence of untouched market segments , the Asia Pacific is estimated to develop by the speedy CAGR of 12.9%, in the near future.

Global digital pathology market share, by end use, 2019 (%)

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Some of the important companies for Digital Pathology Market are:

  • Micro Skan Technologies
  • Hamamatsu Photonics, Inc.
  • Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Leica Biosystems
  • Olympus Corporation
  • 3DHistech, Inc.
  • LigoLAb LLC
  • Objective Pathology Services
  • Philips Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Definiens
  • Omynx LLC

Have Inquiry before buying about this report, our team of analyst will be glad to help!

Grand View Research has segmented the global digital pathology market on the basis of the product, application, end use, and region:

Digital Pathology Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 – 2027)

  • Software
  • Device
    • Scanners
    • Slide Management System
    • Storage System

Digital Pathology Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 – 2027)

  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Academic Research
  • Disease Diagnosis
    • Cancer Cell Detection
    • Others

Digital Pathology End-use Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 – 2027)

  • Hospitals
  • Biotech & Pharma Companies
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • Academic & Research Institutes

Digital Pathology Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 – 2027)

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Europe
      • U.K.
      • Germany
      • Italy
      • France
      • Russia
      • Spain
      • Netherlands
      • Switzerland
      • Sweden
    • Asia Pacific
      • Japan
      • China
      • India
      • Indonesia
      • Thailand
      • Australia
      • South Korea
      • Philippines
      • Malaysia
      • Singapore
    • Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Mexico
      • Argentina
    • The Middle East and Africa
      • South Africa
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Turkey
      • Iran
      • UAE
      • Israel

About Grand View Research

Grand View Research provides syndicated as well as customized research reports and consulting services on 46 industries across 25 major countries worldwide. This U.S.-based market research and consulting company is registered in California and headquartered in San Francisco. Comprising over 425 analysts and consultants, the company adds 1200+ market research reports to its extensive database each year. Supported by an interactive market intelligence platform, the team at Grand View Research guides Fortune 500 companies and prominent academic institutes in comprehending the global and regional business environment and carefully identifying future opportunities.

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From Wedding Photographer To Viral TikTok Sensation Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:39:27 +0000

“As they say age is only a number. Don’t let your age hold you back from chasing after your dreams. They just might come true.” – Duke Depp

Duke Depp is a trending day to day example of how age is really just a number. The now 19-year-old Tiktok creator, started out as a wedding photographer at the age of 15. He indeed had to be dropped off at his first wedding venue. From there, his photography business really took off and thanks to his social media account on Instagram, @dukemoose helped him go viral. It wasn’t long before clients were requesting him to travel all over the world to take photos for them. However, it got challenging for the 15-year-old, full time student to book jobs for already set arrangements halfway across the state, never mind around the world. Given the opportunity, Duke graduated two years early and became a full-time photographer where he had lots of time to travel. Duke made his dream possible. 

Four years later, at 19 years old his photography business is still booming. However, he recently stumbled upon another full-time job during the 2020 pandemic as a content creator on Tiktok. Duke isn’t just your average TikTok star recording videos of the latest trends that eventually worp into new trends. Instead, he took one of his favorite characters from a childhood movie, playing the part of Willy Wonka and bringing him into the year 2020 by actually performing the trends. It’s almost like the behind the scenes of the Willy Wonka we all know and love.

Duke’s work ethic from a very early age plays a huge part in helping him manage two full time jobs that require intense communication with his fans and customers. His workaholic attributes play even better with the constant fan communication and content creation. The creativity he adds to the classic chocolatier icon through social media is impressive.

“Social media can open the doors to so many opportunities, I am so glad I get to be a part of it,” Duke told us in an exclusive interview.

With Dukes strong passion for photography, he does not see himself giving it up in the near future. In fact, he plans on eventually incorporating his photographer role into his content creating through his social media platforms. The industry is meant to collaborate and connect with many types of passions, and Duke sees the ability to intertwine both of his. 

This article was originally posted on Business Blurb.

Media Contact
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Country: United States

Food Delivery is Now Just a Tap Away with This New Service in Laos Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:18:29 +0000 Food Delivery is Now Just a Tap Away with This New Service in Laos
LadyBug food delivery service brings the region’s most popular dishes from the restaurant kitchen to the front door of customers on demand.

The idea of food delivery isn’t a new one, yet despite the growing popularity of food delivery apps and services, Laos has remained a largely underserved market in this arena.

LadyBug aims to narrow this gap, providing a needed and valued service to the greater Laos community. LadyBug food delivery service brings the region’s most popular dishes from the restaurant kitchen to the front door of customers on demand.

LadyBug Food Delivery: Good for customers and restaurants

Ordering online has become a part of everyday life. From household goods to groceries, consumers have quickly adopted online platforms and apps as a way to get what they need quickly and efficiently.

But when it comes to take out delivery, Laos has had its challenges. With LadyBug, restaurants can now provide customers with a reliable, affordable, fast and efficient means to get their favorite dishes delivered right to their doorstep.

Customers can satisfy cravings with deliveries from popular local restaurants right from the comfort of their own homes.

Online Ordering Through LadyBug’s Website

The LadyBug website was built for security, speed, performance and usability. It’s customer-centric focus and intuitive interface make it easy for users to register, navigate, find their favorite restaurants, explore new places to eat, and order online.

Standout Features:

  • No minimum orders required
  • Live order tracking so customers always know where their food is in progress
  • Fast ordering and speedy delivery
  • Intuitive search functionalities to find the perfect restaurant or dish

New LadyBug Mobile Apps

According to a mobile use report published by Hootsuite, 79% of the Laos’ population now uses a smartphone, with mobile web traffic reaching an astounding 56.4% as compared to desktop.

In order to better serve the Laos community, LadyBug has developed two apps compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Android App

The Android app can be found in the official Google Play store where it has over 10,000 installs to date and boasts a customer rating of 4.5/5 stars.

iOS App

The iOS app can be found in the official Apple Apps Store. Although Apple does not report total installs, the iOS app has earned acclaim since launch, having earned an overall 5/5 star rating from customers.

Ordering Food Delivery With LadyBug

Laos food delivery is quick, easy and fun with the LadyBug website and/or apps.

1. Browse Local Restaurants

LadyBug has an extensive catalogue of local restaurants to choose from. With new restaurants added regularly, there is certain to be something for everyone. A simple tap of the screen or click of the mouse is all that’s needed to add something to the cart.

2. Ordering

Ordering is simple, secure and efficient, clearly displaying the delivery address, estimated delivery time and price of the order including taxes and delivery fees. When ready, a user has simply to click on “place order” and provide credit card information or opt for cash payment at delivery.

3. Order/Delivery Tracking

Stay in the know with a timeline of where your order is in the process, from preparation and cooking to delivery progress.

About LadyBug Food Delivery

Founded in 2020, LadyBug hit the ground running, already achieving considerable growth and user adoption. Their focus on technology, usability, accessibility and service has positioned them to succeed in Laos’ competitive market.

Restaurants interested in partnering with LadyBug, or other interested parties are encouraged to reach out via their official website or by way of the media contact information below.

Media Contact
Company Name: LadyBug
Contact Person: Denny Lasaath
Email: Send Email
Address:Bourichane Road, Ban Phonsinoun Village Sisattanak District
City: Vientiane 1145
Country: Laos

Searching for Skilled Medical Physician in New York? Dr. Rick Sayegh is the Answer Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:09:24 +0000 Yonkers, New York, United States – Aug 13, 2020 – Health problems can arise any time in anyone’s life and it does not discriminate in the selection of target based on age, gender, or ethnicity. The common course for affected people is finding and obtaining the services of a skilled physician. If you are one such person in Yonkers or New York in search of one of the best medical physicians then your search will end by reaching out to Rick Sayegh MD, a highly accomplished medical physician as well as a healthcare executive.

Ricky Sayegh MD, MBA is an experienced and duly certified physician and medical executive as he has been educated in both trades as a medical practitioner with the MD certification as well as for working as a business executive having obtained the MBA degree as well. Such double specialization has enabled him to become a double-dealer providing treatments to ailing patients and also an executive in the healthcare industry. Thus Ricky Sayegh MD, MBA is a well-known figure in the physical treatment of and officiating as an executive in the healthcare centers that is a rare combination.

Dr. Rick Sayegh provides with his twin certifications provides healthcare services as a doctor of medicine and consultancy services as a trained business management executive. Rick Sayegh is presently the general partner at Yardy Ventures and offers consultancy services relating to business, project management, healthcare, nonprofit, education, advertising, public relations  among others.

The work location for Rick Sayegh is the Greater New York City Area. Besides providing the consultancy services in person or through a remote connection he also helps people with free inquiries. “I accept direct messages and business inquiries by anyone on LinkedIn for free, even if we’re not connected”, says Dr. Rick Sayegh clarifying his approach in providing services to clients.

Rick Sayegh obtained an MBA degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and MD degree from New York Medical College after completing the Internal Medicine Resident course from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. However, unlike many others taking a commercial approach in the healthcare industry, Dr. Rick Sayegh has used his knowledge and experience to become a major contributor to the industry.

Phenomenal Serial Entrepreneur is the phrase that immediately comes to mind when I think of Rick Sayegh’s omnipresent impact on health care today. We met at the University of Tennessee, Haslam College of Business, where we are completing the Physician Executive MBA program together”, says one of the associate doctors working with Rick Sayegh MD, MBA.

The most impressive factor putting Rick Sayegh in the limelight and making him the favorite among clients is his ability to balance important aspects like creativity, intellectual capital, with the necessity of providing devoted care for the patients. These are the attributes that make him stand out in the crowd.

About Dr. Rick Sayegh MD

Dr. Rick Sayegh MD is Yonkers in New York-based physician executive and general practitioner. He is rated as an exceptional physician executive and a leader without peers. Most people consider Sayeg as a one-point solution for addressing medical executive related issues. He has been in the field for over a decade now and helped numerous customers.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dr. Rick Sayegh MD
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Phone: +1 914-376-7000
Address:909 Midland Ave, Yonkers
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States

Augusta HiTech Announces Launch of New Radon Product in Conjunction with SunRADON Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:06:45 +0000

Augusta HiTech, experts in blockchain technology solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and transformative technologies with the ability to shape the future, this week announced they have engineered the software and cloud for a brand new radon product, produced via SunRADON.

Called the OneRADON Cloud and plugin air quality and Radon monitor for homes, August HiTech was pursued to create seamless and flawless technology solutions that help the product to focus on indoor air quality and avoidance of radon-induced lung cancer.

“It is our goal to apply our technology and engineering expertise to real-world problems, now helping SunRadon autonomously monitor and services devices,” said Karthik Pichai, Founder, Owner of August HiTech. “We are thrilled to have partnered with such a formidable company as we leverage our technology solutions to change the radon industry forever.”

SunRADON’s number one goal is to reduce the number of Radon-induced lung cancers worldwide. Drawing on a research network that is over 35-years old, SunRADON’s products include Model 1028 XP™, Model1030™ Continuous Radon Monitor, and OneRADON™ testing software.

SunRADON plans to release a series of products throughout the rest of the year, positioning itself as the leader in world-class radon detection products and services for professionals and homeowners. The team behind SunRADON sought out Augusta HiTech to make the products a reality.

“We have also created a mobile app that all radon customers can download to their phones,” said Kai Wundke. “Using the app, they can monitor the air quality in the home at all times, never wondering about radon levels. The app will send alerts and push notifications to ensure everyone is safe in real-time. That’s the power of our technology today.”

The SunRADON mobile app will come with the purchase of all products listed above.

Augusta HiTech is a business consulting company that bridges the gap between business and technology. Augusta HiTech engineers custom application digital products for startups to fortune 500. Augusta HiTech’s strong heritage in Innovation helps organizations bring cutting edge technological products to market.

For more information, visit

Media Contact
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Phone: 866-962-1010
Country: United States

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market Size, Share, Revenue, Latest Industry Growth And Trends By 2025 | Grand View Research, Inc. Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:06:21 +0000 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market Size, Share, Revenue, Latest Industry Growth And Trends By 2025 | Grand View Research, Inc.

Grand View Research, Inc. – Market Research And Consulting.
According to report published by Grand View Research, The global non-alcoholic beverage market size is expected to reach USD 1.60 trillion by 2025. Rising societal awareness toward serious health problems is acting as the biggest driver for market.

The global non-alcoholic beverage market size is expected to reach USD 1.60 trillion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 5.8%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Rising societal awareness toward serious health problems is acting as the biggest driver for market. The industry is reshaping itself by changing the orientation from carbonated soft drinks to non-nutritive low-calorie beverages.

Various studies and research have proved that obesity is linked to higher consumption of CSDs. This has led to the development of calorie-free or low-calorie drinks, such as functional beverages, bottled water, and fruit beverages. Childhood obesity rate for the age groups of 2-5 and 12-19, has doubled in past 30 years in the U.S. The government is also trying to reduce the sales and consumption of drinks made from nutritive sweeteners by imposing sugar taxes.

Stringent government regulations for labeling, listing the ingredients used, etc. in developed countries are expected to restrain the market growth. On the other hand, initiatives to attract the global players by increasing foreign investments, trade promotion, and economic subsidies in the developing economies are expected to foster the industry growth.

New product launches, as a result of the product line extension, have enabled customers to select application-specific offerings from a wide variety of options. The widening distribution channels have led to easy product availability, which has been a key industry driver in the past. Marketing and advertising plays the most important role in organizational sales and sustainability. Trade promotion, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations are the main promotional activities employed by the key players.

U.S. nonalcoholic beverage market revenue by product, 2014 - 2025 (USD Billion)

Request a Sample Copy of the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market Research Report @

Further Key Findings from The Report Suggest:

  • The global non-alcoholic beverage market was valued at USD 967.3 billion in 2016. The market is projected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period.
  • Carbonated soft drinks occupied the highest market share in 2016 owing to its high market penetration
  • North America accounted for the largest market for non-alcoholic beverage industry in 2016 owing to the presence of developed economy and high standard of living
  • Functional beverages are expected to emerge as the fastest growing product segment in the market on account of high demand for ready to drink coffee and tea, relaxation drinks, and energy drinks 
  • The key players include PepsiCo, Inc., The Kraft Heinz Company, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, and Nestle S.A.

Global nonalcoholic beverage market revenue, by distribution channel, 2016 (%)

Have Any Query? Ask Our Experts@

Grand View Research has segmented the global non-alcoholic beverage market on the basis of product, distribution channel, and region:

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Product Outlook (Volume, Billion Liters; Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)

  • Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs)
  • Fruit Beverages
  • Bottled Waters
  • Functional Beverages
  • Sports Drinks
  • Other

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Distribution Channel Outlook (Volume, Billion Liters; Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)

  • Supermarkets and general merchandisers
  • Food Service and Drinking places
  • Gas Stations and Convenience Stores 
  • Vending Machine Operations
  • Other

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Regional Outlook (Volume, Billion Liters; Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)

  • North America
    • U.S.
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
  • Central & South America
  • Middle East & Africa

Browse Related Reports @

Dried Fruit Market:

Gluten-Free Products Market:

About Grand View Research

Grand View Research provides syndicated as well as customized research reports and consulting services on 46 industries across 25 major countries worldwide. This U.S.-based market research and consulting company is registered in California and headquartered in San Francisco. Comprising over 425 analysts and consultants, the company adds 1200+ market research reports to its extensive database each year. Supported by an interactive market intelligence platform, the team at Grand View Research guides Fortune 500 companies and prominent academic institutes in comprehending the global and regional business environment and carefully identifying future opportunities.

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TEDx conference series makes virtual debut in Alief on September 5th Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:06:16 +0000

HOUSTON – August 13, 2020 – On Labor day weekend (Saturday, September 5th), TEDxAlief, the local and independent extension of the popular TED Talks series, will debut its first-ever conference at Coble Studios in Southwest Houston. Due to the current climate of the Coronavirus, the conference experience will broadcast virtually for an expected live audience of over 500 attendees. The live virtual broadcast will kick off at 5:00 PM (CST).

Under the leadership of founder and organizer, Adeseye Omole, TEDxAlief’s selection of dynamic speakers range from all walks of life, and will channel their diverse stories on stage under the theme for this year’s conference (“Break the Mold”).  Presenters will include best-selling author Constance Carter, negotiator and author Crux Conception, addiction and trauma coach and author Essi Bagheri, innovator and sustainable development educator Judith Arnold, productivity and time management Nike Famojuro, speaker, pediatrician and author Uchenna Umeh, and  culture and  lifestyle conversationalist Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie.

Contributing sponsors and partners for this year’s conference includes Mailchimp, Basecamp, and Shutterstock. Tickets for the TEDxAlief virtual conference will be $25 for each virtual attendee, and can be purchased online at

About TEDx

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

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What to Expect From CFO Consulting, According to Thu, 13 Aug 2020 18:57:43 +0000 What to Expect From CFO Consulting, According to

Business owners rely on their Chief Financial Officer to manage their money and use it efficiently. Companies must hold accountable for any financial errors they cause. Changes in the organization help the company control its profits and capital more effectively. Reviewing how to improve financial services shows the company why outsourcing is a better choice.

Better Strategies for Competing With Other Businesses

Discovering better strategies for competing with other businesses helps the company thrive. Consultants review the company’s objectives and create plans for improving the company’s success. The advisors pinpoint where the company fails when competing. Shifting the company’s strategies creates better techniques for standing apart from its competitors and becomes a stronger organization overall according to

More Efficient Financial Reporting

More efficient financial reporting shows the company where they are financially and prevents details from falling through the cracks. Responsible financial reporting holds the company accountable for its profits and debts. It is just about knowing where they are financially, but the reports show weaknesses and shortcomings within the organization, too. Examining how the CFO manages the company’s money shows what changes prevent criminal or unethical behaviors. U.S. Consumer Spending Rises 5.6% in June and some companies capitalize on these sudden shifts. Understanding how to manage their profits gives the company more capital for more profound ventures, and it helps the company stay profitable.

Implementing More Effective Financial Oversight and Management

Implementing more effective financial oversight and management prevents crimes from happening. Companies make the mistake of handing over their money to one key worker, and if the worker is unethical, the business losses money. Unfortunately, ethical problems emerge in all companies, and without oversight, the company might not find out about the theft until it’s too late. Businesses that need better policies for oversight and management of their money can read more now. Outsourced Financial Officers and BackupsOutsourced financial officers and backup workers take the pressure off the company. Sending financial tasks outside the company prevents immediate access to profits by a key employer. Outsourcing the duties prevents the owner and their workers from facing the burden of oversight. The service providers offer a backup worker that takes over when the primary CFO is away. This gives the company a dedicated financial worker on a 24-hour basis.

Scaling the Company Without Issues

Scaling the company without issues requires the company to know their financial status. Without the details, companies can’t plan an expansion project or add more workers to their organization. The projects require a clear picture of what the company can afford and when the best time for the project is. Consultants examine the best ways to manage the project and stay within budget. Companies can contact a consultant through Early Growth and learn more about expansion and scaling.

Business owners need their CFO to manage their money properly and offer responsible reporting. The key employee must be ethical and subject to oversight. Outsourcing financial services prevent an on-site worker from managing the company’s money. Reviewing how consulting helps businesses shows organizations how it can transform their company. 

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]]> Sets Out to Raise Funds for Displaced Communities in Peru Thu, 13 Aug 2020 18:57:29 +0000 Sets Out to Raise Funds for Displaced Communities in Peru
Colorful iPhone Cases for a Cause – $5 from every case purchased is donated back to Living Heart Peru!

August 13, 2020 – Beatrice Pitocco, founder of provides colorful iPhone and Android Phone cases, as well as tough cases, with each sale donating $5.00 back to support displaced communities in the Highlands of Peru.

IllusionPhotograph has raised over $5,500 dollars since it’s official start in 2019 and the goal is to continue to provide for these deserving communities. In additional to colorful iPhone and Android phone cases, IllusionPhotograph also provides colorful canvas art (that is framed), face masks, t-shirts and other colorful accessories. 90% of the product designs available at IllusionPhotograph, is original art that Beatrice Pitocco took, mainly with her iPhone.

These tough cases are well made, and support most phone models. Our wallet cases support not only iPhone and Android, but also Xiomi and Huawei. However our most popular cases are our tough cases. Made and shipped from the USA, these cases are beautiful and are a strong support to your phone.

Our special Living Heart collection, provides phone cases with designs that have been derived by drawings from the children living in the communities of Peru we support. Each case was designed using original drawings we received from the children of a community in Urubamba, in the Highlands of Peru. This Quechua community is located in a very remote part of Peru, where the children and people are in need of much. Helping them through a purchase provides much needed resources to ensure that the children are supported.

In recent weeks and due to the global Pandemic, IllusionPhotograph has introduced colorful face masks to support mandatory requirements by most states, provinces and countries that require the use of face masks. The idea behind these face masks are to show your personality and color amidst a very stressful time. IllusionPhotograph has sold over 500 face masks since releasing them in June. Now throughout the end of the year, IllusionPhotograph is offering 20% off all items online. Simply use the code ‘Get20’ at checkout to apply the discount.

If you are in search of a company that is trying to be a positive force in the lives of others, please consider a phone case, or any other item on our site! Have a Heart and purchase a tough case today. Your purchase will provide a small but significant donation to the children of Peru, and make an impact in their life.

For more information on Living Heart please visit: and to purchase a case, please go to

Media Contact
Company Name: IllusionPhotograph
Contact Person: Beatrice Pitocco
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Phone: 855-464-8655
Country: Canada

What Can Be Learned From Production Tracking, According to Thu, 13 Aug 2020 18:51:56 +0000 What Can Be Learned From Production Tracking, According to

Business owners know their workers define the success of the organization. Without the workers, the business won’t create projects efficiently or excel in their industry. Reviewing how their products are created shows the business owner what changes they need. It also shows how the rate workers and give credit where credit is due. 

Identifying Unethical Workers

Identifying unethical workers helps the company streamline production but eliminating employees that hinder the business. Production levels aren’t enough to show that the company is successful. The quality of projects created for their clients defines who the company is and their vision. Workers that have poor performance levels slow down the company and prevent it from thriving in its industry. Using the right programs helps the owner identify unethical workers and make changes quickly according to

What Workers Complete More Projects?

Finding out what workers have the highest performance levels shows owners what employees stand out. Showing appreciation for top performers gives the workers more of an incentive to keep their production levels higher. Companies that don’t appreciate their workers are more likely to have a greater turnaround and cannot keep employees. The COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis shows that worker loss hinders a company and could lead to a shutdown. Following better strategies to keep workers happier is the key to greater production levels.

Who Does the Best Work?

Employees that complete the projects better-than-average stand apart from others. Reviewing the statistics generated by the software helps the business owner decide when to promote the workers. Rewarding impressive work increases productivity and makes the company become a fine-tuned machine. It is the sum of all its parts, and all workers must work together to make the company successful. Reviewing production tracking options helps the business owner get the most out of the integrations. Business owners can learn more about tracking production by contacting service providers such as Raken.

What Processes are Redundant?

Assessing the production process identifies redundancies that aren’t necessary. Processes that don’t improve production are often time-consuming, and they increase the time to complete the project. Testing the processes and evaluate more efficient steps for completing the projects streamlines business operations and make production easier. Avoiding unnecessary processes gives clients their projects faster. Controls in these processes prevent poor quality projects from reaching the clients. Business owners that want to learn more about redundancies can check here now.

How to Control Production Costs

Controlling production costs saves the company money and gives them more capital for other projects. Controlling waste and issues lowers costs and keeps the company on track. A consultant makes recommendations that lower costs, too, such as reviewing vendor prices. Setting up better relationships with vendors helps the company control supply costs. It gives the company better ways to get supplies and avoid excessive costs. 

Business owners implement better measures for tracking production to test their business. The findings determine if workers complete tasks as expected. Projects must comply with standards, and workers must avoid mistakes that prove costly for the company. Using production tracking software shows the business owner where to start when making vital changes. 

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Country: United States

What Should Be Done When Moving Into Los Angeles Apartments According to Thu, 13 Aug 2020 18:42:26 +0000 What Should Be Done When Moving Into Los Angeles Apartments According to

Apartment applicants take their time reviewing apartment complexes to find the right property for their demands. Choosing an ideal location starts the process and helps tenants move into the preferred neighborhood. Reviewing tasks for moving into Los Angeles apartments shows applicants where to start. 

Start a Search for the Perfect Unit

Starting a search for the perfect unit gives the applicant a jump start on the current market. Luxury apartments in the LA area have a waiting list for prospective tenants. It is paramount for hopeful tenants to get on the list for high caliber apartment complexes earlier. Their position on the list defines access to the next available unit. Agents notify individuals when an apartment is available. 

Apply for the Preferred Unit

Applying for an apartment requires the prospective tenant to disclose personal details about themselves and their income. Property managers need consent for a criminal background check and credit assessment. A one-time fee covers the cost of each evaluation. Property managers verify all information presented by the applicant. After approval, the manager contacts the applicant and sets up a lease agreement. The property or leasing manager discloses all terms of the lease to the tenant, and the renter provides their deposits and the first month’s rent. Applicants can browse around here to find more information about the application process. 

Shop Around for Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance provides coverage for any damage caused by the tenant, their family, or pets. If the tenant’s belongings become damaged, stolen, or lost, the policy provides funds to replace the items. Pets have coverage through the policies, and if the pet damages the property, the policy covers the costs. Although a LA one-bedroom rent slumps to $2,140 in July, the cost of repairing a damaged apartment could skyrocket if mismanaged. 

Setting Up Moving Services

Setting up moving services takes all the stress off the renter, and it allows them to stay focused on everyday life. Professional movers come to their current property and pack up all the individual’s belongings for them. Full-service moving services include unpacking options, too. The tenant arrives at their apartment with all their boxes unpacked, and their new home set up completely. Moving services offer amazing help for relocating residents according to

Have Your Pet Groomed

Grooming Service for Your Pet eliminates any unpleasant odors and loose hair. When moving into a new place, pet grooming services prevent smells from becoming trapped in the carpeting or recently purchased furniture. The tenant has their pet’s nails trimmed, too, and it prevents property damage from the start. Scheduling the services at least one day before moving gives pet owners more advantages. Tenants can learn more about a move-in checklist by contacting a complex such as Eighth and Grand

Renters start by researching the preferred market and testing the rental prices. When applying, the applicants must pay a small fee for a criminal background and credit check. Scheduling moving services help the tenant get moved into their unit efficiently. Starting the search gives hopeful tenants access to an amazing apartment. 

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Loyal Holdings – Poultry Experts and Premium Poultry Equipment Producers Across the United States Thu, 13 Aug 2020 18:39:34 +0000 Hawaii, USA – When it comes to your poultry equipment, Loyal Holdings would like to be your supplier. They are a US-based company that supplies to companies all over the USA.

Loyal Holdings in Hawaii knows the importance of good quality. That’s why their poultry farming equipment is only the highest quality. That way, you know you’re getting the best and not some cheap merchandise.

They also offer poultry processing equipment. You can purchase items such as a poultry cage and chicken machine. Loyal Holdings, LLC, was established in 2019. This newness has given the company the opportunity to purchase only what is best and the latest techniques. Sometimes newer companies have advantages because they are not held back by old, inefficient ways and machinery.

There are educational categories on the site that will let you know the equipment you need to purchase in different groups. The sets are laying nests, breeder slats, egg handling, and poultry management.

Those who are particular about the origins of their products and poultry equipment can know that this is proudly American made materials that Loyal Holdings is selling. Many people, now especially in the midst of COVID-19, want to support the local economy. Hawaii is a beautiful gem of America, and most people would proudly support businesses in that area.

The company also isn’t just new, but it prides itself on up to date technology. This means that you don’t have to worry about them trying to sell old, inefficient methods or machinery. They want to know the latest in the industry. This can also help to educate you if you are new to the field and want to get started.

Loyal Holdings is a company that is aware of its customer base and its needs. They also like to work with large, established companies as well. Maybe you are just looking to get some better poultry equipment. Loyal Holdings is a great place to check out.

All of the mandates of the company point to customer education and innovation in the industry. It is more important than ever now that there would be companies who are willing to bring about change in a time of uncertainty. People have been looking to the future to hold ways out of problems like hygiene issues and food supply management.

You can rely on an American company to do things the right way, proudly. Their commitment to the industry, despite a raging pandemic, shows the world that production and innovation are still possible. Together as a society, we can all move forward to make a better future for us and for the generations that are to come.

You can visit the site, and you can request a quote as well. You can do this by calling them at 310-953-8576 or sending an e-mail through the contact form. The official headquarters is at 1001 Bishop St Suite 2685A in Honolulu, HI.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Media Relations
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Country: United States

Peripheral Vascular Devices Market worth $12.6 billion by 2025 Thu, 13 Aug 2020 18:34:16 +0000 Peripheral Vascular Devices Market worth $12.6 billion by 2025

Prominent players in the peripheral vascular devices market are Medtronic (Ireland), Boston Scientific Corporation (US), Abbott (US), Cardinal Health (US), iVascular (Spain), Becton, Dickinson, and Company (US).
Discover The Latest Trends ,Growth Opportunities, Largest Revenue Generating Region and Latent Adjacency in Peripheral Vascular Devices Market.

According to the new market research report Peripheral Vascular Devices Market by Type (Angioplasty Balloon, Stent, Catheters (Angiography, IVUS), Plaque Modification (Atherectomy, Thrombectomy), Hemodynamic Flow Alteration, IVC Filters, Guidewires), and Region – Global Forecast to 2025″, published by MarketsandMarkets™, the Peripheral Vascular Devices Market is projected to reach USD 12.6 billion by 2025 from USD 9.2 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 6.5%.

Download PDF Brochure:

The Growth in this market is driven mainly by the rapid growth in the geriatric population and the associated increase in the prevalence of peripheral vascular diseases, approval of new and advanced products, and the growing preference for minimally invasive surgeries.


The old/normal balloons segment accounted for the largest share of the angioplasty balloons market in 2019.

Based on type, the angioplasty balloons market is segmented into old/normal balloons, cutting and scoring balloons, and drug-eluting balloons. In 2019, the old/normal balloons segment accounted for the largest share of the angioplasty balloons market. The large share of this segment can be attributed to a large number of plain old balloon angioplasty (POBA) procedures carried out across the globe.

Browse in-depth TOC on “Peripheral Vascular Devices Market

468 – Tables
37 – Figures
314 – Pages

Atherectomy devices segment accounted for the largest share of the plaque modification devices market in 2019.

Based on type, the plaque modification devices market is segmented into atherectomy devices and thrombectomy devices. In 2019, the atherectomy devices segment accounted for the largest share of the plaque modification devices market, mainly due to the increasing incidence of atherosclerosis as a result of the rising global prevalence of obesity.

North America accounted for the largest share of the peripheral vascular devices market in 2019.

North America accounted for the largest share of the peripheral vascular market in 2019. The large share of this segment can primarily be attributed to the rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases, the growing geriatric population, and the strong presence of industry players in the region.

Request Sample Pages: 

Some of the major players in the peripheral vascular devices market include Medtronic (Ireland), Boston Scientific Corporation (US), Abbott (US), Cardinal Health (US), iVascular (Spain), Becton, Dickinson and Company (US), B. Braun Melsungen (Germany), Terumo Corporation (Japan), Biosensors International Group (Singapore), and BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG (Germany).

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Amcor PLC (Australia) and Sonoco Products Company (US) are the Key Players in the Sustainable Plastic Packaging Market Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:56:22 +0000 Amcor PLC (Australia) and Sonoco Products Company (US) are the Key Players in the Sustainable Plastic Packaging Market

Browse 248 market data tables and 44 figures spread through 205 pages and in-depth TOC on “Sustainable Plastic Packaging Market”
Sustainable Plastic Packaging Market by Packaging Type (Rigid, Flexible, Industrial), Packaging Format (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary), Process (Recyclable, Reusable, Biodegradable), End-use Sector, and Region

The global sustainable plastic packaging market size is projected to grow from USD 89.0 billion in 2020 to USD 117.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.6% during the same period. The market is projected to grow in accordance with the growth of various end-users of sustainable plastic packaging across the globe. The sustainable plastic packaging industry has been growing as a result of stringent laws and regulations levied by governments and governing bodies, as well as a shift in consumer preference toward recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials. Apart from these factors, downsizing of packaging and breakthrough in new technologies are also driving the sustainable plastic packaging market globally.

Download PDF Brochure:

The APAC region is projected to lead the sustainable plastic packaging market, in terms of both value and volume, between 2020 and 2025. According to the World Bank, in 2017, APAC was the fastest-growing region in terms of both population and economic growth. Countries such as India and China are expected to post high growth in the sustainable plastic packaging market due to growing developmental activities and rapid economic expansion. The growing population in these countries presents a huge customer base for FMCG products and consumer durables.

The sustainable plastic packaging market has been dominated by large players, such as Amcor PLC (Australia), Sonoco Products Company (US), Sealed Air Corporation (US), Huhtamaki OYJ (Finland), and Berry Global Inc. (US). These players have adopted various growth strategies, such as acquisitions and new product developments to increase their market shares and enhance their product portfolios.

Acquisitions accounted for the largest share of all the strategic developments that took place in the sustainable plastic packaging market between January 2017 and March 2020. Key players, such as Amcor PLC, Sonoco Products Company, Sealed Air Corporation, Huhtamaki OYJ, Berry Global Inc., Smurfit Kappa (Ireland), Mondi PLC (South Africa), and Constantia Flexibles (Austria), have adopted this strategy to strengthen their product portfolio, expand their market share, and to meet & exceed their customers’ expectations in the sustainable plastic packaging market.

Amcor PLC (Australia) is a global packaging manufacturer that offers innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Amcor was formerly known as Australian Paper Manufacturers and changed its name to Amcor Limited in May 1986. After the acquisition of Bemis Inc., the combined company is now called Amcor PLC. The company is well known for its packaging innovation. It offers plastic, packaging film, metal, and glass packaging for several industries, such as beverage, food, medical, household, industrial goods, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco.

Sonoco Products Company (US) is a global provider of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. The company changed its name to Sonoco Products Company from Southern Novelty Company in 1923. It serves a variety of industries, such as automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and sporting goods. The business segments of the company include consumer packaging, display & packaging, paper & industrial converted products, and protective solutions. The company provides plastic, rigid paper, and flexible packaging. Sonoco was selected into Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies list for 2020. Also, for the third year in a row, Sonoco also was listed first in the packaging/container industry in 2020. Sonoco was also ranked 48th on Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies for 2019.

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About MarketsandMarkets™

MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their painpoints around revenues decisions.

Our 850 fulltime analyst and SMEs at MarketsandMarkets™ are tracking global high growth markets following the “Growth Engagement Model – GEM”. The GEM aims at proactive collaboration with the clients to identify new opportunities, identify most important customers, write “Attack, avoid and defend” strategies, identify sources of incremental revenues for both the company and its competitors. MarketsandMarkets™ now coming up with 1,500 MicroQuadrants (Positioning top players across leaders, emerging companies, innovators, and strategic players) annually in high growth emerging segments. MarketsandMarkets™ is determined to benefit more than 10,000 companies this year for their revenue planning and help them take their innovations/disruptions early to the market by providing them research ahead of the curve.

MarketsandMarkets’s flagship competitive intelligence and market research platform, “Knowledge Store” connects over 200,000 markets and entire value chains for deeper understanding of the unmet insights along with market sizing and forecasts of niche markets.

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Southfield Personal Injury Lawyer Publishes Guide To Michigan New No-Fault Law Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:51:25 +0000 Southfield Personal Injury Lawyer Publishes Guide To Michigan New No-Fault Law
An update and revision to Michigan’s no-fault insurance law are defined in a concise guide published by the Southfield, Michigan law firm. The new law replaces one enacted in 1973.

Mike Morse Law Firm is pleased to announce that the Southfield personal injury lawyer has published a free online explanation and resource guide to Michigan’s No-Fault insurance law, which was recently updated for the first time since its publication in 1973. The limitations of the revised law are likely to come under extensive scrutiny, and even litigation as the insurance companies battle over who is responsible for paying no-fault benefits. The new law has been praised as a solution for Michigan’s very high auto insurance rates, but may leave accident victims with little financial help.

While the law’s changes make it mandatory for the insurance carrier to pay for benefits, the conflict and questions arise when trying to determine which carrier will be responsible for financial expenses. It is essential to fill in the gaps in responsibility so that accident victims can concentrate on recovery rather than the impact of accident-related costs.

The Mike Morse Law Firm has been monitoring the changes to the law carefully and aware that many provisions will likely have to be litigated to clear up legal precedent questions. The legal team will work hard to help their client’s rights be protected, and financial damages to be made whole. 

More information is available at

The law firm specializes in the practice areas of personal injury, which covers motor vehicle accident victims, dog bites, birth injuries, medical device failure or hip implant failure, fire victims, and victims of police misconduct. Other areas of practice include tort law and class actions, nursing home negligence, social security disability claims, and overtime wage and hour claims.

The Michigan law office has won more than one billion dollars in settlements for clients. The information on the website provides specific case information. An initial consultation is encouraged at no cost to the prospective client.

Contact and location information are available at Mike Morse Law Firm

Media Contact
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Address:24901 Northwestern Hwy #700
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State: MI 48075
Country: United States

Wanna Job? New Fast, Free App Virtually Connects Job Seekers with Employers Amid COVID-19 Crisis Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:51:16 +0000 Baltimore, MD, USA – August 13, 2020 – A new smartphone hiring app fast-tracks the hiring process to connect unemployed workers with employers looking for an efficient, easy and safe way to hire amid the COVID-19 crisis.

1aJob? (pronounced “Wanna Job?”) offers job seekers — including critical essential workers – a fast and easy path back to work. The app eliminates the often-intimidating process of filling out complicated online applications and updating resumes. Instead, job seekers need only complete a simple, one-time profile.

For employers, 1aJob? provides a fast and free way to staff up with full and part-time employees, as well as short-term gig workers, without wading through endless resumes. The app offers a safe and secure way to hire workers in the age of social distancing, facilitating the entire process virtually – including unique embedded video interviewing – without ever leaving the app.

Hyatt Hashim, co-owner of Detroit-based Proof Technologies, recently used the 1aJob? app to quickly hire several security guards.

“This app works great,” Hashim said. “It’s fast and easy to navigate. I can find my candidates, interview and hire them all within minutes.”

In addition to Proof Technologies, national-brand employers such as Whole Foods Rite Aid and Dunkin’ have found qualified candidates using 1aJob. Employers can create an unlimited number of free job posts. Once they have identified the right hire, they can immediately make an offer on 1aJob?. Additionally, 1aJob? does not ask anyone for their payment information.

“Many of the existing hiring platforms have hidden fees that end up being costly for business owners,” said Sunny Patel, the cyber security specialist who created the app. “I wanted to create the most transparent, easy-to-use app that doesn’t charge any fees and doesn’t even require any payment information from employers or job candidates.”

The 1aJob? app is the product of a brainstorm that had been brewing in Patel’s mind after hearing his father’s ongoing challenge to find an efficient and cost-effective way to hire front-line employees at more than a dozen Dunkin’ franchises he owns throughout suburban Baltimore.

When the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis became clear, Patel kicked into high gear, working around the clock to get the app built and live. Initially, Patel envisioned the app as a potential money maker, but quickly shifted to rolling it out as a public service.

“The last thing a struggling small business owner needs right now is to shell out more money for online job postings,” Patel said. “We created something that can truly help both business owners and job seekers get through these tough times.”

The 1aJob? App can be downloaded at the Apple Store and Google Play. Apple App Store ( or Google Play (

For more information visit, the 1aJob website.

Media Contact:

Scott Westcott
Turn Two Communications for 1aJob

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Ice Cream is Solving America’s $50 Billion-Dollar Nighttime Snacking Problem Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:48:11 +0000 Ice Cream is Solving America’s $50 Billion-Dollar Nighttime Snacking Problem

Nightfood Holdings Inc. Stock Symbol: NGTF is Lining up Major Distribution Partners Quickly

  • The American Pregnancy Association Officially Recommends Nightfood Ice Cream for Pregnancy Cravings.
  • Nightfood has Recently Secured Distribution in Major Divisions of Supermarket Giants Kroger, Albertsons and HEB.
  • CEO and Largest Shareholder Extends Lock-Up Agreement.

Nightfood, Inc. (OTCQB: NGTF) is addressing the $50 billion consumers spend on nighttime snacks with the company’s immensely popular and successful Nightfood Ice Cream Brand which is low calorie, available in scrumptious flavors and is actually formulated to help support better sleep. This is the best of all worlds when it comes to the snack food market. The growing retail sales results as well as new distribution agreements all across the country and high level media endorsements are presenting a very strong case for profit hungry investors. NGTF looks like a tasty winner from every perspective and there is still so much more room to grow in the months and years ahead.

On July 9th, 2020 – NGTF announced that distribution is moving forward in both the Pacific Northwest and the New York City markets. The two new grocery groups combine to represent over 300 supermarkets and bring the Nightfood brand to two of the largest metropolitan areas in the country: New York Metro, and Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue.


  • Nightfood Announces Distribution in Louisiana Favorite Rouses Markets, 59 New Upscale Locations Throughout the Gulf Coast

On June 4th, 2020 – It was announced that Nightfood’s next supermarket chain, Rouses Markets, have begun stocking Nightfood in 59 of their 64 locations. Rouses is one of the most highly respected chains in the country, having been named the 2018 Shelby Report’s Southeast Retailer of the Year, and was named the Best Grocery Store in America by Epicurious in 2016. This addition continues the Nightfood rollout and Management has revealed that multiple additional chains have committed to adding Nightfood during the summer, along with potential entry into the New York metropolitan area through a relationship with Omni Food Sales.

Nightfood (OTC: NGTF) is the fast-growing brand pioneering what many experts project to be a multi-billion-dollar consumer category: sleep-friendly night snacking. After winning the prestigious 2019 Product of the Year award in the ice cream category in a Kantar survey of over 40,000 consumers, Nightfood also won the 2019 World Dairy Innovation Award as Best New Ice Cream.


  • Nightfood Announces Distribution in Second Albertsons Division: Shaw’s and Star Markets, Throughout New England

On March 26th, 2020 – NGTF management announced that Nightfood ice cream is now available in Shaw’s and Star Market locations. A division of Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, Shaw’s and Star Markets operates over 150 stores.


  • Nightfood Q1 Supermarket Volumes are Highest in Company History

On March 9th, 2020 – NGTF announced a sharp increase in recent supermarket reorders. For the week ending March 6th, orders were received for twelve pallets of product, almost all of it to refill existing retail partners. Each pallet contains approximately 2,000 pints of Nightfood ice cream. This has been a record quarter for supermarket reorder volume. In addition, a significant amount of product has been shipped to distributors and wholesalers for new supermarket chains adding Nightfood.


  • Distribution Secured in Albertsons Jewel-Osco Supermarket Chain with 188 Stores, Q1 Supermarket Sales Highest in Company History

On February 27th, 2020 – NGTF announced Nightfood ice cream will be available in all Jewel-Osco supermarket locations. This major Albertsons division has 188 locations encompassing Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Iowa.

The NGTF target market is the over 200 million adults that snack regularly at night. Almost 4 million households go through pregnancy annually. NGTF management believes Nightfood’s appeal to the pregnancy market will create a level of awareness and demand that can support a rapid national rollout.

The introduction of Nightfood’s newest flavor, Pickles For Two, should accelerate this dynamic within the pregnancy community. The NGTF official launch of the new flavor took place during the first week in August, at Baby Boom 2020, a national media event targeting parenting and pregnancy media and influencers. Significant national and online media coverage surrounds this event.


  • Nightfood Partners with World’s Largest Universal Gifting Platform,

In July, 2020 – NGTF announced a partnership with to allow expectant mothers to add Nightfood Ice Cream to their universal baby registries. The world’s largest universal gift registry service, MyRegistry syncs with the registries of over 20 major retailers, including Target, Walmart, Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond, BuyBuyBaby, and most other major registry retailers.

The E-Commerce store at now features links for pregnant women to register for Nightfood either by adding the ice cream to their existing registry or creating a new registry.

Nightfood will be featured on inspiration boards on, where moms-to-be can discover new gift ideas and products. In addition, will support NGTF social media efforts with reposts and shout-outs, and the companies plan to work together on events such as conducting sweepstakes and giveaways.


  • Strongest eCommerce Day Resulting from Rachael Ray Show Coverage

On June 1st, 2020 – NGTF announces the busiest e-commerce day in Company history on Thursday, May 28, 2020 on the strength of a re-airing of a Nightfood appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, originally aired on February 24, 2020.

Online sales after the re-airing were over 35% higher than after the original air date in February, which was previously the busiest e-commerce day for Nightfood. Management attributes this increase to more people being at home as a result of ongoing stay-at-home orders in many parts of the country, along with more people being concerned about health and sleep quality as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Nightfood Receives Endorsement as the Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association – Pregnancy Care Providers Begin Recommending Nightfood for its Unique Nutritional Profile

On February 20th, 2020 – NGTF announced that Nightfood ice cream is now formally being recommended as the Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association. The APA serves over five million women and families a month through their website and helpline and is recommending any pregnant women with ice cream cravings should eat Nightfood because of its great taste and superior nutritional profile to other ice creams.

Over 10,000 new women enter the pregnancy demographic daily, proactively looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. Ice cream is the #1 pregnancy craving. Nightfood is a mainstream product targeting the 80% of Americans that snack regularly at night. Management believes pregnancy is the perfect entry point into the lives of millions of nighttime snackers.

Management believes this endorsement will accelerate sales velocity growth and help secure thousands of additional points of supermarket distribution..


  • Jennifer Mitchell, Former North American CEO of MAM Baby Products, Appointed as Nightfood COO and National Sales Director

Jennifer Mitchell, former North American CEO of leading baby products company MAM, has now joined NGTF in a full-time capacity as Chief Operating Officer and National Sales Director.

Mitchell spent over four years as CEO of North America at MAM, a leading international baby products company which is the global and United States market share leader in pacifiers.Mitchell has worked extensively with major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, CVS, Walgreens, and Publix, and directly managed sales relationships with these chains. Prior to her time with MAM, Mitchell excelled in leadership and management positions during long tenures at consumer goods giants Gillette and Clorox. Mitchell also currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.


  • CEO and Single Largest Shareholder Extends Lock-Up Agreement

Very significantly from an investor’s perspective, on January 23rd NGTF announced that Founder and CEO Sean Folkson extended his existing share lock-up agreement into 2021. Mr. Folkson is the largest single NGTF shareholder so his commitment not to sell or decrease his equity position in the company demonstrates high confidence in the future appreciation of shareholder value.

For more information on NGTF visit:

Media Contact
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Phone: 888-888-6444
Address:520 White Plains Road Suite 500 Tarrytown, NY 10591
Country: United States

GoTen’s Mid-Year Promo: Catch up with “Summer Selection Super Deals” Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:45:16 +0000 Immediately after launching the featured promotion of Storage & Organization – “Live A Clutter-Free Life,” GoTen Dropshipping Platform has launched its mid-year promo, i.e., “Summer Selection Super Deals” after stocking up on a large scale. Notably, the available stock of the best-selling product is up to 12,000. The latest event is GoTen’s attempt to help some online retailers catch up with the peak summer sales.

Trending Dropshipping Products in Summer Selection

Summer Selection Super Deals” mainly covers a variety of typical summer products, such as planter boxes, patio sofas, swing chairs, solar lights, windmills, door & window rain covers, and so on.

They target the huge demand in summer. For example, the all-weather planter boxes made of high-quality plastics in a simple style are great choices for gardens, yards, balconies, restaurants, coffee shops; completely different from leather sofas, GoTen’s outdoor patio sofas made of premium PE and reinforced with stainless steel offer great stability and ultra comfort for both home and commercial use; the solar lights are one of the most environmentally friendly light sources which are easy to install, exquisite, and widely applied to plants in greenhouses, gardens, yards, lawns, etc.

More Popular Products for a Hilarious Summer Holiday

Additionally, it also showcases other best-selling product categories, including Music Products, Health & Beauty, Toys & Hobbies, and Pet Supplies.

Notably, retro record players set the tone of an idyllic summer day; pro stage equipment stirs up the passion of music lovers, singers, bands in open-air concerts; large wooden toy Caribbean pirate ships recall happy childhood memories, while in the exotic Indian tents hearty laughter will last…

The selection of all promotional products is indispensable with historical sales data and advanced big data processing. For this reason, more and more dropshippers rely on to find more great products to dropship.

Discounts Offered for 100% Items

All items are offered at discounts in the sales event, ranging from 6% to 12% off. About 50% products are at 6% off, 39.7% have a discount of 8% off. In particular, 50% of the most valuable products, i.e., the patio sofas are at 10% off, which means a deduction of tens of dollars for each unit.

Plenty of Stock Backed by Strategic Planning & Cooperation

The better-selling a product is, the more available stock will be prepared in GoTen’s global warehouses. GoTen’s stock preparation is strategic, i.e., 9 out of the 136 products which sell like hotcakes have over 1,000 units; as for most products (86.76%), hundreds of units are available.

More specifically, the available stock of the best-selling kitchen shell exceeds 12,000, followed by a grain grinder, with over 5,900 units.

Since these dropshipping products are flying off the shelves, generally, most eligible GoTen members either reserve stock in advance or cooperate with GoTen to ensure the item availability.

Along with the free delivery from local US/UK warehouses, dropshippers can take advantage of the competitive wholesale prices and discounts in the promotion.

About GoTen is a professional dropshipping wholesale supplier under ZongTeng Group since 2007. It benefits from all ZongTeng’s supply chain resources, including GoodCang, YunExpress, and WorldTech.

Since the launch of GoTen global site, GoTen Dropshipping Platform attracts thousands of visitors worldwide every day, registering considerable surges in sales with 20,000+ profitable SKUs. Additionally, based on big data-based research, its free product recommendations aim to make dropshipping easier on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, and other online marketplaces.

No membership fees, no credit card needed, only minutes to get started. GoTen makes it easier for everyone to launch and boost their online business.


For Press:
For Sales:

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Rising demand for lightweight construction materials driving the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Market Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:40:12 +0000 Rising demand for lightweight construction materials driving the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Market

Browse 153 market data Tables and 39 Figures spread through 139 Pages and in-depth TOC on “Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Market”
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Market by Element (Blocks, Beams & Lintels, Cladding Panels, Wall Panels, Roof Panels, Floor Elements), End-use Industry (Residential, Non-Residential), and Region

The global autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) market size is projected to grow from USD 18.8 billion in 2020 to USD 25.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.0%. AAC or aircrete is a green precast building material present in the global market for over 70 years and is used extensively in residential and non-residential construction. This eco-friendly building material is made from natural raw materials such as sand (or fly-ash), cement, lime, gypsum, aluminum powder, and water. This mix creates an aerated concrete providing insulation, structure, and fire protection in one lightweight product.


AAC is a well-established building material, which has rapidly gained worldwide market share from conventional building materials because of its superior characteristics. AAC is not only used to construct inner leaves of cavity walls and partitioning walls but also internal, external, and firewalls in both load-bearing and non-load bearing designs. It is known as being efficient for both house construction and commercial & industrial buildings.

Download PDF Brochure:

The blocks segment is projected to account for the largest share of the AAC market

Blocks for laying in mortar or glue are produced without any reinforcement. They are excellent insulators and help to reduce the cooling or heating cost. These AAC blocks meet all engineering requirements, are lightweight, and can be used for load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. Additionally, they are resistant to earthquakes and fire and are non-combustible. These factors contribute to the growth of the AAC blocks segment.

The residential segment is projected to be the fastest-growing end-use industry in the AAC market.

The high growth of this segment is attributed to the requirement of lightweight and environmentally-friendly building materials in residential constructions. AAC building materials have become an integral part of the building & construction industry due to its durability and excellent features. A unique property of AAC is that it contains water in a crystalline form that acts as a heat sink; when heated, this water produces steam that escapes through AAC’s porous structure without causing surface spalling. Even when AAC is not used as the structural building system, the material is often used as interior fire-separation partitions in apartments, bungalows, and other multi-family dwellings.

The AAC market in APAC is projected to register the highest CAGR.

The APAC AAC industry has been analyzed for China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, and Rest of APAC. APAC is an emerging and lucrative market, owing to industrial development and improving economic conditions. This region constitutes approximately 61% of the world’s population, resulting in the growth of the building & construction industry and, in turn, the AAC market.

Major players operating in the global AAC market include Buildmate Projects Pvt. Ltd. (India), Biltech Building Elements Limited (India), AKG Gazbeton (Turkey), Aercon Florida Llc (US), Solbet Sp Z.O.O. (Poland), UAL Industries Ltd (India), H+H International A/S (Denmark), JK Lakshmi Cement (India), Xella Group (Germany), CSR Ltd. (Australia), UltraTech Cement Ltd. (India), Quinn Building Products (UK), Bauroc International AS (Estonia), and Wehrhahn GmbH (Germany).

Request for Sample Report:

About MarketsandMarkets™

MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their painpoints around revenues decisions.

Our 850 fulltime analyst and SMEs at MarketsandMarkets™ are tracking global high growth markets following the “Growth Engagement Model – GEM”. The GEM aims at proactive collaboration with the clients to identify new opportunities, identify most important customers, write “Attack, avoid and defend” strategies, identify sources of incremental revenues for both the company and its competitors. MarketsandMarkets™ now coming up with 1,500 MicroQuadrants (Positioning top players across leaders, emerging companies, innovators, and strategic players) annually in high growth emerging segments. MarketsandMarkets™ is determined to benefit more than 10,000 companies this year for their revenue planning and help them take their innovations/disruptions early to the market by providing them research ahead of the curve.

MarketsandMarkets’s flagship competitive intelligence and market research platform, “Knowledge Store” connects over 200,000 markets and entire value chains for deeper understanding of the unmet insights along with market sizing and forecasts of niche markets.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Stephen Norris Applies Four Decades Of Experience To Winning Substantial Client Settlements Thu, 13 Aug 2020 17:39:21 +0000 Personal Injury Lawyer Stephen Norris Applies Four Decades Of Experience To Winning Substantial Client Settlements
The importance of a legal representative in personal injury cases is difficult to overstate. The successful legal counsel must work with insurance companies, opposing attorneys, and clients to come to a satisfactory resolution for the client.

Norris Injury Lawyers is a skilled and experienced team of attorneys who have more than forty years of experience representing clients who have been injured by the acts or negligence of another. The Birmingham personal injury lawyer combines the characteristics and skills of communication, compassion, knowledge of case law, and attention to details. Each of these factors is required to bring appropriate settlements for victims of personal injury of various types.

Those who have suffered an injury often need to be able to focus on healing. This need may take the form of emotional, physical, or financial healing. It is typical to focus on the costs of any personal injury when seeking compensation. There can be many different elements that a layperson would not be aware of when seeking a financial claim for the injury. Some of the costs include medical care, restoration of transportation as in a car accident, and even modifications to housing. Loss of income when an individual is spending time in a hospital or other care facility is another cost.

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While automobile accidents are a large segment of personal injury case claims, the area of practice also include dog bites, slip and fall, and medical malpractice. Asbestos claims that defective consumer products and drug injuries are considered personal injuries and require the type of professional expertise and knowledge of the law that Norris provides. The communication skills which the attorney brings in consultation with the client, as well as in dealing with the insurance companies and opposing lawyers, is a crucial part of winning cases. 

The Norris legal team believes that everyone should have access to legal representation in the aftermath of an injury, regardless of the ability to pay. The firm offers a trademarked No Fee Guarantee, which protects against hidden fees and surprise expenses. There are no upfront costs when retaining the Norris firm.

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